Volna Typhoon Siberia Watch - Absolute Perfection
The horological company Volna has successfully employed Titanium G5 material into manufacturing of its exemplary Typhoon Siberia watch. This intriguing model represents both artistic and mechanical excellence. The Typhoon Siberia timepiece from Volna has been issued in two limited editions of 125 items each.

Grade 5 Titanium is an ultra-modern material, characterized by remarkable lightness. It is also shock-resistant, as well as resistant to wear and corrosion.

Moreover, this material is notable for its anti-allergenic qualities, and therefore is widely used in the world of medicine. For a particular reason, however, Grade 5 Titanium is quite a newcomer to the watchmaking industry: this material demonstrates an extreme level of toughness, which makes it very difficult to model. read more

Volna Typhoon watch Collection
The Volna Typhoon collection is inspired by the design of the watches, classified as a military secret, produced as indispensable tools for Soviet military divers in the 1960s. The watches were developed to meet extremely high quality standards read more

Volna Introduces New Explosive Watch Collection - Volnatomic
Yvan Arpa has created an explosive watch collection reflecting the concept of nuclear danger and embodying a warning signal via the signature black and yellow color codes.

The black and yellow dial of the Volnatomic Radioactive Yellow and Radioactive Black watches demonstrates a toxic skull atomic symbol and emergency exit signs, while the other version of the dial features alternating black and yellow sectors. The dial is framed by a stripe-pattern bezel with alternating matt or polished black finishes or alternating yellow-black colors.

The figurative details, including the warning triangle, the skull or the atomic propeller blade convey a smartly diverted symbolism. As Yvan Arpa explains, the use of irony via diverted codes is often met in contemporary art and in some offbeat circles, but never in the field of watchmaking.
 read more

Volna and Yvan Arpa - Amazing Volnatomic Liquid Tourbillon Watch
Volna and Yvan Arpa have joined efforts to create an exceptional, rebellious and daring watch, a true technical feat - the Volnatomic Liquid Tourbillon.

The new Volna watch stands out from the crowd due to its movement design suggested by the interior of ballistic missile nuclear submarines. The most unusual thing about the movement is that it contains a liquid element.

The mechanical hand-wound movement demonstrates cut-out bridges with sandblasted, hand-bevelled finishing, a honeycomb structure and an atomic reactor represented by a tourbillon carriage with the shape of an atomic propeller. At 8 and 10 o’clock, the glance is caught by two “tanks” embedded into the mainplate of the movement. The tanks are filled with a blue-colored fluid, also visible through a sapphire crystal on the side of the timepiece. read more

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