Oris Watch Dedicated to Bob Dylan

Sep 14, 2009
To pay homage to Bob Dylan, the Oris brand has manufactured a special edition rectangular watch. The backside of the timepiece case reveals the famous singer’s portrait, while the dial is embellished with his signature.

The timekeeper is available in limited series of 3000 items worldwide. The exclusive presentation set embraces a Hohner Marine Band harmonica, the instrument Bob Dylan is famous for.

The model reveals a multi-piece stainless steel case. It is fitted with a crown, manufactured from the same material. The case houses a black dial, distinguished by a printed structure.

The watch case is assembled with a domed sapphire crystal, featuring a double-sided anti-reflective treatment. The dial hands are tipped with a coat of Superluminova C3 to enhance low-light reading.

This timepiece is animated by Oris 733 self-winding movement. It offers a range of functions: centre hands for hours, minutes and seconds, date aperture, instantaneous date, date corrector, fine timing device and stop-second.

The movement features a balance wheel, moving back and forth at 28,800 vibrations per hour and offers a power reserve of 38 hours. The model boasts 30-meter water-resistance.

Fitting the Oris Rectangular “Bob Dylan” Limited Edition watch is a black leather strap finished with a steel folding clasp.

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Montblanc Manufactures Its “Signature For Good” Collection

Sep 14, 2009
The Montblanc Company is famous not only as an esteemed maker of luxury pens, but also as an acclaimed manufacturer of timepieces alongside with accessories, wallets and other leather goods.

The brand’s watch-making division is currently aiming its efforts at producing in-house movements, whereas its pen manufacturing branch continues its streak of excellence, enchanting collectors and fans. It will not come as a surprise when eventually Montblanc launches a timekeeper that can write or a pen that is able to reveal the time.

The famous brand of Montblanc is also known for its sponsorship activity in terms of various arts and entertainment events. Additionally, the company is often involved in charity campaigns, combining donations with creation collections.

For this very reason, the brand has recently manufactured an assemblage of pieces, entitled “Signature For Good”. The moment any of these units is bought, Montblanc automatically transfers 10 per cent of the purchase price to UNICEF.

This donation is intended to aid the development of the humanitarian organization’s programs for world-wide child literary and education. The program in question is scheduled to be run until May 2010 and Montblanc is expected to donate a minimum of 1.5 million dollars.

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Vianney Halter Unveils its Timepieces at Steampunk Exhibition

Sep 14, 2009
Vianney Halter, which earned his fame due to such avant-garde creations as the Antiqua Perpetual Calendar and the Trio Grande Date, will introduce his timepieces next month in the United Kingdom.

Vianney Halter watches will join the showpieces to be displayed at the exhibition, which will be arranged at the Museum of History of Sciences University of Oxford, devoted to Steampunk Art. The latter represents a genre, the Parisian-born horologist has willingly accepted, since it mirrors Halters’ creative vision.

Fond of science fiction in his young years, Vianney Halter was particularly attracted to such genre films as "Time Machine", "Time after Time", and "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea". As to the latter, it was surely based on the novel by Jules Verne, the science fiction writer, who gave birth to the concepts and ideas, which proved to be a foundation for contemporary Steampunk.

Vianney Halter’s attention was always captivated by fascinating details, performance and design of engines and other machinery he was often exposed to, as the son of a train conductor. It was a significant factor that affected Halter after he completed his watchmaker studies at the Paris School of Watchmaking.

The watches, manufactured by Vianney Halter, will be presented at the exhibition as a special assemblage, dubbed Futur Anterieur, which means Past Future.

The visitors of the event will be able to admire 1998's Antiqua Perpetual Calendar watch, distinguished by its innovative aperture calendar displays and uncommon case form; the rectangular Trio Grande Date watch created in 2006, as well as the Vianney Halter Classic, a simpler round timekeeper, which reveals just time and is fitted with a bezel, featuring the distinctive rivet motif of the line.

The exhibition will be held within the period from October 13th through February 21st, 2010.

The event will also welcome works of other Steampunk artists with Tom Banwell, Thomas D. Willeford, Stephane Halleux, Amanda Scrivener, Mad Uncle Cliff, Kris Kuksi, Haruo Suekichi, Jesse Newhouse and Daniel Proulx among them.
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Swiss Hunter Team Limited Edition Watch from Oris

Sep 11, 2009
The renowned watch manufacturer Oris is proud to unveil the newest model from its aviation line in order to mark the life of the celebrated Hawker Hunter jet.

The amazing Hunter’s first flight, which occurred in the UK in 1951, definitely conquered the world. On arriving to Switzerland seven years later, it turned into a heart of the Swiss Air Force.

In spite of being retired, the Hunter has never ceased its flights, which is possible due to the Swiss Hunter Team of the ‘Fliegermuseum Altenrhein’. The latter is represented by a group of pilots, who used to belong to the Swiss Air Force and were encouraged to fly by the Hunter.

Manufactured by Oris, the Swiss Hunter Limited Edition watch mirrors the strength of the jet, as well as its design quality.

The anthracite PVD-treated case, measuring 46mm, exposes a graceful silhouette with its soft curves, a bevelled top ring and a large screw-down crown. The dial is performed in the traditional Oris style of a cockpit flight instrument. Another particular highlight of this limited series pilot’s timepiece is the diminutive Hunter jet, nestled on the pointer calendar hand.

Inside this model is the top-of-the-line Oris-made 644 movement, which is viewable from exhibition window in the case-back. The Swiss Hunter Team’s logo on the case-back is demonstration of the brand’s support for the pilots, who ensure flying of the legendary Hunter.

The Oris Swiss Hunter Team Limited Edition watch is offered in an impressive box set, which embraces an original Hunter ejection seat safety splint key ring, featuring the same limited series number as the timepiece itself.
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Jaeger-LeCoultre Watch Exposed on Eva Mendes’ Wrist

Sep 10, 2009
Accompanied by the actor Nicolas Cage, the illustrious actress Eva Mendes attended the dinner, arranged to mark the release of their film Bad Lieutenant. The latter represents a remake version of an early 1990s film.

Jaeger-LeCoultre watch enthusiast, this time Eva Mendes was exposing on her wrist the Reverso Lady Squadra watch, sculptured in pink gold.

The German watch magazine Armbanduhren, which means Wristwatches, when translated from German, has entitled the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Lady Squadra the best women’s timepiece for 2009.

This model also fully justifies that part of its name that sounds like Reverso. It means that the reverse side of the case provides the watch owner with another dial. Thus, both sides of the timepiece reveal the time: the front side exposes a day/night indicator and the date, whereas the timepiece back side shows just the time.

Featuring the diamond-set case, the watch comes with a beautiful white metal or alligator bracelet. The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Lady Squadra watch is offered in two color variations: black and white.

Sporty, yet extremely refined, exquisitely embellished, yet distinguished by a quiet chic, the Jaeger-LeCoultre lady's watch has every right to be named the best women’s watch of the year.
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Sinn Offers its 917 GR Rally Chronograph

Sep 10, 2009
Last month, the German watch-making house Sinn unveiled its novel watch, the 917 GR Rally Chronograph.

This model exposes a countdown bezel, governed by the crown, located at 4 o’clock. Such construction enables the watch wearer to read off finish times with the fractional-second precision. The red numerals accentuate the most important final 15 seconds.

The 44mm case is rendered in fully polished stainless steel. Both front and backsides of the watch are fitted with anti-reflective sapphire crystals. The case-back crystal has the inside anti-reflective coating, while the dial crystal features an anti-reflective compound, applied on both interior and exterior surfaces. The Sinn manufacturer uses its Ar dehumidifying technology to protect the watch case from fogging.

The upper counter indicates chronograph hours, whereas the lower counter, located at 6 o'clock position reveals chronograph minutes. The central seconds hand shows chronograph seconds.

The counter, placed at 3 o'clock, serves to reveal small seconds. At 9 o’clock position there is a display, demonstrating the power reserve level.

The date can be seen through the aperture at 4 o’clock and it is adjusted by means of the crown, located at 9 o’clock.

The 917 GR Rally Chronograph is animated by a somewhat modified Valjoux 7750 mechanical movement. Both shock and anti-magnetic, the Sinn watch offers 100-meter water-resistance.

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Bell & Ross Exhibits Watches at Forbes Galleries

Sep 10, 2009
Guests of the Forbes Building in Manhattan's Greenwich Village will be offered a wonderful opportunity to discover a selection of Bell & Ross watches from the spectrum of the Swiss watch brand, with its headquarters located in Paris.

The well-lit exhibition windows of the Forbes Galleries lobby will expose twenty three Bell & Ross models, including pieces from the Vintage line, encouraged by 1940s, the multi-function Instrument BR01 and BR03 collections, as well as different professional watches for divers.

Every assemblage of Bell & Ross watch models is arrayed against a special background, which eloquently tells the audience what the respective collection has been suggested by.

Thus, the BR02 watches are accompanied by a backdrop, which reveals an image of a diver, exploring the sea kingdom. It accentuates the sport features of these models distinguished by supreme water-resistance. The timepieces in question offer the function of continuously rotating graduated bezels and a helium release valve, intended for diving at huge depths.

Reminiscent of 1940s, a photograph of three pilots, moving towards their planes, depicted over dashboard instruments and a tank, comes with a selection of Bell & Ross Vintage watches. The image created has rendered the exciting, yet dangerous decade that was considered to be a Golden Age for iconic timepiece design.

Every model, displayed in the showcase window, is a reflection of the Bell & Ross brand’s main target, which is manufacturing professional watches, distinguished by their exactitude, functionality, water-resistance and readability.
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Maxi Marine Diver Black Surf Watch From Ulysse Nardin

Sep 08, 2009
No matter how numerous new black models are, black will all always remain a highly regarded color for designers. Issued as a limited series, the Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Diver Black Surf watch reveals a lot of black, thus acquiring a very special appeal.

Decorated with the wave patterns, the black textured dial is reminiscent of black volcanic sand beaches. The timepiece is available in two variations: both of them are rendered in 18k rose gold. The size of the case is equal to 42.7mm.

The difference between these two models is insignificant. It can be seen on the strap only.

The Maxi Marine Diver demonstrates a distinctive strap/bracelet design, exposing two oversized metal links. The link of the first interpretation is made in 18k rose gold, and the link of the second variation is performed in black to coordinate well with the rest of the black rubber strap.

The Ulysse Nardin watch demonstrates a lovely bezel. The timepiece dial reveals large areas coated with a luminous compound for robust low-light visibility. It also exposes an attractive seconds counter with integrated date aperture along with a power reserve display.

Gold and black have been brought together to create an alluring duo this timepiece is notable for. The Black Surf Maxi Marine limited series watch will be proposed in a limited number of just 500 items. An individual number will be exposed on a small plate, nestled on every timepiece side.
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Victorinox Offers Chrono Classic Watch

Sep 08, 2009
The Victorinox Chrono Classic watch exposes a 41 mm case, sculptured in stainless steel. It houses an off-white dial, featuring the silver counters with circular graining.

The watch is accompanied by a stainless steel bracelet finished with a push-button clasp. Both the case and the bracelet demonstrate polished and brushed finishes.

The timepiece is powered by a Swiss quartz movement. The Victorinox Chrono Classic model is fitted with an anti-reflective sapphire crystal and exposes a screw-in case-back. The watch dial features hands and markers, bright due to the luminous compound they are coated with.

The model boasts 100-meter water-resistance.

Two counters, placed in the upper part of the dial, indicate chronograph hours and minutes. The counter, located underneath, serves as a small seconds indicator, revolving without stopping. The central seconds hand shows chronograph seconds.

Watch enthusiasts will definitely be impressed with the unrivalled quality of this extraordinary watch.
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Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Victory at Polo Masters Geneva 2009

Sep 07, 2009
On August 30th, the horological company Jaeger-LeCoultre won another victory on the polo fields, since the team, supported by this watch-maker, claimed the cup for the 2009 Polo Masters Geneva event at the Club Veytay grounds in Mies.

The Jaeger-LeCoultre polo team wins the competition for the fourth time in a row, which is a result of joint intensive efforts made by captain team Yves Luginbuhl, his talented sons Simon and Martin and Alexis de Boismenu.

There were more than 5,000 enthusiasts visiting the event, including such celebrities as retired F1 driver Rene Arnoux, French actress Marie Fugain, and 2008 Miss Switzerland winner Marie de Cocatrix.

The Jaeger-LeCoultre polo team was awarded a trophy, featuring an engraving with its members’ names as a sign of their champion status. The team players were also presented Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Reverso 976 watches.

This model stands out due to its artfully enlarged case, if compared to Reverso Classique watches, and the innovative shape of the manual winding movement, intentionally developed to comply with the sizes of the Grande Reverso case.

The Jaeger-LeCoultre’s exclusive VIP tent has welcomed a special group of more than two hundred people to admire a spectrum of unique watches. Jerome Favier and Cedric Torres of Jaeger-LeCoultre were proud to introduce the brand’s latest creations to the visitors.
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Jaeger-LeCoultre Sponcors "Negli Occhi" Documentary

Sep 07, 2009
An active supporter of the 66th Venice Film Festival, the Swiss watch manufacturer Jaeger-LeCoultre renders a financial assistance to creators of an in-depth documentary film, entitled "Negli Occhi".

The latter describes the life of the late Italian actor Vittorio Mezzogiorno, an outstanding personality, who accomplished much both in theater and film in the 1970s and 1980s.

Directed by Danielle Anzellotti and Francesco De Grossi, the documentary reveals interviews with Mezzogiorno’s colleagues and friends. Vittorio’s daughter, the film’s co-producer, is the one who tells the actor’s life story.

The film "Negli Occhi" was presented within the framework of the 2009 Venice Film Festival, which started on September 6th and is be over on September 12th. This documentary, shown on September 6th, was competing in the Contracampo Italiano category.

2009 is marked with a five-year partnership between the horological company Jaeger-LeCoultre and the Mostra. To celebrate this union’s anniversary and to emphasize the importance of supporting art in films, the renowned Swiss watch-maker presents its own showing in the course of the event. On September 8th, the company arranges a special evening, where guests will be offered a chance to admire some exclusive watches with two unique Jaeger-LeCoultre re-edition models among them.

A key focal point of this evening will be the Jaeger-Lecoultre Calibre 101 movement, an extraordinary manual winding mechanism, which has attained its legendary status due to its size, which happens to be the tiniest in the world. For more than 70 years it allows the watch-making house to produce extremely graceful and refined watches for women.
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Vacheron Constantin Offers 3 Dragons Watches in its New Boutique

Sep 07, 2009
The universally famous watchmaker Vacheron Constantin has recently opened its newest flagship store, which sprawled at 1881 Heritage, the renovated area of one of Hong Kong's renowned government buildings. The new boutique’s luxurious interior is distinguished by quiet understatement. This special store even offers after-sales services, rendered by a Swiss watch-maker.

To commemorate the establishment the new flagship boutique in Hong Kong and to pay homage to its long history with China, the Swiss watch-making house was proud to unveil an exceptional limited series of 3 "Dragons" watches.

Every model is restricted to just 9 individual items to be commercialized solely and exclusively at 1881 Heritage in Hong Kong, Vacheron Constantin Mansions in Geneva & Shanghai and Vacheron Constantin boutique in Moscow.

The dial of every watch from this edition, demonstrating a dragon, which is a Chinese symbol of wellbeing and divine strength, is embellished with a hand-crafted Metiers d'Art ancestral Guilloche work. This motif is generated by alternating usage of two machines: the first is meant for engine-turning straight lines, while the second one is intended for curving and circling as if on a lathe. The successful union of these two techniques resulted in developing totally unprecedented non-geometrical patterns.

Thus, the design employs the enchanting combination of irregular lines and countless components, featuring variously colored metallized treatments. It definitely takes Guilloche to new heights: it ascends to the level of a figurative art, outgrowing its conventional role as an abstract geometrical embellishment.

The Grand Opening will also offer an exclusive opportunity to admire some unique antique watches, displayed from the Vacheron Constantin heritage line in Geneva. Every exceptional model mirrors Vacheron Constantin's rich history.

The brand’s first timepiece, an enamelled dial pocket watch, manufactured in 1755 by the founder himself, Jean-Marc Vacheron, will appear among the most respectable exhibits.

From September 4th through September 6th, guests of the boutique will get a personal perspective of the first masterworks’ unique designs, which contributed to originating of such Vacheron Constantin's current watch lines as Patrimony, Overseas, Malte, Overseas, Historiques and 1972.

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Movado Introduces Kenny Scharf Artists’ Series Timepieces

Sep 04, 2009
The new line of Artists’ Series watches was created by the brand of Movado to remind of the psychedelic 60’s. Based on the Museum Face architecture, the dials of the watches from the Artists’ Series feature true pieces of art, which is uncommon for Movado: this watchmaker usually produces such watch dials blank.

Surprising as it may seem, Kenny Scharf was a child in the 1960’s and early 1970’s, the period of time his paintings are very much associated with. He earned his fame much later, in the 1990’s. Since then, Scarf has been considered to be a pop/fine artist.

The Movado specialists have opted for six Scharf paintings and used their miniatures for the dials of the watches from the unique limited series collection. The latter is restricted to just 125 pieces for every model.

Each timekeeper case, sculptured in stainless steel, features a conventional case-back.

Every timepiece is animated by a Swiss quartz movement and fitted with a sapphire crystal.

Attached to these watches are two leather straps: the first is performed in a custom color and the second one echoes the colors of the dial, changing with every model.

The brand of Movado has proposed exclusive Artists’ Series limited series timepiece lines since 1987.

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Chronopassion Boutique to Carry Corum Watches

Sep 04, 2009
Laurent Picciotto, a showboating founder and an owner of Chronopassion, is exultant over the fact that the newest brand will be put up for sale in his store. It is in his character to attract as much attention as possible to every business project closely linked to Chronopassion. Thus, people inevitably get an impression that something incredible is going on.

For now, the Chronopassion watch boutique, located in Paris, is planning to display for selling Corum watches, with the novel Corum Ti-Bridge watch line being accentuated for the moment.

The last few years of the Corum’s work have been devoted to breathing a new life into the brand. The Ti-Bridge watch is the latest innovative timepiece in the line. It is equipped with the hand-wound Corum-made Caliber CO 007 movement. Long and thin, it is enclosed horizontally in the watch case, made of titanium. The movement offers a power reserve of three days.

To mark the beginning of this cooperation between Chronopassion and Corum, Picciotto and Corum CEO Antonio Calce take part in the black and white “suit and sunglasses” photography sessions. In the course of the events every man is exposing on his wrist one of the novel Corum Ti-Bridge timepieces.

Chronopassion is an acclaimed luxury watch retailer in Europe, whose stores carry the exceptional and innovative brands.

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Christopher Ward Offers Its C600 Tri-Tech Diver Elite

Sep 04, 2009
Last month, the Swiss watch manufacturer Christopher Ward was proud to introduce its first mechanical timekeeping companion. Its elegant successor, the C600 Tri-Tech Diver Elite mechanical timepiece has been recently released, less than a month later.

This watch represents a groundbreaking phenomenon in the field of horology, since it is the first time, when Gaseous Tritium Light Sources (GTLS), a Helium Release Valve and a diamond-hard PVD finish meet and match in one diving timepiece.

The C600 Tri-Tech Diver Elite watch is animated by a Swiss automatic movement set with 25 jewels. Its case, sculptured in stainless steel, features a black PVD-treatment. The watch case is assembled with a 4.5 mm curved sapphire crystal, coated with an anti-reflective compound. The timepiece also exposes a screw-in crown, 2-piece unidirectional bezel and a screw-in case-back.

Fitting this model is a rubber strap finished with a buckle.

This innovative C600 Tri-Tech Diver Elite timekeeper provides 500-meter water-resistance.

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Omega And Zhang Ziyi Introduce 2009 Constellation Timepiece

Sep 03, 2009
The Swiss watch-making house Omega has officially released its Omega 2009 Constellation watch line to the Asian market.

The famous actress Zhang Ziyi, an ambassador for the brand, was actively involved in the process. The event was held in the company’s new flagship boutique, located in the chic SOGO department store in Shanghai. Shortly afterwards, a festive concert took place at Shanghai Concert Hall.

Stephen Urquhart, Omega president, showed Ms. Ziyi into the premises. Not only as an Omega ambassador, she was appointed in 2008, but also as a dedicated Omega watch lover, Zhang Ziyi was really interested in seeing the inside of the watch-making world.

This beautiful lady and outstanding actress, having starred in such films as "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", "The Road Home" and "Memoirs of a Geisha", was offered a unique opportunity she enthusiastically grasped: sitting at the watch-making bench, she partially assembled a mechanical movement, instructed by the watchmaker from the Omega Company.

According to Ms. Ziyi, the core values of Omega such as credibility, achievement and pioneering spirit, coincide with those of her own. She is honored to be associated with Omega, for this company has a strong foothold in China, having started its activity in the country in 1895.

The box of the Omega Constellation watch will expose the autograph by Zhang Ziyi to be performed in a drawing at the Omega headquarters, based in Shanghai.

The brand’s values and its creations’ advantages were also successfully presented through the concert. The elegant banners, demonstrating the Omega Constellation timepiece with an image of the graceful Zhang Ziyi against a background of cherry blossoms, were exposed above the red carpeted stairway, leading to the Shanghai Concert Hall.

The work of the illustrious fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti, this picture will represent a part of the brand’s 2009 communication campaign for the Constellation line. In the course of the concert the audience could enjoy the music from "Bell at Dawn, Drum at Dusk", accompanying a multi-media presentation, which demonstrated the Omega Constellation timekeeper arising from the images of the universe and the tiniest patterns of the stars.

As to the human stars, a number of the brightest ones have become ambassadors for the Omega brand. Beside Zhang Ziyi, Omega fruitfully cooperates with the actors George Clooney and Nicole Kidman, as well as the supermodel-entrepreneur Cindy Crawford.
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Serena "In The Air" from Bertolucci

Sep 03, 2009
Every year, the world famous watchmaker Bertolucci develops novel products, which can be characterized by the 4Cs, implying the brand’s core values - Creativity, Curves, Comfort and Construction.

In the world of Bertolucci luxury watches the classic lines with their bold design, successfully passing the time, are in the prime focus.

Elements, borrowed from numerous styles and designs, give birth to a new image, where casual, elegant and natural features are brought to the forefront.

Simple, yet advanced from a technological standpoint, understated, yet extremely fashionable, the Casual Chic models can be worn during official events and they also work well for times, when a more casual attire is appropriate. In other words, these watches provide a true delight to elegant ladies and gentlemen, in search for an exclusive and audacious design.

The sensuality and gracefulness of Latin Women totally match the brand’s image and values.
Due to their elegant and gentle curves, the Casual Chic models softly “embrace” the wrist of their lucky wearers.

For the new Fall/Winter 2009 season, Bertolucci is proud to introduce its novel supremely fashionable and feminine animation, Serena “In the Air” , which is an elegant successor of the “Olive Tree” model, presented as a part of the Spring/Summer collection.

To convey the charming combination of Italian femininity and quiet chic, the Serena watch is performed in black with diamonds, featuring an embellishment of countless waves, running along the strap and through the dial. The diamonds on the black calf leather strap happen to duplicate those exposed on the dial.

The Serena “In the Air” case, featuring the dimensions of 29.10mm x 40.00 mm, is crafted in stainless steel. It is assembled with a glass curved sapphire crystal, treated with an anti-reflective compound.

Giving life to the timekeeper’s functions is calibre ETA 8 1/4 256.041 Swiss Quartz movement.

The watch boasts 30-meter water-resistance.
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Maurice Lacroix Offers Pontos Watch for Zurich Film Festival

Sep 03, 2009
To mark its partnership with the 5th annual Zurich Film Festival, the Swiss watch manufacturer Maurice Lacroix has introduced its novel limited series Pontos watch.

This model is restricted to just 20 individual pieces. The watch, featuring a 43 mm stainless steel case, exposes a small seconds counter with the inscription "Zurich Film Festival". Animating this timepiece’s functions is a manual-winding movement.

In the course of the festival a number of these exceptional Pontos watches will be presented to its participants: one piece will be awarded to the director of a film, winning the "Audience Award", and others will be bestowed on the directors of the Best International Documentary, the Best German-Language Feature Film, and Best International Feature Film. The luckiest voting member of the audience will also be granted an exclusive opportunity of getting the Maurice Lacroix Zurich Film Festival Pontos watch.

The Maurice Lacroix watch company treasures the possibility of its official partnership with the Zurich Film Festival. According to Martin Bachmann, CEO of Maurice Lacroix, the best imaginable witnesses to time, films tell stories and vividly present events. Besides, nowhere is the focus on strong emotions clearer than in a film. It reflects the values -time and emotions- the brand is continuously promoting.

The 2009 Zurich Film Festival will take place within the period from September 24th through October 4th. The event will heartily welcome a lot of distinguished guests, including renowned directors and thespians, such as Roman Polanski. The latter will be bestowed with a "Golden Eye" prize for his great accomplishments as a director.

Within the framework of the Festival the audience will enjoy more than 50 films of different genres: from Hollywood pop culture to obscure avant-garde.
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Suunto Unveils its New Timepieces

Sep 01, 2009
The Suunto company, based in Vantaa, Finland, is a universally famous designer and manufacturer of sports precision instruments, intended for diving, mountaineering, sailing, training, orienteering, hiking, skiing, sailing and golf.

Today the brand is proud to introduce its unique watch line - Suunto Elementum. Created in Finland, all the items demonstrate the highest degree of excellence. These attractive, city-encouraged timepieces represent a fusion of unparalleled prowess, sophisticated technology and impeccable functionality.

The line includes three timepieces: Elementum Aqua, Elementum Terra and Elementum Ventus.

When translated, the models’ names mean Water, Earth and Wind – three elements the activity of the Suunto company is closely linked to. The watches mentioned are intentionally manufactured for Diving, Mountaineering and Sailing.

According to Juha Pinomaa, President of Suunto, the company has turned a new page in its history by launching a collection of these exclusive sports timepieces. The latter mirror the major specialists’ knowledge in the field of diving, mountaineering and sailing.

Juha Pinomaa also says that there is a growing demand for high performance sports timepieces in the watch retail locations, established by the brand. Therefore, Suunto creates up-to-date and functional watches to comply with the customers’ requirements.

The Aqua watch activates such functions and measurements as depth, max depth, dive time, surface time and water temperature the moment its owner enters the water. The watch is perfect for wearing both above and under the sea level.

The Terra watch offers all the basic functions, necessary for urban lifestyle. They are an altimeter, intended for altitude measurement, a barometer for effortless prediction of upcoming weather and a compass for navigation.

The Ventus sailing watch is extremely advanced from a technological standpoint and very graceful at the same time. Its notable features include a barometer for prediction of weather changes, an advanced compass for navigation and a sailing timer meant for the perfect race start.

The Suunto Elementum collection has been offered for sale in USA, Italy and Sweden in summer 2009 and it will be commercialized in Finland, Argentina, Greece, Japan and Singapore in autumn 2009.

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Hermes Offers Arceau Ebony Chronograph

Aug 31, 2009
The famous watch-making house of Hermes has created a novel Arceau watch, having gathered its inspiration from the equestrian world.

The timepiece case is prolonged with a steel stirrup. Its integrated asymmetrical lugs fix a strap finished with a folding clasp. The numerals on the timepiece dial are performed in a charming sloping manner.

Demonstrating a high degree of excellence as well as telling a beautiful love story, Arceau goes through time, expressing its commitment to the great classic.

A blend of unrivalled technical elements, ultimate elegance of design and understated harmony, the novel Arceua Ebony Chronograph pays homage to Hermes’s first companion – the horse. The etoupe-colored numerals and hour-markers, located against the ebony-colored 43 mm dial background, resemble cheerful steps of a horse: trots, canters or gallops.

The oversized central seconds hand with the brand’s iconic orange shade travels slowly over the dial. Animating this chronograph is a mechanical movement.

The watch demonstrates a skillfully integrated simple date window and counters, which ensure effortless comprehension of the data and create a special aesthetic charm of the model.

The timepiece comes with a lavish ebony-colored barenia calfskin strap, which emphasizes the unique character of this model, the Arceau lineup has been recently enriched with.

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