Ulysse Nardin Introduces Lady Diver Starry Night Watch

Jul 18, 2010
The prominent watchmaker Ulysse Nardin is delighted to decorate a woman’s wrist with an enchanting timekeeping accessory, dubbed Lady Diver Starry Night. Seductive as it is, the watch will perfectly express the refined personality of its lucky wearer.

This horological charm is set in a 40 mm case, rendered in stainless steel. It is capable of withstanding water pressures down to 100 meters.

The case is complimented by a breathtaking dial, illuminated by the play of 27 diamonds. These precious stones, shimmering against the black background, represent a highly realistic replication of the night sky. Protecting the dial is a sapphire crystal.

The latest Ulysse Nardin watch provides the functions of indicating hours, minutes, seconds as well as that of date, displayed in the aperture at 6 o’clock. Giving life to these functions is a reliable self-winding movement. The power reserve, provided by this mechanism, constitutes 42 hours.

Adding the final note of harmony to the design of the Lady Diver Starry Night watch is an exclusive assorted rubber strap, which terminates in a deployant clasp. An embodiment of sensuality, the bewitching jewelry watch will enhance every experience: from business meetings to evenings with friends.

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Grande Seconde Ceramic Black Watch Released by Jaquet Droz

Jul 15, 2010
The prominent watchmaker Jaquet Droz has pleasantly surprised watch lovers by launching its mysterious Grande Seconde Ceramic Black watch. The brand has successfully realized the idea of creating the timepiece, whose functions go beyond showing time.

Distinguished by supreme elegance, the resulting product defines life and expresses time as the element of our human existence, reminding us of our finitude. Time is a vital energy that enables us to reach our goals and to create something lasting which we can be proud of. It is the energy that should not be wasted.

Appealing as it is, the opaline black dial of this horological creation features red nuances, providing a stunning contrast to the 'full black' spirit of the watch. The display is equipped with two counters, interlinked to form the brand's favorite figure 8, the universal lucky number regarded as a symbol of prosperity and wealth.

The counters expose Roman and Arabic numerals. The progression of hours, minutes and seconds is marked by the hands, rendered in black gold. The tip of the seconds hand as well as six markers, presented on the lower counter, are accented with subtle touches of red.

This marvelous dial is housed in the scratch-resistant ceramic case, characterized by extreme durability and high level of scratch-resistance.

The Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde Ceramic Black watch will surely delight individuals who wish to wear on their wrist a watch combining aesthetic refinement and advanced technology.

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Scope Watch – Appealing Addition to Authentic Guess Collection

Jul 13, 2010
Distinguished by the unmistakable masculine appeal, the extraordinary Authentic Guess collection has been joined by a new exciting member, named Scope.

Like its remarkably well received predecessors, this multifunctional novelty catches immediate attention by its stylish exterior and sober elegance. Created with self-assured conquering man in mind, this watch can escort its owner in any circumstances and match every moment and mood of the day.

A particular highlight of the Guess men's watch is its appealing sun textured brown dial, marked with oversized numerals at 3, 9 and 12 o'clock position. The display comprises three counters: the date and the day sub-dials as well as the 24-hour counter. They are located at 3, 9 and 6 o'clock respectively.

The dial is housed in a sleek round-shaped case, crafted from stainless steel. It is held securely in place by the smooth chocolate brown leather strap.

To cater for all tastes, the model is offered in three additional variations. The version, adorned with the sun blue dial, is teamed with the luxurious deep blue leather strap. Two other interpretations are mounted on the stainless steel bracelets. The one shows off a glossy white dial, the other, meanwhile, boasts a glossy black dial.

Inviting outside and extremely reliable inside, the Scope model will perfectly fit into a modern man's rigorously busy life.

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BC3 Advanced Watch from Oris

Jul 13, 2010
In February, 2010, the acclaimed watch company Oris has presented its mind-blowing BC3 Sportsman model, a new addition to the renowned BC3 aviation collection. This timepiece was launched to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the line mentioned.

Now, Oris is extremely pleased to enrich this assemblage with another exciting model, named BC3 Advanced. A true technical feat, this aerobatics class creation has been developed intentionally for experience pilots.

In designing this timepiece, the inspiration was found in the brand’s partnership with the display pilot Don Vito Wyprachtiger. Similar to this highly-qualified professional, who never ceases to amaze judges in the course of his aerobatic performances, the BC3 Advanced model eloquently demonstrates its unique features.

The technical perfection of this outstanding timepiece is ensured by the brand’ proprietary top-quality mechanical movement. It serves to animate the essential functions of hours, minutes and seconds, complimented by those of indicating date and date.

The company’s latest brainchild is teamed with the sporty rubber strap. Alternatively, it can be presented on the classic leather strap.

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Lady Moon Watch Released by Alfex

Jul 09, 2010
The horological company Alfex has proudly unveiled its enchanting watch, romantically dubbed Lady Moon. As its name suggests, this model is inspired by the magnificent Moon, which has been always associated with magic. This soft and silvery celestial body exudes a mysterious poetry of strength, sensuality and versatility – the qualities inherent to any true woman.

An epitome of supreme elegance, the model is proposed with the alluring case, which features a highly realistic replication of the moon’s silhouette. It is gold-plated or sculptured in antiallergenic steel. The case is capable of withstanding water pressures down to 3 ATM. Ticking inside this enigmatical model is the reliable Ronda quartz movement.

The Lady Moon timekeeper proudly reveals a clear dial, protected by the mineral glass. Embellished with scintillating Swarowski stones, the display resembles the starry sky.

Available with a variety of dial and strap executions, this marvelous creation from Alfex fully reflects the multi-faceted feminine universe. The black dial, coupled with the matching strap, underscores the mysterious side of the lady’s character. The brown dial, presented on the strap of the same color, stands for her gracefulness. The red version, teamed with the red strap, symbolizes love, passion and fire. The white dial, mounted on the matching wrist band, incarnates purism.

The Lady Moon model will admirably express the personality of its lucky wearer.

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Class-1 Chronoffshore Limited Edition from Edox

Jul 07, 2010
The famous watch company Edox is delighted to bring forth its Class-1 Chronoffshore Limited Edition model. This marvelous novelty is equipped with all features, typical for a sports watch. Endowed with a tachometric scale and a reliable Edox 011 calibre chronograph movement, this imposing creation offers certain technical upgrades over the Class-1 collection, issued in 2006.

The watch described is framed by the unidirectional, semi-ceramic, semi-steel bezel, which is now presented in two tones. The new interpretation is set in a steel case, featuring squarer horns and a sharper profile. The moulded push-pieces have given way to the conventional round push-pieces. The watch case is submersible to 500 meters.

Housed in the case is the black carbon dial, which further enhances the visual appeal of this virile model. Similar to other timepieces from Class-1 collection, the new product by Edox is teamed with a comfortable black rubber strap, which will surely win the hearts of the most discerning sportsmen.

Strictly limited to 250 pieces, the Class-1 Chronoffshore watch emphasizes the Edox status as the Official Timekeeper of the Class-1 World Powerboat Championship.

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Lotus Presents Its Ceramic Collection

Jul 07, 2010
The watch brand Lotus has recently introduced its most avant-garde collection into the increasingly competitive world of watchmaking. As its name suggests, the Lotus Ceramic line has been encouraged by ceramic. Regarded as the material of the 21st century, it lends the watches from the assemblage mentioned a distinctly sensual feel. This revolutionary material displays stylish finish, which intensively mirrors the color.

A perfect union of advanced technology, top quality and remarkable material of ceramic, the new collection is reserved both for men and women. The potential buyers are offered a variety of three-hand models, which strike the eye with the futurist design of the cases and bracelets.

With this collection, the watchmaking house of Lotus offers a delightful response to a wide range of customers’ tastes. Decked out in ceramic and steel, these timekeepers feature rectangular or square cases. They are complimented by pure dials, revealing a light texture and index or Arabic numbers. The bracelets proudly expose ceramic inserts, performed in white, black or blue. These stunning elements coordinate perfectly with the dials and cases, dressed in rose, black or steel.

Developed with scrupulous attention to detail in an unending quest for excellence, the watches from Lotus Ceramic collection will leave no one unmoved.

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Catch the Moon Timepiece Launched by Emile Chouriet

Jul 05, 2010
The illustrious watchmaker Emile Chouriet has brought forth a new model, romantically christened Catch the Moon. The main distinction of this product is its remarkable complication, executed entirely in the manufacture’s workshops. The creation of this marvelous model, fitted with a double time display, required two years of intensive efforts.

This timekeeper is adorned with a black sectional dial, indicating the time from 1 to 12 am and from 1 to 12 pm. The real eye-catcher of the display is the mysterious moon, which is kept company by ten charming stars, presented by scintillating diamonds. The total weight of these precious stones is equal to 0.07 carats. They light up the passing hours and allow the watch face to blossom. The progression of hours, seconds and minutes is marked by the white hands. The date indication is arranged at 6 o’clock.

Giving life to watch functions is the self-winding ETA 2834 movement, equipped with exclusive Montres Chouriet module. This extraordinary mechanism is housed in the imposing steel case. On the front side it proudly exposes a sapphire crystal. The same glass is used for the back side of the case. The model described is submersible to 30 meters.

The Catch the Moon timepiece is teamed with the black leather strap, which terminates in a folding clasp.

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Mondaine Unveils New Collection Of Retro Styled Watches

Jul 02, 2010
The Swiss watchmaker Mondaine has proudly unveiled a new series of retro-styled timepieces, reserved both for men and women.

A clever blend of elegant exterior and brilliant performance, each of these models catches the eye with the Mondaine signature dial, equipped with a red second hand. The brand’s craftsmen have outfitted every watch issued with understated lugs, which serve to unite the case and the genuine leather strap. Alternatively, the model can be mounted on the metal bracelet.

The emblematic dial of every watch from the line described is protected by the curved sapphire crystal, which further adds to a devastatingly chic retro style. The timekeepers are featured in a high polished stainless steel variation combined with a white dial or in a graceful matte brushed finish interpretation coupled with a black dial.

The new collection has been created in two sizes. The timepiece, featuring a 40 mm case, is intended for men. The model, measuring 28 mm in diameter, is meant for ladies. The male interpretation provides the additional functions of indicating day and date. The women’s version, meanwhile, offers only a date indication.

The latest Mondaine watches will surely attract the lovers of impeccable design and perfectionists that pay attention to the smallest of details.

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New HLc01 Watch Presented By Hautlence

Jul 02, 2010
Internationally identified as one of the most prestigious watch brands, Hautlence never loses its power to captivate its faithful admirers. This time, the company stunned the horological world by unveiling its head-turning HLc01 model, characterized by advanced technology and authentic craftsmanship. The letter “C”, included into the name of this bewitching watch, stands for “circle”, meaning the round shape of its elegant case.

Strictly limited to just 88 pieces, the new HLc01 timekeeper is dressed in titanium and white gold. Its case boasts diameter of 41 mm, a size which not typical for the brand’s collection.
The back side of the case is fitted with the sapphire crystal. The water-resistance of this model is ensured to 30 meters.

The watch in question shows off a dial, upon which can be found a jumping hour disc as well as a retrograde minute system connected by a patented system. Animating these useful functions is a mechanical manually-wound movement, whose inspiration was found in Calibres HL and HLQ. It boasts a power reserve of 40 hours. The fascinating details of this mechanism can be admired through the dial base, embellished with the “honeycomb” pattern.

The HLc01 timekeeper from Hautlence is teamed with the Louisiana alligator leather strap.

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Piaget Introduces Its 1200P Movement Inside Altiplano Watch

Jul 01, 2010
In order to mark the 50th birthday of its legendary caliber 12P, the world’s thinnest mechanical automatic movement at the time of its release, Piaget has introduced its new 1200P movement, which measures just 2.35 mm.

An impressive accomplishment in the high-end watchmaking, this ultra-thin self-winding mechanism has found a natural home in the classic Altiplano watch. Liberated from any unnecessary artifice, this model focuses on the essential: displaying the hours and minutes.

The caliber mentioned provides a power reserve of 40 hours. The entire mechanism is enclosed in the appealing pink or white gold case, which boasts a diameter of 43 mm. Its back side is fitted with a sapphire crystal. The watch case is held securely in place by the alligator leather strap. The Altiplano timekeeping companion has been issued in limited series of 235 items per each version.

Crafted with special attention to quality and detail, this timepiece from Piaget will surely appeal to the audience, looking for peerless functionality and supreme elegance.

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RM 019 Tourbillon Watch Restyled By Michelle Yeoh

Jun 30, 2010
The relationship between the accomplished actress Michelle Yeoh and Richard Mille came about when they were introduced to each other by Jean Todt. Quite soon it became obvious that both of them expressed keen interest in watches.

Elegant and sensual, Michelle Yeoh greatly impressed Richard Mille with her natural sense for luxury as well as her intuition as to what ladies prefer. Therefore, he willingly offered this talented actress to work on the RM women’s line and afterwards on jewellery. Michelle eagerly took up this challenge.

With the RM 019 tourbillon watch, as her first project, the actress was given a free hand to reveal her creative talents. When issued for the first time, this unisex watch was highly appreciated for a clever blend of superior craftsmanship and remarkable design.

Michelle Yeoh, however, came up with the idea of reproducing one of the models from the exclusive unisex collection, turning it into a highly-coveted women’s accessory. This RM 019 watch, reserved specially for ladies, is scheduled to be unveiled in 2010.

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Jumbo Jet XXL Edition Watch From Aristo and Bethge & Sohne

Jun 29, 2010
The prominent Bethge & Sohne horological company, founded in 1939, and the watchmaking house of Aristo have joined their forces in creating a stunning masterpiece, named Jumbo Jet XXL Edition. This novelty represents the “original B-watch” of the “German Air Force”, recognized as an icon in the field of pilot watches.

Produced by the two internationally-famous watch brands, this new timepiece is available with a 55 mm case. This impressive novelty proudly demonstrates a number of elements, which contribute to its unmistakable masculine appeal. They include the 24 mm-long second hand, originally intended for a dial gauge, the 10 mm-thick onion-shaped crown as well as the 24 mm-wide strap.

According to Wolfgang Bethge, co-partner of the Richard Bethge GmbH, the highly qualified specialists have developed this extraordinary watch upon the request of men with big wrists. Designed to meet the highest expectations of these particular customers, such dial and case have been used for Jumbo Jet XXL edition only.

Hansjorg Vollmer, CEO of the Aristo Vollmer GmbH, has pointed out that this model, already regarded as a coveted object among collectors, is destined to become a true classic.

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New Watch Brand Unveiled Today at Watchismo - 666 Barcelona!

May 03, 2010
Always on the hunt for the coolest new timepieces, Watchismo discovered this very unique watch brand in Barcelona Spain called "666 Barcelona". It took less than a minute to know that we had to introduce this collection worldwide! From the creative minds of Spanish industrial designers Ferran Serra & Oscar Vera of Serradelarocha, they have assembled an entirely original wristwatch collection for men and women with unconventional tastes in timepieces. Each watch different from the last but all with distinctive design, personality and soul.

They were just unveiled today and you can see the full collection at Watchismo.
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Halbard Rioga Egoist - Robust and Refined

Apr 22, 2010
The small boutique watchmaking house Halbard Rioga has recently issued a fascinating Egoist watch. The originality of this model lies in the combination of masculine styling, unique materials and lots of handwork applied to each timepiece. This watch is designed for self-confident strong men who like to attract attention. Egoist’s design is robust and refined at the same time.

Still, Halbard Rioga watch is an utterly functional, tough instrument proper for working in severe conditions. The case is made of black polished ceramics. Along with sapphire crystal it is extremely hard, sharkskin strap is lasting. This new timekeeper is powered by the time-proved Swiss automatic ETA 2824-2 movement. The watch size is suitable 38mm but the watch doesn’t look small because its diagonal size comes to 50mm. This timepiece will surely thrill watch enthusiasts with not very big wrists.

Halbard Rioga watches are issued in limited number. Each watch is polished, assembled and tested by hand and has individual number. Halbard Rioga provides life-time after-sales service for each “child” it gave birth to.
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Savonnette Pocket Watch from Mondaine

Apr 05, 2010
The horological company Mondaine has pleasantly surprised the watchmaking world by launching its novel hunter model, named Savonnette. A lovely accessory, this pocket watch will surely thrill the public, that knows how to appreciate appealing designs and remains indifferent to wristwatches.

To automatically open the brushed stainless steel cover, it is necessary to press on the crown. Thus, the watch owner will be able to admire the white dial, protected by a convex mineral glass.

The display of the novel pocket watch includes black hour-markers.

The Savonette timekeeper relies on a Quartz Ronda 313 movement, which provides the essential functions of hours, minutes and seconds. The mechanism mentioned is housed in a stainless steel case, which boasts a diameter of 48 mm.

The new product from Mondaine is accompanied by a 41 cm chain with a swivel clasp. This novelty creates a striking balance of traditions and modern design trends.

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Louis Golay Introduces Pearls of Time Watch

Mar 12, 2010
A watchmaking house with a rich history, whose seeds were sown over a century ago, Louis Golay continues to flourish today at the same intense pace.

Now, the company is proud to unveil its new Pearls of Time watch. It strikes the eye with the brand’s famous square pearls, which embellish the watch dial and the middle of the case. The dial is adorned with 92 pearls, whereas the case middle exposes 17 pearls.

These jewels harmonize perfectly with 448 scintillating diamonds set on the bezel, middle, horns and crown. The overall weight of these precious stones totals to 2.9 carats.

The Pearls of Time watch relies on a self-winding movement. It offers the basic functions of indicating hours and minutes. The heart of this model is inserted in an 18K white gold case, which measures 35 mm in diameter.

This marvelous creation from Louis Golay is accompanied by a satin strap, finished with an 18K white gold buckle.

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Catena Unveils Horseshoe Chronograph

Feb 26, 2010
The watchmaking house Catena has again surprised its admirers by launching a breathtaking Horseshoe Chronograph. As its name suggests, the model is presented in the form of horseshoe. It strikes the eye with exclusive black PVD and pink gold finishing, which produces refined contrasts between the case and the dial. Elegant and functional, this timepiece will become a coveted accessory for modern men.

This new timekeeper is powered by the quartz chronograph movement. It brings to life the functions of hours, minutes, seconds, date and that of chronograph.

The Horseshoe Chronograph has adopted a black PVD-treated steel and pink gold or stainless steel case. On the front side it features a curved mineral glass. The water-resistance of the case is down to 50 meters.

The watch dial is clothed in black. Set within the dial are 30-minute, 60-second and 1/10-second counters, located at 10, 6 and 2 o’clock correspondingly. The date aperture is positioned at 6 o’clock.

The alluring creation, manufactured by Catena, comes with a black leather strap or steel bracelet, which joins to a buckle.

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Hamilton Pulsomatic Watch From Hamilton

Feb 24, 2010
To celebrate the 40th birthday of its first digital model, the Hamilton brand has released a novel Hamilton Pulsomatic watch, endowed with automatic technology. Distinguished by a science-fiction design, the new model is not inferior to its famous predecessor, regarded as the first computer ever exposed on the wrist

At the heart of this intriguing creation beats a reliable self-winding H1970 calibre movement, which offers a 120-day power reserve. It serves to animate the functions of indicating hours and minutes and date.

The movement is incorporated into a case, encouraged by space-age televisions. It is rendered in stainless steel, black PVD and 4N PVD and features the dimensions of 49 mm x 39 mm. The case is armed with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. The watch is capable of withstanding water pressure down to 50 meters.

Housed in the case is a black dial. A particular highlight of the Hamilton Pulsomatic watch is its digital liquid crystal display. This intriguing timekeeper is affixed to a steel bracelet or rubber strap.

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SWISSPACE Presents SwisSpace Black Watch

Feb 23, 2010
The new interpretation of the SwisSpace model from the eponymous brand is bound to thrill true watch enthusiasts. The timepiece is dressed in black almost from top to toe, except for the dial, performed with the addition of white color.

The last-mentioned element replicates the earth, observed from the space. The watch face is enlivened by the direct-drive centre seconds-hand, decked out in yellow. This bright component coordinates perfectly with the stitching on the strap.

Ticking inside this highly attractive creation is a quartz movement. It indicates hours, minutes and seconds. The mechanism is housed in a case, sculptured in steel and plastic. The case is fitted with a black PVD-treated steel bezel, which holds a curved sapphire crystal. The model has been tested to withstand water-pressure at 30 meters.

The black and white dial is equipped with luminescent hands. The luminous compound applied to them assures a good level of darkness visibility.

Fitting the SwisSpace timekeeper is a black croco-style strap, featuring yellow top-stitching and a buckle.

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