New Watch Brand: Votum Watches - Stylish, Budget Friendly Watches

Feb 27, 2015
Votum Watches is brining you simple yet elegant watches. Designed to be worn by any person for any occasion. There are no chronographs, bloated markers or anything to distract you from the naturel beauty of the watch. Stepping away from trendy watches, this minimal design really represents the beginning era of watches while bringing in a modern feel. The crisp, clean design is perfect for that all-important business meeting as well as a casual Sunday.

The watches themselves feature a Miyota quartz movement, which is a reliable three hand movement, a crystal mineral glass, 42mm stainless steel body, all complimented by a 20mm genuine leather band.

They are now available on Kickstarter at heavily discounted prices that will never be seen again. Orders yours now before the early bird specials are gone for \$69 or two for only \$119. These two deals are both a steal, especially when buying both watches. Easily exchange the straps to create four different color schemes and truly have a unique, never before seen timepiece.

The Votum team needs your help if they want to turn their dream into a reality. We ask everyone to take the time to look at their project on Kickstarter and learn more about the company and the vision behind Votum Watches.

Pre Order link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/votumwatches/votum-watches-affordable-minimalist-stylish-watche
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Enter to win the new Evarii Modular Watch

Feb 20, 2015
Evarii is a revolution in the watch industry. We have broken down a timepiece in to 5 main components to create a completely modular and customizable watch that can be completely changed in just 30 seconds or less. The components are as follows. The body (case), the Head (bezel), the face (dial,movement and glass), the arm (crown) and last but not least the legs (strap). What Evarii allows you to do is change any part at any time to any other design (everytime you buy a new piece your options grow exponentially because they can go together however you choose). If you desire a new watch you don’t have to invest in an entirely new timepiece, You can go on our site and try out a new dial, or case, or bezel. This allows you to build a collection of parts that can work together anyway you like, that you can change anytime. The parts are all designed to work with every other part so you can customize your watch differently with all the parts you collect. You can trade parts with friends who have Evarii as well as the watch is completely modular.

The design supports quartz and mechanical movements and we are developing a smart watch “band” as well. Essentially you are building a “watch wardrobe” that can be put together whichever way you want. Our website will even keep an inventory of your purchases so you can see how any design will look and share it with friends before purchasing new parts. In fact we encourage it. We will be holding competitions for designers and more!
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Ferro - A watch inspired by Sports Car Tachometers

Dec 17, 2014
Ferro watches – a debut watch from Nil, inspired by Sports Car Tachometers. A superior minimalist watch of original and unexpected design, geared with Japan Automatic or Swiss Quartz movements. A perfect example when a modern look meets a classic touch. A fascinating watch that has been designed and created with a long lasting love of fine cars and watches.
Ferro watches are now available to pre order from our Kickstarter page at

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The American Artisan Series on Kickstarter.com

Dec 08, 2014
Early 1900s American manufactured pocket watch movements preserved in stainless steel cases, crafted from US-made components.

Vintage pocket watch movements made in Chicago, IL, Boston, MA or Lancaster, PA.

Patent-pending stainless steel cases 3D printed in Pittsburgh, PA.

Corning Gorilla Glass crystals made in the USA.

Genuine American leather bands handcrafted in Fort Collins, CO.

Custom made, one at a time, just for you.

See the Kickstarter Here:

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The History of the Wristwatch in Twenty Illustrations

Nov 04, 2014
The recent developments in Smartwatch technology - with seemingly every tech company looking to make wearables the next big must-have accessory - have made wristwatches a hot topic.

However, wristwatches have always been an item that reflected the technology and tastes of their time. Starting in the 1800s right through to the modern day - from quartz technology to digital watches to water-resistance and shock-proof watches.

You can read more about the history of the wristwatch, complete with hand-drawn illustrations of iconic watches at http://www.borro.com/luxury-watches/history-of-wristwatch/.
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Vintage straps

Sep 06, 2014
We offer leather handcrafted products like watch straps, watch rolls, watch boxes, watch tools, watch pouches, travel bags , cards folders and leather belts.
We are located in Lucca – TUSCANY – Italy, close to Florence, Siena, Pisa, Montecatini and Forte dei Marmi (Versilia), a land of traditions, culture and passion … where life is still in a pure dimension. We love company, good wine and simple things … If u walk around the town u will feel the warm and the pure sensations… and the style is here since ages !
Our products are created one by one by hand with passion and respect for tradition, a business from father to son where all the secrets will never be betrayed.
The italian best quality you will find on our products. The leather is treated and aged using only natural and vegetable products, staying about 6 weeks in the tube. No forcing techniques are applied, but a natural process.
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Bamboo Watch on CrowdyHouse

Aug 26, 2014
CrowdyHouse.com, platform for independent designers now offers a unique Bamboo Watch, called Bambu.

Bambu is a stylish time piece made of bamboo - officially the most sustainable and awesome material on the planet. Besides from standing out from the herd with this beautiful design, you'll also make an active statement in favour for a more eco-aware feelgoodness.

The Bambu is available here: http://www.crowdyhouse.com/shop/bambu-bamboo-watch/
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The 720 Watch--the watch of watches

May 14, 2014
THE 720 WATCH-- ￿the watch of watches￿ just launched on Kickstarter.

The next Pebble? Is it the dumbest smart watch and the smartest dumb watch?


THE 720 WATCH￿ a cool novel innovative way to tell time. On its watch- sized color LCD screen, the user sees a minute to minute display of the time as a succession of 720 different ￿watch￿ faces, one for each minute of the 12 hour day or night.

At the nexus of technology, fashion, and downright smartness.

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Watch Repairs by Post

Mar 25, 2014
W.E. Clark & Son Jewellers in Sussex, UK, offer a magnificent watch repair service by their own Master Watchmaker - available in-store in Lewes and Eastbourne, or by post. Their service covers not only glass and battery replacement but full watch serving and refurbishment, pressure testing plus pocket watch and vintage watch repairs.
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Wear a luxury watch - and earn money

Dec 13, 2013
Singaporean based photographer Dominic Khoo started a world first investment-structure. After a decade of collecting and studying watches, the enthusiast decided that “It's About Time” to launch The Watch Fund.

What is new about the idea? Investors can actually wear top-level watches and sell them later for a profit, gaining access to extreme limited editions and enjoying high price advantages. Khoo's fund even offers provenance pieces, worn by royalty and historical figures.

Since its foundation in February 2013, The Watch Fund has become a serious player in the international investment scene. According to the fund's website, the total AUM currently stands at USD\$16,000,000.

Investors can expect a minimum return of 20% at the end of three years daily wear: “With the price of skilled labour only going to go up in the watch industry – top-level watches will become rarer and more expensive”, says certified watch expert Khoo.

Dominic Khoo is a veteran in the watch industry, having trained with the world's biggest watch auction house Antiquorum and worked in brand management for Girard-Perregaux. Additionally, he recently started up the watch auction arm for Spink (previously owned by Christie's), the world's oldest auction house.

More information on www.thewatchfund.com
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Timex Watches Online at Discount | Directbargains

Nov 18, 2013
Choosing a best watch can be rather complicated. But affordable watches are what we are serious about.

Enjoy up to 40 % discount on Timex watches and shop online at affordable prices at Direct Bargains Australia. Save your money - buy cheap Timex Ironman watch online today via Direct Bargains website.

Direct Bargains provides its customers with a thorough range of designer Timex watches online with unbeatable price tag.

Here at Direct Bargains we only offer top-quality Timex watches and other leading watchmaking brands.

With hundreds of models of Timex watches to choose from, you can be sure you are buying a quality timekeeper at the best discount price.
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Pierre Cardin Watches Online | Directbargains

Nov 18, 2013
Enjoy discount online shopping for PIERRE CARDIN watches available at DirectBargains Australia. Shop online, discover bargain deals, save your money.

Look through a wide range of products in PIERRE CARDIN watches offered at affordable prices at one of the best discount store in Australia.

DirectBargains provides considerable discounts of up to 80% off retail prices on all PIERRE CARDIN watches online.

Important to mention - all timepieces are 100% Authentic.
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Directbargains - Buy Pierre Cardin Watches Online

Nov 17, 2013
DirectBargains online store is offering you huge discount on Pierre Cardin Watches. Get lowest prices and great selection of Pierre Cardin watches with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We have a large variety of designer watches from Pierre Cardin which will suit to the tastes of any men and women. Seek out your favorite in Pierre Cardin watches online today.

Watches are timepiece, typically worn either around the wrist or attached on a chain and carried in a pocket. DirectBargains offers massive discounts of up to 80% off retail prices on all Pierre Cardin watches online. All watches are 100% Authentic. With lowest price guarantee you can buy watches online in confidence.

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NICK VON K unveils first ever collection of watches

Nov 13, 2013

For immediate release, Wednesday 13th November.

At exactly 11pm on Saturday 9th November a flashmob started in 1885 Britomart, where New Zealand jewellery brand Nick Von K was hosting media as part of The Black Club. When the lights went up and the music went down, designer Nick Von Klarwill had one thing to say…
“I’ve made a watch!”
Nick Von K’s watch collection is the first ever from the Auckland-based jewellery designer, who has gone from strength to strength since his 2010 inception. Nick Von K has just returned from New York, where his most recent jewellery collection Midnight Carnival was launched to critical acclaim. The collection of watches is another notch in his increasingly eclectic belt.
“I wanted to bring back the watch! People don’t wear watches as much anymore, they check the time on their cellphones. So I wanted to create a watch collection cool enough that people would want to wear a watch on their wrist again,” says Nick Von Klarwill.
Watch the Nick Von K watch official promo video here:
The idea was born earlier this year when Nick’s cousin Richard Boers approached him about making a watch line together. Keeping the rock n’ roll aesthetic core to Nick Von K, the boys came up with four unique designs – a skull, a snake, a lion and wings – with engraved quotes that play on the notion of time.
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W. T. Author's 'No. 1905' Wristwatch

Sep 25, 2013
The first series of limited edition timepieces by W. T. Author.

Every part has been designed and hand-finished by W. T. Author in Britain. The watches are equipped with Swiss-made movements.

The 'No. 1905' first edition watch has been inspired by the turn of the 20th Century: a period of time when the first wristwatches for men were introduced by Louis Cartier and Edmond Jaegar. Taking inspiration from traditional aesthetics of the pocket watch, it reflects pioneering achievements of the era with signature shoulders brazed directly into the bespoke case allowing a hand-finished leather strap to be fitted. The case measures 46 mm across and 52 mm high including the shoulders. The case depth is 11 mm The dial utilises numbers taken directly from 1900's pocket watches and is enhanced with Author's unique hour markers. Traditionally formed custom-made hands complete the dial.

The watch has been modernised with a beautiful enamel screw down case back, the signature red aluminium crown embossed with the Author trademark and a Swiss made 513S calibre movement.

Every watch comes with an A5 book detailing the story of master watchmaker W. T. Author individually signed by the team and a limited editon A5 silk screen print available in 5 colours, again individually numbered and signed.

There are limited early rewards priced at £300 available exclusively for Indiegogo backers for a limited time while stock lasts at http://igg.me/at/wtauthor.
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Watchfinder & Co. produces Watchmaking Video

Sep 04, 2013
Watchfinder releases video of Rolex strip down piece-by-piece

Constantly exploring new media to present watchmaking to their audience, Watchfinder has begun to film what will become a video library of horology. Crisp, informative and beautifully shot, these videos aim to capture the craftsmanship, expertise and fineness to watchmaking.

Looking 'under the bonnet’ of the great classics, Watchfinder kicks off with the Rolex calibre 3135. Head Watchmaker, Tony Williams, meticulously demonstrates how to take this movement apart and then reassembles it.

Since going live on YouTube last month, the video has received the plaudits of the discerning watch blogging community. 00/24 WatchWorld and Prodigal Guide editor, Tim Barber, summed it up in one word; 'beautiful'.
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The First High-End Mechanical Watch with Artificial Intelligence

Sep 04, 2013
For Urwerk, a precision timepiece should have at its base a movement that is accurate, reliable and long lasting. Such a movement should meet specific criteria including accuracy in 5 positions between -4 seconds and +6 seconds over 24 hours. However, while it is one thing to regulate an accurate watch in the controlled world of a workshop, performance in the sometimes-extreme real world, i.e. on the wrist, can be very different. Changes in position and temperature, and shocks, can all adversely affect isochronism (timing regularity) of a wristwatch. The challenge with EMC was in developing a mechanical watch that can be regulated by its owner to obtain the finest chronometric performance.

EMC is the first precision mechanical watch that enables timing to be both easily monitored and easily adjusted by its owner.

With EMC, not only can the wearer obtain the precise timing rate on demand, they can then use that information to accurately adjust the timing of their watch to suit their own personal rhythm. Electro Mechanical Control (EMC) is the world's first precision mechanical watch in which the timing can be monitored and adjusted by the user to suit their lifestyle EMC is fully interactive.

EMC marks the dawn of a new era, that of an interactive smart mechanical watch allowing the owner to gauge the precision of their timepiece's chronometric performance and fine-tune it to better suit their daily rhythm and pace of life.
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Watch3 black

Jul 25, 2013
Watch3 black

The concept:
Watch3 black is the latest version of the watch3 line that was launched four years ago.
The original idea of adding information, without adding clutter by printing the figures on the underside of the sapphire crystal, so the are only visible when the hour hand passes underneath, is still the same. But now with the dial and the case being in black, the design becomes bolder.
The design of the case is very clear and stark. As a counterpoint, the back of the watch is engraved in a playful way with the logo and an individual serial number.
All the materials used are of the highest quality: steel case with black PVD coating, sapphire crystal, ETA quartz movement, all Swiss Made and assembled by hand in the Swiss watch capitol Biel, by renowned watchmaking family Pierre Junod.

A limited and numbered edition of 100 pieces is planned.
This product can be purchased exclusively through my online shop on http://www.stevengoetz.com

diameter: 40 mm
thickness: 6.7 mm
weight: 44 g
Swiss made
ETA swiss quartz movement
316 L stainless steel case with black PVD coating
saphire crystal
box calf leather strap
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Birimingham Assay Office Offers Specialist Course in Watch Buying

Jul 18, 2013
The Birmingham Assay Office is offering a number of short courses of interest to watch restorers and collectors.
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New Time Timer Watch PLUS

Mar 26, 2013
The new Time Timer Watch PLUS is the ideal time management watch for anyone who struggles with time. In addition to its clock and alarm, the Watch PLUS features a "Time Timer mode" - a visual countdown showing how much time is left. This is revolutionary for visual learners and those who need to improve their productivity. As the visual countdown approaches 0, users learn to better gauge their time, improve their internal clocks and see time as a concrete idea vs. an abstract, ever-ticking stressor. The Watch PLUS also includes a "repeatable time segments" features, in which you can set the timer to repeat every X minutes. Athletes and Professional Organizers love this feature for its motivational value. Buy at timetimer.com
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