Unique Rolex Watch Collection to Be Auctioned

Oct 30, 2008
Marking the 100th anniversary of Rolex, Patrizzi & Co will be holding an auction devoted to one of the most remarkable collections of Rolex watches in the world - the Davide Blei Vintage Rolex Collection. The event is to take place on December 14, at the Grand Hotel de Milan, in Milan, Italy.

Davide Blei's Rolex watch collection comprises the very best examples of his favorite brand. The passionate collector says he appreciates Rolex watches for their beauty and purity- extremely beautiful cases and dials as Rolex is highly skilled at putting color, metals, and tones together. One more brand the collector is fascinated by is Patek Philippe.

Story of Avid Watch Collector
Davide Blei became an avid watch collector in a really unexpected way. Born in 1943, Davide started collecting wristwatches in 1984. He became interested in collecting wristwatches after he fell in love with a lady who owned an antique jewelry shop in Padua. He accompanied his beloved lady when she went to fairs and exhibitions to sell her jewelry pieces and one day he realized he had fallen in love with timepieces.

At first, Davide Blei had no idea about watch mechanisms. Being captured by his passion and curiosity, he acquired books to study watchmaking and in a few years the collector learnt how to appreciate the intricate world of watch mechanisms and designs.

Davide traveled all over the world and attended auctions to buy the best timepieces at the sales. He made important acquaintances with people involved in the watch business. Watch collecting became an essential part of his life and it still is. Working as an advertising man in the filed of media buying and planning for companies all around the world, he traveled a lot to do his job, but also to enlarge his watch collections with exquisite timepieces.

Unique Collection
Davide Blei's Collection may be compared with the Mondani Rolex Collection sold by Antiquorum in 2006. Mondani's collection was considered to be one of the most comprehensive Rolex watch collections.

Meanwhile, the Davide Blei Vintage Rolex Collection is highlighted by most exquisite pieces of vintage Rolex watches as the collector's motto has always been to buy only the very best.

Rolex watches have a lot of passionate Latino fans who prefer to call Rolex references by more affectionate names: the Stelline, Jean-Claude Killy, Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, and James Bond.

Blei's collection boasts exceptional examples of most of the timepieces mentioned above. The collection comprises some rare Stelline Ref 6062s, a few famous Daytona models, and a few unique mini collections of renowned Rolex chronographs, and a collection of personalized watches, featuring individual logos on the dial. The collection also includes some outstanding examples of the Submariner, the Explorer, the GMT, and the Sea Dweller.

According to Davide Blei, the dials of Rolex watches are unique as they make one feel technical excellence and mastery of the art of watchmaking. Rolex knows how to make dials that nobody else can make, including triple scale, telemeter, Daytona, a variety of colors in the scale.

Davide Blei believes that collecting is all a matter of taste, and no doubt Blei may be proud of his exquisite taste as proven by his Rolex watch collection.

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