Unique Orbital Confucius Watch from Jean Dunand

Aug 01, 2009
Jean Dunand has just introduced its novel unique Orbital Confucius watch.

The gyrating tourbillion, advanced from the mechanical standpoint and fascinating in appearance, is presented along a miniature painting of Oriental charm, which happens to be an exclusive piece of art.

This extremely luxurious timepiece demonstrates a portrait of Confucius. It is hand-painted on an ultra-thin black onyx dial, inserted on a golden disk’s top. Fabrication of the Tourbillon Orbital watch, embracing fifteen kiln firings, required many hours of dedicated work.

It was quite venturesome for Jean Dunand's miniaturist to depict the original rectangular picture on the round onyx surface. So, the grid was utilized to plot the drawing.

Prior to taking this exciting trip into the world of art and creating his own masterpiece, the artisan blended high quality Swiss varnishes for his color palette. Other “ingredients”, necessary for this work of art to be born, were steady hands, keen eyes and patience. These are crucial components that pay tribute to the Confucian aphorism, which reads as follows, "Impatience over little things introduces confusion into great schemes".

To achieve the necessary refinement and exactitude, the artist had to handcraft his paintbrushes from marten hair, often using just a wisp of twenty odd hairs.

The miniaturist worked from the face outwards under a binocular microscope. While laying on the colors, he often repeated the stroke in order to increase volume – as it was necessary to be done on Confucius’ beard. He also drew out the stroke to attain the nuance and gradation for depicting the curve of Confucius' forehead. After each painting session there came a stint in a 90-100° C kiln, with a final kiln firing of 6-7 hours as its highest point.

All efforts made finally resulted in thickness equal to 3/100ths of a millimeter. So, the spectacular Jean Dunand watch can be equally considered a work of art and a horological masterpiece.

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