Ulysse Nardin Freak Blue Phantom - Ingenious in Every Detail

Oct 22, 2008
The same as the initial Ulysse Nardin Freak watch introduced in 2001, the new Ulysse Nardin Freak Blue Phantom strikes imagination by the ingenious arrangement of parts. You will see no conventional watch case and no conventional dial - the timepiece has no crown and no hands!

Now, the amazing timepiece is unveiled in blue, being crafted in 18K white gold. A stainless blue titanium based alloy has been used for treating the bridges and metal parts, applying the process of ion sputtering. Some metal parts have been reworked to acquire the blue coating, being 1-micron thick and 1500-HV hard. The tips of the hour and minute markers have been coated in Superluminova for improved visibility.

Since 2001, the Ulysse Nardin Freak watch has maintained the position of the rightful leader in the field of innovative watchmaking. You will hardly find a timepiece that would surpass this masterpiece in its technological and artistic perfection.

No watch has ever been designed the same way as the Freak. The crystal and the bezel of the watch have actually become part of the movement. The time is indicated by the pivoting movement. In fact, the timepiece contains fewer parts than the simplest watch model one may find, remaining a Carrousel Tourbillon by necessity.

The Ulysse Nardin engineers became the first to use silicium in the development of the escapement, the material, really easy to work with, that has proved to greatly enhance accuracy and lightness of complicated movement parts.

The Dual Ulysse Escapement, produced from silicium, is the most important part of the Freak's movement. It has incorporated 2 wheels to allow natural force transmission. The force and the move have the same direction, alternatively clockwise with the first wheel and counter-clockwise with the second wheel.

The two wheels with 18 active teeth provide perfect energy transmission to the oscillator, with no lubrication necessary, as the transmission is performed via a 'gear like' mechanism. An alternator gets an impulse and passes it to the balance shaft. The alternator serves as a gear, turning alternatively in one direction and then the opposite one.

The Dual Ulysse Escapement considerably reduces the lift angle from the common 50-52 degrees (Swiss Anchor) down to about 30 degrees. The lift angle implies the arc the balance runs between its first and last contact with the escapement. The shorter arc means the lower disturbance of the natural balance oscillation.

The Caliber UN-202, beating inside the Ulysse Nardin Freak Blue Phantom watch, is a 28-jewel movement that provides a 7-day power-reserve.

The white gold case of the watch measures 44.5 mm in diameter and incorporates anti-reflective sapphire crystal and sapphire crystal case-back.

The majestic Ulysse Nardin timepiece is secured to the wrist on an alligator leather strap fitted with a folding buckle.

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