Innovative Tough Movement for New Casio G-Shock GS-1200

Aug 04, 2008
Casio Computer Co Ltd has developed two robust G-Shock watches to initiate the new GS-1200 line.

The G-Shock GS-1200 is a slim watch with the following dimensions of the case - 49.6 x 46.0 x 14.1mm. The timepiece weighs 87g.

The new Casio watch is equipped with the brand's innovative 'Tough Movement.' The movement has been developed for radio controlled solar watches characterized by remarkable shock resistance and auto-correction of hands' position with help of a LED (light emitting diode).

The Casio Tough Movement receives time calibration signals from six stations: Kyushu area and Fukuoka in Japan, the US, the UK, Germany and China. At the 55 minute mark of every hour, if the time indicated by the watch does not correspond to the time suggested by the signals, the 'smart' movement automatically corrects the hands' position.

The movement incorporates the gears for the second, minute and hour hands sandwiched between an LED and a phototransistor to let the watch detect the positions of all three gears at once. The LED emits light to check the positions of a series of the detection holes formed on the gears.

The light emitted by the LED 16 times a second gets out through a series of small holes in the movement to reach the phototransistor. If the small holes prove to be out of the proper alignment, the gears adjust automatically and the watch's accuracy, which could have been damaged because of some potential shocks, is perfect again.

The parts of the Casio Tough Movement are produced from top quality metals and plastics to result in the reduced weight along with the increased strength of the movement. The creators of the movement have thoroughly considered the shape and the position of every part, as well as the balance between the volume of metal and plastic parts.

Casio developed the whole new production line dedicated to the Tough Movement. The line determines the gears' direction and precisely assembles the gears according to the hand position detection holes.

Having incorporated the new movement, the three-hand analog model features the considerably reduced thickness - by 2.26mm to 4.11mm, while the chronograph model has the thickness reduced by 0.55mm to 4.9mm.

Besides the G-Shock series, the Tough Movement is also destined for the Oceanus series. The GS-1200 will be available starting with September in Japan. The price of the Casio watch will be around 380 dollars.

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