Tissot Navigator 3000 - Cool Watch for Travelers

Jul 25, 2008
The Tissot Navigator 3000 enters the brand's highly demanded line of 'Touch Screen' watches, operated primarily not by pushing buttons but by touching the sapphire crystal.

The Navigator 3000 can be operated in one of six languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

The sturdy stainless steel case construction with scratch-proof sapphire crystal goes on a stainless steel bracelet.

The Navigator 3000 has been developed as a cool digital watch for travelers. The story of the watch creation is related to the year 1853 when Tissot developed a pocket watch with multiple time zones. The initial Tissot Navigator multiple time zone watch was introduced a century later. The original version was followed by the launch of new versions supplied with most advanced features.

The Tissot Navigator 3000 watch is special for its Touch Screen technology. The timepiece has just one button used for activating the touch crystal. When the touch screen is activated, the watch's wearer selects the necessary functions by touching the crystal in different parts.

The Navigator 3000 is developed as the best traveling companion as with the watch one can track multiple time zones simultaneously. To set the timepiece to one's home time zone, first one has to select the right continent, country, and finally the city. The Tissot watch provides 150 cities preprogrammed, with DST setting up to the year 2099, while it is possible to manually add a non-included city.

The T-World Function of the watch allows to track 4 additional time zones, besides the primary time zone, also called the reference time zone. With the watch, you can switch the reference time to one of the other 4 time zones.

First of all, you have to set the 4 additional time zones of the four places you are going to visit. When visiting a different time zone, all you have to do is to select the new time zone. When you find yourself at home again, you easily swap the two time zones. The Navigator 3000 can also display the offset between the different time zones and the reference time zone as opposed to featuring absolute times.

The chronograph function of the Tissot Navigator 3000 measures time at a resolution of 1/100 of a second, with the total duration under one hour. As soon as the duration exceeds one hour, the resolution switches to whole seconds. The chronograph is started and stopped with help of the crown. The crown is held down for time resetting.

The countdown timer of the watch is used for setting hours, minutes, and seconds, with the maximum time being 23:59:59. The LCD flashes and the timepiece is beeping when there are just 5 seconds left. As soon as the full time has elapsed, the main alarm rings.

The Tissot Navigator 3000 incorporates two alarms to be programmed for specific time on specific day of the week. The watch offers at your disposal five alarm melodies.

The watch also provides the calendar mode displaying the date in one of three different modes: day/date, seconds/date, or week number. When you choose the necessary mode, the Tissot watch switches back to time mode, featuring the date on the LCD.

The red LCD is switched on by rotating the crown. If you turn the crown to the right, the intensity increases, and if you turn it to the left it decreases.

If you the Tissot watch is not used for a while, the energy saving mode can be switched on. The watch gets reactivated by pressing the crown for a few seconds.

The Tissot Navigator 3000 watch boasts 50-meter water-resistance.

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