Thomas Prescher Mysterious Automatic Double Axis Tourbillon True Horological Masterpiece

Dec 29, 2010
Thomas Prescher proudly presents a new complicated piece of horological art the Mysterious Automatic Double Axis Tourbillon watch presented by the watchmaker as A mesmerizing kinetic sculpture born.

The new Thomas Prescher watch pleases the eye on many levels. The watchmaker concentrated his attention at implementing the idea of revealing the full beauty of his single and multiple-axis tourbillons. He actually used one of the oldest illusions from the field of watchmaking. The mysterious timepiece enjoyed great success in the 19th century. It seems to show the time with no visible connection to the movement. Cartier was one of the brands that successfully created mysterious timepieces.

Reflecting the old tradition, the new Mysterious Tourbillon created by Thomas Prescher allows us to see the time, the tourbillon, and the oscillating weight housed by a rectangular case, sculptured in platinum or gold and measuring 40 x 35 mm in diameter. The crowns, one for winding and one for setting the time, are positioned on either side of the case, maintaining the overall symmetry.

The heart of the watch is an automatic movement. The movement rotor is worth special attention it represents a horizontal block found at the bottom of the case and revolving in a back-and-forth motion. The oscillating block mass also serves as home to the date and month displays.

The time is digitally featured by two barrel-shaped disks, with a three-dimensional moon placed between them.

The movement is constructed from 394 parts, but you can actually drop a glance at just a few of them. All other parts are concealed in the sides of the case, with the inside flanges used as two base plates.

The double-axis tourbillon is presented in all its beauty in the center between two panes of sapphire crystal. It holds a true horological surprise - the tourbillon cage of the first one-minute tourbillon (with the second tourbillon also revolving at this speed) also incorporates a constant force tool with inertia acceleration according to Jaenneret. It reloads six times every second.

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