Swarovski Octea Sport Watch - Fine Lady's Choice
Never at a loss for bright ideas, the renowned Swarovski company has recently introduced into the world of horology its appealing Octea Sport watch. Encouraged by diving watches, this model establishes the brand’s credibility and technical virtuosity among the elite of watchmakers.

Distinguished by pure lines and sporty character, the new Swarovski watch celebrates a union of a reliable Swiss quartz movement and a delicate crystal. This marvelous combination of technical performance and charismatic design is bound to enchant contemporary woman looking for functional elegance.

The Octea Sport watch is proposed with a stainless steel case. It features angles, faceted like Swarovski crystals. The brand’s highly qualified professionals have achieved a true technical feat by fitting the quartz watch with a unidirectional rotating bezel. read more

Swarovski Creates New D:Light Watch
At Baselworld 2009, Swarovski was extremely excited to introduce its Avant Time watch line, giving the most daring and creative vision of time.

Part of this collection, the D:Light watch captured public attention by the magnificent fusion of breathtaking aesthetic and high horology. Issued in limited series of 99 pieces, the watch featured an 18K rose gold case, housing a reliable, manufactory-made movement.

In 2010, Swarovski has delivered its new captivating D:Light watch, which borrowed all its watchmaking and graphical features from its enthusiastically received predecessor. Advanced from the technological standpoint, this novelty features 171 Xilion crystals, brought together to form a rectangular dial. Due to these cleverly arranged crystals the watch acquires its incredible bracelet-like appearance. read more

New Swarovski Elis Watches for Elegant Ladies
If you are looking for lady’s square-shaped jewelry watches that boast the technical advancement of Swiss watchmaking, the new Swarovski Elis watches are just what you need.

The Elis line, already comprising leather, rubber and Crystal Mesh variations, is now joined by two new versions - in grey blue and in Crystal Mesh, the latter limited to 2, 222 pieces. The new Elis watches are unveiled as part of the Swarovski Spring-Summer 2010 jewelry collection.

The two new Crystal Mesh shades - dark Anthracite and Aquamarine Aurora Borealis - further enhance the fashionable look of the lady’s Elis watch.  read more

Swarovski Octea Lady Blue Watch - Charming Reliability
Swarovski fascinates female audience with the presentation of its new Octea Lady Blue watch. The novelty catches the eye with a faceted bezel cut from a single piece of Dark Indigo Diamond Touch Light crystal. Alternatively, it can be carved from Amethyst, Jet or clear crystal. The bezel is incorporated into the structure of a round-shaped stainless steel case.

The new Swarovski Octea Lady Blue watch shows off an aventurine blue dial. It is completed with 11 hand-applied clear crystal indices. The index at 12 o’clock gives way to the Swan Logo mark.

The new Swarovski lady’s watch is mounted on a brushed and polished stainless steel bracelet, finished with a butterfly buckle.
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Swarowski Octea Sport Ultra Khaki Limited Edition Watch - Fashionable Design
Never at a loss for bright ideas, Swarovski introduces its new Octea Sport Ultra Khaki Limited Edition watch.

Issued in a limited series of 3,333 pieces, the new Swarovski watch is available in a round-shaped 39mm case. It is crafted from stainless steel. The case architecture incorporates a unidirectional rotating bezel, adorned with a sunray motif.

The new Swarowski Octea Sport Ultra Khaki Limited Edition watch shows off a khaki or blue dial. Embellished with a sunray pattern, it features rhodium-plated indices and Arabic numerals.

The display whispers the time through hours, minutes and seconds. The date indication is arranged in the aperture at 3 o’clock. Animating the functions is a Swiss made quartz ETA movement.
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Swarovski Octea Chrono Purple Watch - Optimal Quality
The house of Swarovski has proudly released its first chronograph watch, named Octea Chrono Purple.

Elegant, innovative and precise, the new Swarovski lady’s watch is proposed in a 40mm stainless steel case. It carries a unidirectional rotating bezel. Made of clear crystal, it features minutes in graduated purple, white, plum or black.

The new Swarovski Octea Chrono Purple watch shows off a sunray-patterned purple dial. Equipped with luminescent indices, it offers central hours and minutes. The small seconds are shown in a sub-dial at 6 o’clock.

The chronograph functions are assured through a central seconds hand as well as 30-minute and 1/10 of seconds counters, located at 10 and 2 o’clock respectively. The date appears in the aperture at 4 o’clock.
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Swarovski Rock 'n' Light Watch
Swarovski is pleased to unveil its new exceptional avant-garde design timepiece. The revolutionary watch reflects the brand’s unique expertise - more than 115 years of faceting experience.

The new Swarovski Rock ’n’ Light watch looks like a rock crystal. Striking by its exceptional dimensions, a cushion-cut crystal is made up of 32 absolutely straight, symmetrical facets and frames the dial and square bezel. The audacious volume of the piece represents a remarkable technical achievement. Its unique proportions smartly unite sparkling reflections and stylish lines, yet maintaining all the traditional features of a wristwatch.

The white version of the Swarovski Rock ’n’ Light watch demonstrates a silver sunray dial completed with 8 clear crystals and 3 applied faceted silver indexes. At 12 o’clock, you will notice the Swan echoed by the cabochon of the crown. read more

Welcome Swarovski Elis Bangle Elis Mini and Octea Sport Watches
Swarovski delights the audience by launching its new Elis Bangle, Elis Mini and Octea Sport watches.

With its ultra-glamorous character, the new Swarovski Elis Bangle watch is issued in a limited edition of 1000 pieces. Its case represents a square pyramid, rendered in stainless steel. The back part of the model is adorned with a Swanflower motif. The water-resistance of the case is assured down to 30 meters.

The new Swarovski watch shows off a purple dial with matt contours and sunburst decoration in the center. It reveals transparent crystals, serving as hour-markers at 3, 6 and 9 o'clock. The hour-index at 12 o’clock gives way to the Swarovski logo.
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