Suunto D4 - Great Discovery for Divers

Jul 22, 2008
In 2008, Suunto launched a new line of dive computers called the D4. The wristwatches of the line are not so complicated as the previously-introduced D9 or the Vyper lines of the brand. The company describes the D4 as "the introductory model in the Suunto diving line". The Suunto D4 watches have been packed with a great variety of features advantageous for Scuba divers, and free divers.

The timepieces from the line provide standard features of a digital watch, including 12/24 hour display, dual time, daily alarm, date, and stopwatch with split time. The owner of the D4 can switch between four modes:
  • time mode when he is not diving,

  • free dive mode when he is diving without a tank,

  • air mode when he is diving with standard air,

  • nitrox when he is diving with different gas mixtures.

The dive planning and analysis functions of the Suunto D4 are really advantageous for divers. The "no-stop-time planner" allows the diver to plan a dive with no need for decompression stops. The diver will be able to switch on audible and visual alarms to be kept aware of the dive time and depth.

The watches are developed to provide the free dive data measurements, including depth sampled at three times per second, deepest dive of the day, longest dive of the day maximum depth, and surface time. When the dive mode is used, the watch will feature the current time and depth, maximum depth, dive time, decompression time, and temperature.

To keep the diver away from the risk of diving with a dead batter, the Suunto watches provide the battery power monitor and warning function.

With the Suunto D4, you can easily download data from the gadget watch to the Suunto Dive Manager PC desktop software with help of the data transfer function.

The Suunto D4 watches, developed as highly functional and user-friendly dive computers, are sure to become true bestsellers among divers. They look like common outdoors/fitness watches, and are suitable for daily wearing. The watches display all the information with remarkable clarity.

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