Sultana Scylla Watch - Elegant Beauty
The house of Sultana is delighted to decorate a lady’s wrist with a graceful watch, included into its new Scylla collection.

Proudly asserting its femininity, the company's latest brainchild delivers a classic style, which exudes a charm impossible to resist. The new Sultana watch is available in a stainless steel case. The public can also enjoy a rose-gold plated version. The body of the timepiece measures 32 or 38 mm in diameter.

The case is outlined by an extremely refined bezel, sprinkled with 45 dazzling diamonds. The real draw of the model is a cap stone winding crown, featured at 3 o’clock. The timekeeper is capable of withstanding water pressures down to 30 meters.
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Sultana Romantic Galatea Watch
The watch-making house Sultana is delighted to unveil its seductive novelty, bestowed with an evocative name - Galatea. Extremely graceful and trendy, the lady’s watch is inspired by an exciting love-story.

Galatea, a sea-nymph in Greek mythology, was in love with Acis, a young shepherd. The monstrous one-eyed Polyphemus was also in love with the goddess. Unable to control his jealousy, he killed Acis with a huge rock. The shepherd’s blood formed a small stream on the ground. Desperate, Galatea turned it into a stream of water and named it Acis.

Inside this romantic creation is a self-winding movement, which offers the functions of hours, minutes, seconds and date.
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Sultana Reveals Elegant Ariadne Watch
The watch company Sultana is delighted to present its novel product, encouraged by Ariadne, who is one of the brightest women in the Greek mythology. The daughter of King Minos of Crete, Ariadne assisted Theseus in his quest to slay the Minotaur, and then fled with him aboard his ship. However, when they landed on the island of Naxos, Theseus abandoned her as she was sleeping.

It was there when the wine-god Dionysus discovered her and made her his wife. To show his deepest love, he offered Ariadna a crown of stars, which turned into a celestial constellation afterwards. This is the story, which can be easily read off a soft-colored dial of this enchanting Sultana watch. read more

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