Steinway & Sons

Steinway and Sons Seconde Metronomique Watch - Unique Complication
Steinway & Sons has earned its fame by manufacturing high-end pianos. Two years ago, in its desire to conquer a timepiece market, the brand hired an industrial designer Fabrizio Cavalca. Inspired by the sensual curves of the musical instrument, the esteemed master developed new luxury watches.

Now, the company joins the stream of limited edition models by launching its Seconde Metronomique watch. As its name implies, the main asset of this remarkable novelty is a metronome second hand complication.

It should be noted, that for a long time the creation of a retrograde second hand that would beat at a frequency of 60 Hz was considered to be impossible. It was explained by the fact that the complication would consume too much power throwing the hand back and forth.
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