Top Ten Men's Watches as Unique St. Valentine Gifts for Him
The Seiko watch is characterized by a minimal design. The gray dial displays gold-tone stainless steel indexes and hands, a gold-tone stainless steel Roman numeral at the 12 o'clock, and a date calendar at 6 o'clock. read more

Top Ten Quartz Watches for Men
The dark blue dial of the Seiko watch features analog day/date display in English and Spanish. Its elegance is enhanced by silver-tone luminous hands and stick markers. read more

Top Ten Watches - Bestsellers of October
The Seiko Men's Watch is one of the most highly demanded watch models due to its simplicity and lack of extra details. The black dial of the watch is characterized by supreme readability. read more

Top Ten Bestseller Watches for Women
Seiko Watch for an Elegant Lady: Seiko Women's Watch SUJ712 is an attractive dress watch with feminine, sophisticated look. Created as a casually elegant accessory, the Seiko watch will add a nice touch to any ensemble. read more

Seiko Velatura Kinetic Direct Drive
Seiko self-powered Kinetic watches are really highly demanded these days. The timepieces from the range incorporate a mechanical winder for keeping energy in a battery driving a quartz movement. An offset weight rotates around an axle when the watch's wearer moves his arm. In case of automatic watches, these moves wind a main spring. As for the Seiko Kinetic technology, the arm's moves result in enough power for charging the battery.

In 2007, the Seiko Velatura watch collection was joined by marine-themed watches - a range of eleven models equipped with four different Kinetic quartz movements. Two of the movements are brand-new. The new yacht timer movements offer a one-of-a-kind countdown/stopwatch combination, a really useful feature for yacht racers.

The new watches have incorporated the innovative Seiko Kinetic Direct Drive technology that allows to hand-wind the watches for faster charging. When the watch's owner hand-winds the timepiece, the gauge 'revs' indicating how fast it is wound. When the winding is stopped, the needle moves to indicate how much energy has been accumulated.

The new Seiko Velatura watches feature diamond-shaped hands. Their dials are characterized by great readability. They are protected by sapphire crystals with anti-reflective coatings. The watches are available at the price ranging from 845 to 1,200 dollars.

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watches ...  read more

Easy Guide to Watch Movements
The first quartz wristwatch, named the Astron, was produced by Seiko in 1969. Quartz watches became serious rivals to their mechanical forerunners as they offered supreme accuracy and convenience - they saved their owners from the necessity to wind the watch. read more

Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk to Go Into Free Space
As Richard goes out into free space, he will be wearing a Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk.Seiko has taken on a challenging task to create a wristwatch that would provide reliable timekeeping and comfort of use not only during a space flight but also during a spacewalk. read more

New Seiko Additions to Premier Watch Family
This year, the Seiko highly-successful Premier watch collection has been joined by 18 new timepieces. Seiko has also created two new caliber movements.

The star of the Premier Collection 2009 is no doubt the Kinetic Direct Drive Moon Phase watch. The beautiful watch demonstrates the traditional moon phase indicator, along with the advanced Kinetic Direct Drive technology.

The new Seiko Chronograph Perpetual watch is one more fine addition to the collection. The timepiece offers an alarm chronograph and a perpetual calendar functions.

The Seiko Premier collection has also been enlarged with nice models for ladies.  read more

Seiko Presents New Ananta Watches
At Baselworld 2009, the Japanese watch brand Seiko introduced its remarkable Ananta collection, embracing luxury timekeepers equipped with Spring Drive and top-quality mechanical movements. This line has become extremely popular with watch enthusiasts and collectors as well as received a lot of media attention. In 2010, the company is proud to enrich the Ananta collection with three new models.

Katana is a sacred ancient art of sword-making in Japanese history. It is a labor-intensive ritualistic process, which requires flawless craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. Still manufactured today, Katana swords are distinguished by their artistry, parabolic curves, precision and sharpness. These features are successfully inherited by the impressive watches from the new Ananta collection.

Each new Seiko Ananta watch features a case, which strikes the eye with its extraordinary Katana curves. Its amazing mirror finish is attainable due to a three-stage ‘blade’ polishing process. read more

Seiko New E-Ink Watch - First Ever EPD Watch to Boast Active Matrix System
At Baselworld 2005, Seiko surprised the world of watchmaking, having presented its Electronic Ink watch, the first ever created. The timepiece boasted an absolutely innovative ultra-thin, high-contrast display. The display provided much better visibility from a much wider angle reaching almost 180 degrees. One more great advantage of the Electronic Ink watch was that it used a very low power level.

The Seiko E-Ink watch, also known as EPD (Electrophoretic Display) watch, was awarded a special prize at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve in 2006. Since the day of its introduction, the innovative Seiko technology has become highly appreciated by customers due to the ever-growing demand for ‘electronic’ books.

In 2010, Seiko is to introduce a new generation E-Ink watch, the zest of which is an active matrix display. The new display has maintained the outstanding legibility of the 2005 model, while providing much wider range of imagery and data. read more

New Seiko Velatura Watches for Best Racers
The Seiko Velatura collection, initially introduced in 2007, is destined at professional sailors who need a reliable timekeeping companion to withstand even the harshest conditions of racing in the open ocean. The collection offers a range of marine watches characterized by robust design and supreme functionality.

In 2009, the Velatura collection has been enlarged by five new models. The most exciting addition to the collection is the new Velatura Yachting Timer. The timepiece is even lighter, tougher and more durable than its predecessors.

The Seiko Velatura collection has also been joined by models for women. The timepieces are characterized by perfect functionality and unique design.

The Seiko Women’s Chronograph watch features an elegant stainless steel case. The timepiece is 100-meter water-resistant. read more

Grand Seiko Spring Drive Watch - 50th Anniversary of Eponymous Collection
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the acclaimed Grand Seiko line, Seiko has released an incredible limited series, which embraces six watches. Powered by self-winding, quartz and Spring Dive movements, the new models fully reflect the character of the Grand Seiko collection, revealed over the past half century.

One of the most impressive models, included into the company’s latest release, is the Grand Seiko Spring Drive watch, strictly limited to 30 pieces. This novelty has adopted a solid platinum case, which which measures 40.2 mm in diameter and is 12.8 mm thick.

The elegant architecture of the new Seiko watch incorporates a winding crown, located at 3 o’clock, as well as a raised sapphire crystal, coated with anti-glare treatment. The brand’s esteemed artisans have also equipped their brainchild with a transparent sapphire crystal case-back. The timekeeper is 100-meter water-resistant.
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Seiko Reveals Commemorative Limited Edition Spring Drive Spacewalk Watch
Seiko Reveals Commemorative Limited Edition Spring Drive Spacewalk Watch
Seiko is proud to be the producer of the first wristwatch ever created specifically to be used in outer space. Now, the brand is launching a commemorative edition of this outstanding timepiece. It will be distributed via selected retail outlets of the brand across the world.

The Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk watch was initially unveiled at Baselworld 2008. In October 2008, the private space traveler Richard Garriott used the Seiko watch in outer space on his mission to the International Space Station (ISS). Seiko created the wristwatch specifically for Mr. Garriott’s space flight. The watch was developed to boast the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, pressures and radiation implied by an Extra-vehicular Activity (EVA), or spacewalk.

It is remarkable that the Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk watch proved to be a reliable timekeeping instrument throughout the space-traveler’s flight in space that lasted 12 days. read more

Seiko Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Quartz Astron Watch
The watchmaking house Seiko celebrates the 40th anniversary of its Quartz Astron watch, which was destined to become the first quartz timepiece in the world. Starting with December 2009, the brand has planned to conduct a range of special events, dedicated to this special occasion.

The brand has already held a remarkable exhibition of 40 novel designs that took place in Tokyo, in the upscale district of Omotesando from December 1st through December 6th. It presented the showpieces encouraged by the Quartz Astron watch. This milestone will be followed by the launch of innovative quartz timepieces to take place at Baselworld 2010. The watches in question are distinguished by the impeccable functionality and sophisticated design.

The story began in 1959 with a “Project 59A”, which was carried out within Research & Development laboratory, located in Suwa Seikosha, one of the Seiko Group’s watch companies. read more

Premier Kinetic Rose Gold Chronograph from Seiko
The well-known watch manufacturer Seiko has recently launched its novel luxury dress timepiece, the Premier Kinetic Chronograph. The steel case, measuring 42 mm in diameter, demonstrates its shiny rose gold PVD-treated surface.

The model case houses a dial, which reveals steel Roman numerals. The counters, hands and indices are all accented with subtle touches of rose gold. The dial is protected by a sapphire crystal.

This Premier Kinetic Chronograph watch is animated by 7L22 Kinetic Chronograph calibre movement, which possesses 1/5th-second timing capabilities. Executed entirely by the Seiko brand, the movement incorporates a rotor, generating a kinetic power, which is delivered afterwards to a quartz crystal oscillator. Distinguished by its quartz precision and cost, this special construction requires no battery to function.

An instant flyback mechanism enables the wearer to record the total elapsed time up to 12 hours.

The Seiko Premier Kinetic Chronograph watch boasts 100-meter water-resistance.

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Baselworld 2008 - Impressive Innovations and New Products
A noteworthy innovation from Seiko is the Spring Drive Space Walk watch created specially for the first private space walk to be performed by Richard Garriott, a famous video game designer and adventurer. The space mission is set for October 2008. read more

Seiko Presents Sportura Kinetic Direct Drive Watch
The famous Japanese watchmaker Seiko has recently enriched its Sportura collection with a new breathtaking timepiece. For the first time, the line has welcomed a model powered by the Kinetic Direct Drive movement.

The Seiko Kinetic technology has gathered a universal acclaim as a perfect platform for sports watches, where unfailing reliability is a must.

Thanks to its anti-glare sapphire crystal and jet black dial completed with high-contrast hands, the new Seiko watch is particularly easy to read. The Kinetic technology, housed in the novel watch, has been rewarded by the “Blue Angel” distinction. read more

Seiko Launches its Ananta Mechanical GMT Chronograph
Seiko Ananta is a unique line of luxury watches equipped with Spring Drive and top-quality mechanical movements.

The novel Ananta GMT Chronograph is equipped with Caliber 8R28 with a column wheel, as well as a vertical clutch to ensure a matchless exactitude of timekeeping.

The balance wheel beats at the rate of 28,800 vibrations per hour. The model in question boasts a lengthy three-day power reserve. The latter is indicated in the katana-blade shaped counter at 7 and 8 o’clock position.

The Ananta GMT Chronograph features the case made of stainless steel or stainless steel with a hard black treatment. This timekeeping companion provides 100-meter water-resistance. The movement, an exclusive Seiko creation, is visible through the case-back.

The Seiko watch comes with a black crocodile strap, fitted with a folding clasp. Three round counters show the chronograph seconds, minutes and hours. The second time zone is indicated by the red arrow.

Interested in Seiko watches? Look through a wide range of the brand's models:

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Seiko Delivers Ananta Automatic Chronograph Diver's Watch and the Sportura Alarm Chronograph
At Baselworld 2011, the house of Seiko proudly unveiled its new Ananta Automatic Chronograph Diver’s Watch and Sportura Alarm Chronograph.

The brand’s 130th Anniversary Commemorative Edition, the new Seiko Ananta Automatic Chronograph Diver’s watch employs a 44 mm case. It is rendered in stainless steel with black and rose-tone gold hard coating. The front side of the model is covered by a sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating. The water-resistance of the case is assured down to 200 meters.

The new Seiko watch comes equipped with a black function-packed dial. It indicates central hours, minutes and seconds. Additionally, the display offers a 60-second, 12-hour and 30-minute chronograph counters, located at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock respectively. The date is shown in the aperture between 4 and 5 o’clock.
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Seiko Creates Prospex Marine Master White Dolphin Diver's Watch
In 1965, the history of Seiko Watches was highlighted by the introduction of the first diver’s timepiece that offered 150-meter water-resistance. This year, Seiko pays tribute to the model, having created a new diver’s watch - the Prospex Marine Master SBBN19 watch. The timepiece is nicknamed the “White Dolphin”.

As every Seiko diver’s watch, the latest one corresponds to the strict standards, with JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization) on the list.

The Seiko White Dolphin watch demonstrates a ceramic-coated titanium case that boasts remarkable water-resistance - down to 1,000 meters. The case measures 49,3 mm in diameter and is 15,3 mm thick. It is coupled with a rubber strap. The dial is shielded by a sapphire crystal provided with inner anti-reflective coating.
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