Sector Centurion Wind Rose Chronograph Watch - Created for Strong and Decisive Men
The Italian timepiece maker Sector unveils its new Centurion Wind Rose Chronograph watch, created for strong and decisive men.

Visually imposing, the new Sector watch is set in a 48mm round-shaped case. It is rendered in black PVD-coated stainless steel. On the left side the case features an imposing screw down crown and two push buttons. Its front side is protected by a mineral crystal.

The model is outlined by a stationary bezel with a compass scale. Its back part is screwed down. The water-resistance of the case is assured down to 100 meters.

The new Sector Centurion Wind Rose Chronograph watch relies on an accurate Miyota OS 20 quartz movement.
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Sector Marine Shark Master 1000m Watch - Marvel of Reliability
Sector is delighted to offer its new Marine Shark Master 1000m diving watch. Impressive both technically and visually, it is devoted to Patrick Musimu, the most successful free diver.

Three years ago the sportsman established the world record by diving to 209 meters without using any breathing equipment. Moreover, he is capable of holding his breath for more than 8 minutes and 33 seconds.

The new Sector watch is available in a 46mm round-shaped case. It is rendered in top-grade stainless steel, inlaid with black PVD treatment. The case is outlined by a black PVD-treated bezel. It is equipped with a unidirectional rotating tachymeter scale, which is meant for dive time indication.
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Sector Blackeagle Chronograph 46mm Watch - Conceived for Hectic Life of Modern Men
Sector has proudly issued its new Blackeagle Chronograph 46mm watch. It successfully blends functional layout with contrasting colors in order to produce a bold statement.

Conceived for hectic life of modern men, the new Sector watch is set in a round-shaped high-grade stainless steel case. It measures 46mm in diameter and is 11mm thick. The model features a screw-down case-back. It also incorporates a winding crown with a side protection as well as two push-buttons. The water-resistance of the case is assured down to 50 meters.

The timepiece body is topped with a brushed and polished bezel. It holds a hardened mineral crystal. Beneath this glass there is a black liquid dial.
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