Rudis Sylva

Rudis Sylva Offers Incredible Harmonious Oscillator Watch
A horological company with rich history, whose seeds were sown in 1384, Rudis Sylva is pleased to unveil its fascinating Harmonious Oscillator watch. The model incorporates an extraordinary mechanism, which ensures greater accuracy than even the gravity-defying tourbillion complication. Currently, the latest watch, fitted with the incredible Harmonious Oscillator, can be enjoyed at the Elegant Watch & Jewellery Company Central Boutique in Hong Kong.

The unique movement, ticking inside the Rudis Sylva new watch, is based on the caliber, developed by Romain Gillet. Its hallmark feature is represented by mechanically interlinked double balances driven by a single escapement. The Harmonious Oscillator is mounted on a rotating cage and completes a full revolution in 60 seconds.

Neither a tourbillon nor a carrousel, this mechanism, however, assures instantaneous time correction in the vertical position, thus eliminating the effects of gravity. It becomes possible due to interconnection of the balances and asymmetric deployment of the mainsprings. read more

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