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Titanic-DNA rusted steel T-oxy III Chronograph from Romain Jerome
Titanic-DNA rusted steel T-oxy III Chronograph is created by Romain Jerome in tribute to the Giant of the Seas, as an ultra-virile interpretation of the traditional chronograph. The bezel is crafted in rusted steel from the wreck found 3840 meters under the sea and steel from the Irish shipyards where Titanic was built.

The dial reveals the multi-level architecture. It acquired matt velvet finish for the back, a satin finish for the renowned transverse cross and the Roman numeral XII, snailed counters, and many variations of black, with texture and hues got through vaporizing charcoal dust from the legendary wreck itself. The small chronograph counters are designed to remind steam engines read more

Romain Jerome Moon Dust-DNA - Real Moon Dust on Your Wrist
The second Romain Jerome exclusive watch collection - the Moon Dust-DNA - follows the success of the Titanic-DNA collection, paying tribute to the greatest maritime legend ever, comprising watches produced from steel and coal taken from the famous ocean liner. Now, the Moon Dust-DNA collection celebrates the most exciting adventure of the humankind - the conquest of space, having been inspired by the brightest figures in the conquest of space. read more

Romain Jerome Unveils Cabestan Titanic DNA Tourbillon Watch
The Romain Jerome Cabestan Titanic DNA Tourbillon is created in an extremely limited series of 6 pieces. It is a true wonder of innovative watchmaking and artistic design.

The unique timepiece incorporates a manually-wound CL001.1RJ caliber. The conception of the mechanism belongs to watchmaker Vianney Halter and Jean-Francois Ruchonnet of the DMC Group, a specialist engineering firm.

The caliber includes many unique features: transverse mechanical arrangements, cylindrical time and power reserve displays, a chain and fusee system managed by a removable winding winch, and a vertical one-minute tourbillon. The caliber provides 72-hour power reserve.

The shape of the one-of-kind 46mmx36mmx15mm Cabestan case displays with remarkable clarity the unusual transverse arrangement of the mechanisms. The case of the Romain Jerome Cabestan Titanic DNA Tourbillon is made from actual oxidized material taken from the Titanic shipwreck, fused to steel obtained from the Harland and Wolff shipyards, where the legendary vessel was built in the beginning of the 20th century. read more

Romain Jerome Creates Titanic-DNA Tourbillon Steampunk A la Grande
Romain Jerome has created another Haute Horlogerie timekeeping creation - the Titanic-DNA Tourbillon Steampunk A la Grande watch. The zest of the watch is an exclusive self-winding RJ2 tourbillon caliber. The remarkable movement was developed by Concepto.

The new Romain Jerome watch features an impressively-designed case, measuring 50mm in diameter. The case is crafted in titanium or stainless steel. It demonstrates four claws crafted in steel, ceramic or pink gold that make the case 3 mm longer in diameter.

The one-of-a-kind Titanic DNA bezel has 80 hand-applied rivets. The bezel is created from a mixture of authentic material taken from the RMS Titanic shipwreck, lying 3840 meters under the sea, and steel got from Harland & Wolff, the very Belfast shipyard where the Titanic was constructed.
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Romain Jerome Unveils Titanic-DNA A la Grande Watch
Romain Jerome Titanic-DNA collection has been joined by a new automatic timepiece - A la Grande, a fresh interpretation of the collection’s iconic watch. The new timepiece has been presented at Baselworld 2009.

A la Grande case has become 4 mm bigger than the one of the previously introduced timepieces. Now it measures 50 mm in diameter. Depending on the model, the four eye-catching clasps, featured on a fully riveted oxidized steel bezel, are produced from steel, ceramic or 5N pink gold.

The transverse cross is one more distinctive detail of the Titanic-DNA collection. It integrates the dial of A la Grande watch and features the noble oxidation process. The traverse cross has 116 rivets manually applied by the brand’s craftsmen.
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Romain Jerome Unique Moon Rider Watch
The famous watchmaker Romain Jerome is proud to present its remarkable Moon Dust-DNA Collection, dedicated to the conquest of space. It is an intriguing successor of the acclaimed Titanic-DNA Collection, which was created in tribute of the world’s greatest maritime legend.

Issued as a limited series of 1969 items, every watch from the novel line, reveals original components from the aerospace universe such as moon dust, as well as fragments of the Apollo XI and Soyuz space shuttles, along with the International Space Station ISS.

The Moon rider watch offers the functions of hours, minutes and seconds. Animating them is a mechanical automatic movement - C22RJ51 Concepto calibre, executed entirely by Jacquet. Studded with 23 jewels, this movement features a balance wheel, moving back and forth at 28,800 vibrations per hour. It boasts a 42-hour power reserve. read more

Raw Power of Romain Jerome Eyjafjallajokull-DNA Watch
Romain Jerome has more than once amazed the world of watchmaking by its unique wristwatches paying tribute to some of the most memorable and dramatic events in our history, including the sinking of the Titanic - the Titanic-DNA or the first Man on the Moon - the Moondust-DNA.

The new creation of the brand has been inspired by the chaos and disruption caused by Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano. The watch is meant to capture the raw power and emotion the erupting volcano makes everyone feel.

Following the steps of its predecessors from the iconic DNA collection, the new Romain Jerome Eyjafjallajokull-DNA watch has been created with an element of the event it commemorates with its design. The timepiece boasts actual ash and rock taken from the volcano. The true nature of the materials used is confirmed by the certificate of authenticity the watch is provided with. read more

Meet Romain Jerome Selfridges DNA Watch
Romain Jerome is delighted to present its new Selfridges DNA watch - a respectful nod to the brand’s new retail partner Selfridges & Co. in London. The model is offered in a limited series of just 9 pieces.

The new Romain Jerome watch is set in a 46mm case. Its sides are made of black satin-finished PVD-coated steel. The case boasts black ceramic paws with titanium screws. The matt black ceramic is also employed in the manufacturing of the bezel. At 3 o’clock the model features a black PVD-coated steel winding crown with black rubber.

The new Romain Jerome Selfridges DNA watch reveals a black dial with two intersecting yellow lines. It is completed with central skeletonized hands, pointing to hours and minutes. The small seconds tick away in a counter at 9 o’clock.
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Powerful Romain Jerome Steampunk Watch
Romain Jerome pleases its fans with its new originally-designed Steampunk watch. The timepiece will be available in a limited number of 2,012 pieces.

The steel case of the Steampunk watch measures 50mm in diameter. The oxidized metal bezel secured by big claws contrasts nicely with the polished case and claws. The timepiece is 30-meter water-resistant.

The "X" motif of the claws is echoed by screws on the dial. The screws are actually meant to make one think of steam engine pistons. The oversized Roman numerals at 12 and 6 o’clock demonstrate a scratched-up texture. The skeleton hour and minute hands have been inspired by the Titanic's anchor.
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Romain Jerome Joins Efforts with John M Armleder
As a sign of appreciation of the contemporary art, Romain Jerome has cooperated with an internationally famous Swiss artist, John M Armleder. Together, they have created ten unique timepieces. Every watch in the collection catches the glance by the skull that has recently been in the center of attention in the artist’s work.

The new Romain Jerome watches, veritable works of art, are destined at both art and watch collectors. Manuel Emch, CEO of RJ-Romain Jerome, highly appreciates contemporary art and has always admired John M Armleder’s work. The artist doesn’t provide any classification of his work, having opted for a principle of constant ″questioning″ that gives birth to hybrid interpretations of different genres.

According to the artist, the skull recalls a memento mori and reminds of the passing of time.
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Welcome Romain Jerome DeLorean-DNA Watch
Having cooperated with the DeLorean Motor Company, Romain Jerome has created a unique timepiece devoted to a legendary automobile born in 1981– the DeLorean. Having starred in famous movies, video games, and TV shows, the DeLorean is immediately recognizable due to its amazing avant-garde design with gull-wing doors, brushed stainless steel body, and rear mounted engine. There are only 6,500 DeLoreans left in the world.

The Romain Jerome DeLorean-DNA watch demonstrates details inspired by the signature aesthetic of the iconic sports car.

The 46mm case of the new Romain Jerome chronograph watch is sculptured in brushed stainless steel. The bezel contains elements from the original bodywork of a DeLorean automobile.
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Romain Jerome Liberty DNA Watch - Liberty to Enlighten Future Generations
To mark the 125th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty, Romain Jerome brings into the World of Watchmaking its new Liberty DNA Watch. The timepiece has been created in collaboration with The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation and Gold Leaf Corporation.

Inspired by the aesthetic codes of Miss Liberty, the bronze bezel of the new Romain Jerome watch demonstrates 12 spikes that will make you think of the statue’s crown. As time passes by, the bezel will acquire a nice patina, this way adopting the shade of the original.

The verdigris dial has been suggested by the color of oxidized copper. It incorporates true particles of Miss Liberty. The time is indicated by facetted bronze-colored hands.
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Meet Romain Jerome Space Invaders Watches
By agreement with TAITO Corporation, Romain Jerome has released its new Space Invaders watches, issued in a double limited edition of 78 pieces.

The new Romain Jerome watches pay tribute to the eponymous game, a true legend of the 80s. At that time the Space Invaders was a crazy theme of numerous TV programs and hundreds of cultural exhibitions. The popularity of the game even caused a lack of 100-yen coins when it appeared for the first time in Japan.

Each of the models is available in a highly distinctive case. It features a round shape within a cambered 46mm square with a back being almost rectangular. The case is rendered in black PVD-coated steel.

The functions are driven by a self-winding calibre RJ001-A movement. Set with 23 jewels, it operates at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour and offers a 42-hour power reserve.
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