Roland Iten

Roland Iten and Bugatti Present Unique Mechanical Buckle
Roland Iten and Bugatti Automobiles have cooperated on the creation of a one-of-a-kind mechanical belt buckle, a true masterpiece of fine-tuning.
Roland Iten is famous in the horological world as the creator watch buckles for Francois-Paul Journe, Greubel Forsey and Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Having joined efforts with the legendary Bugatti automotive company, the brand now reveals a unique mechanical belt mechanism - the Roland Iten R22 Mk.I-22mm “Bugatti edition” - inspired by fine watch movements and providing an absolutely precise fit. The belt has been created with the highest precision mechanics and using the best materials.

While common belts are available in lengths of 90, 100, 110 or 120 cm, the Roland Iten buckle is micro-customizable to any size you need, for example 87.29, 99.45 or 108.98 cm. One more remarkable advantage of the buckle is an expansion range of 22mm due to a unique reverse engineered “engrenage” invention hidden under its “hood”.
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