Instinct 5456 Big Tourbillon from Rodolphe
The horological company Rodolphe has introduced its progressive concept watch, which represents a union of the best traditions of luxury watch-making and innovative design. Entitled the Instinct 5456 Big Tourbillon, this model demonstrates daring design, typical for the brand.

Inspired by the greatest complications, this novelty has recently enriched the Instinct collection. It happens to be a clever blend of sophisticated technology and ultimate elegance of design.

The watch company Rodolphe has chosen to house the tourbillon in the well-known case of the Instinct collection. A true surprise for the watch lovers has become, however, its impressive dimensions.

The watch face exposes rollers, which serve to indicate hours, minutes and power reserve. The perfectly balanced dial, which demonstrates a contrasting design, opens the view to the movement. Beating to the rhythm of the second, the tourbillon accomplishes one rotation per minute.

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