Robert & Fils 1630

Robert and Fils 1630 The Brigand's Rest Watch - Inspired by Famous Painting
Robert & Fils 1630 has proudly presented a new unique watch, named The Brigand’s Rest. The inspiration behind the novelty is a painting by Leopold Robert, Rome, 1827 - “Brigand’s wife watching over the rest of her husband”.

A true piece of art, the golden dial of the new Robert & Fils 1630 watch is created by means of grand feu enamelling. Extremely complex, this kind of enamelling is carried out with help of a very fine brush. The artist dips it in colored enamel paste, applying it afterwards point by point onto a support.

The most difficult stage in this procedure is firing of the enamel. The dials are baked in 800-degrees Celsius kiln after each stage. Sometimes, the process includes more than 30 firing cycles. Not every dial survives the heat of the kiln, but those that do boast impeccable images.
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