Real Time Concept - Spectator Becomes Active Player

Sep 29, 2009
Real Time is an interactive experience meant to make the Spectator an Active Player. It gives the user a chance to modify an object in his personal way by changing the physical properties of a real object.

In 2008, Nicholas Ruchonnetand Xavier Biemont, Real Time Concept associates, joined their efforts to found an absolutely new company with an ambitious goal to bring 3D graphics to a higher level. They wanted to allow the user pilot and manipulate virtual images, yet maintaining visual and physical realism.

Real Time Concept has concentrated its attention on the fields of computer graphics and watchmaking, being expertized in technical watch-making terminology, materials and detail production, and the kinematics of complicated mechanics.

Basing on original fusion of know-how, the Real Time Concept team is proud to unveil a unique tool to allow the user present and manipulate the most sophisticated watchmaking products in real-time.

The Real Time Concept team has also adapted a stereoscopic system. Wearing cordless 3D glasses, spectator-players manipulate objects, visualizing them in relief texture.

The team has also developed a powerful sales aid tool, an interactive platform that provides a range of advantages at minimal cost.

Real Time Concept is so far the only company offering this technology and its utilization in the field of watchmaking. The company has already developed interactive selling aid tools and training tools for a number of the most famous watchmaking brands.

As found out, Real Time Concept headquarters is based in Geneva. All the companys activity is based on a powerful 3D motor. Boasting rendering capacity in real time 3D and photo-realism in particular, it is rightfully considered to be unequalled. Adapted and optimized by the company, it provides a wide range of solutions for real time 3D watch projects.

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