New Perrelet Turbine Collection
It is the exciting world of aviation that has inspired Perrelet for the creation of its new Turbine watch collection. The timepieces from the collection are based on the collaboration between the fields of watchmaking and aeronautics in the development of precise measuring instruments.

Perrelet was deeply impressed by the power of the propulsion of aeroplanes, produced by the gas turbine that represents a rotating mechanism that exploits the force of the air. The ingenious device has given Perrelet an idea to develop a double rotor, the key element of the new collection.

The new Perrelet Turbine watches are equipped with the Perrelet P-181 automatic Double Rotor movement. The movement, beating at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour, provides a 42-hour power reserve.
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Perrelet Big Central Moonphase - Admire Moon Trajectory on Your Wrist
Perrelet is pleased to bring back its exclusive timepiece - the Big Central Moonphase watch. The timepiece gives its owner an exclusive chance to admire the trajectory of the Moon and follow its evolution right on one’s wrist.

The brand’s signature case accommodates the P-211 calibre, elaborated and manufactured by the Group affiliate MHVJ (Manufacture horlogere de la Vallee de Joux). The movement makes the watch demonstrate, with great legibility, the path of the Moon against the background of stars.

The remarkable precision of the mechanism is provided by the large central disc linked not simply to one element as in case of other timepieces, but to three elements – the carrier, star-wheel, and pinion. read more

Perrelet Regulator Retrograde Watch - Intriguing and Exceptional
Perrelet has created the Regulator Retrograde watch inspired by reference clocks of the old days that were used by observatories, stations and watch workshops in particular. Called "regulators", the clocks showed hours and minutes with help of distinct dial segments. This dial structure was meant to regulate and control the advancing progress of the timepieces, facilitated time reading and provided the measurement of time with utmost precision.

The Perrelet Regulator Retrograde watch represents the brand’s avant-garde speciality, developed and produced by MHVJ (standing for Manufacture horlogere de la Vallee de Joux), a sister company. The timepiece is animated by an automatic movement - the P-221 calibre. You can drop a glance at the movement’s Perrelet finishes through the sapphire crystal case back. Beating at 28,800 vibrations per hour, the 35-ruby movement gives an advantage of a 40-hour power reserve.

The face of the watch offers the top level of legibility, inherent to all Perrelet watches, along with a highly appealing nonconformist display. The dial is divided into segments. Your glance will be caught by a window at 12 o’clock – it features the retrograde hours for a half-day (implying 12 one-hour zones). As for the minutes, they are shown on a 6 o’clock disc. The blued steel seconds hand in the center sweeps around the dial. The date hand is also found in the center.
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Meet New Members of Perrelet Titanium Collection
In 2007, the illustrious watchmaker Perrelet introduced its innovative Titanium collection, which included five different complications. The collection became hugely popular with high-tech audience in search for different materials. Now, the brand is extremely pleased to enrich its Titanium line with the 3 Hands-date watch destined to follow the path of success blazed by the earlier models.

Similar to its predecessors, the 3 Hands-date watch demonstrates its resolutely modern and profoundly masculine character. It is a bit softened by an elegant finish.

Every watch from the collection is animated by a reliable basic caliber equipped with the company’s signature complications, such as Double Rotor, Moon Phase and Retrograde Regulator. read more

Perrelet Creates Semi-Skeletonised Split-Seconds Chronograph
The Perrelet limited edition Split-Second Chronograph was created in tribute of the brand’s founder Louis-Frederic Perrelet. The timepiece enjoyed tremendous success. In 2009, Perrelet is proud to reveal its successors - three novel interpretations of the sophisticated watch.

The newcomers, with their unique layout of the sub-dials on glass discs, are sure to fascinate those watch lovers, who prefer up-to-date, intriguing and exquisite timepieces.

One of the variations of the Perrelet Semi-Skeletonised Split-Seconds Chronograph is available in stainless steel and black ceramic. This remarkable union of deep black ceramic and glacial surface of the polished and satin-finished steel strengthens the powerful visual appeal of the Rerrelet watch. read more

Meet Perrelet First Class Watches
At Baselworld 2010, Perrelet unveiled its new First Class collection of automatic timepieces aimed at connoisseurs of fine watchmaking and those who are just beginners in this fascinating world. The new Perrelet watches are animated by the classic 3-hands-date movement.

The First Class watches demonstrate a new refined case measuring 42.5 mm in diameter. The case, sculptured in stainless steel, stands out due to the fluting on its sides, the signature feature of Perrelet watches. The case construction is 50-meter water-resistant.

While the older timepieces of the brand were equipped with a crystal case-back, the latest creations have become the first to have a steel back stamped with Perrelet rotor. read more

Perrelet Turbine XS Watch - Dazzling Chic
Perrelet is glad to introduce its new Turbine XS watch, which is aimed at up-to-date women with a preference for mechanical models.

The new Perrelet watch is available in a 41mm case. It is crafted from stainless steel or DLC-treated stainless steel. The case features a bezel and horns, illuminated by the play of 128 diamonds, totaling to 1.42 carats.

The new Perrelet Turbine XS watch accommodates a manufactory-made automatic P-181 double rotor movement. Adorned with 21 rubies, it runs at the rate of 28,800 vibrations per hour and supplies a 40-hour power reserve.

The new Perrelet lady’s watch is teamed with a white or black satin strap. It joins to a stainless steel or DLC-treated stainless steel folding clasp.
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Perrelet Introduces Seacraft Collection for Divers
Perrelet unveils its new watch collection for those fascinated by the ocean depths – the Perrelet Seacraft.

The new Perrelet collection comprises three models - the three hands-date, the GMT and the Chronograph.

Every timepiece demonstrates a robust stainless steel case with contrasting polished and brushed surfaces. The case of the three hands-date and the GMT watches measures 42mm in diameter, while the case of the chronograph watch measures 45mm in diameter.

The face of the watches is shielded by a 4mm-thick sapphire crystal provided with anti-glare treatment on both sides. The case construction also incorporates a stamped, screw-down case back. It is 777-meter water-resistant.
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Perrelet Automatic Flying Tourbillon Watch - Avant-Garde and Traditional
Perrelet presents its new sophisticated timepiece equipped with the Tourbillon complication – the Automatic Flying Tourbillon watch. You will be able to see the timepiece at Baselworld 2011.

The new Perrelet watch boasts a generously-sized case - 50mm in diameter. The middle part of the case is crafted from 18K rose gold, while the bezel and case-back are crafted from DLC-treated stainless steel. The case is gripped by the extensions of the claws that enhance the powerful appeal of the overall design.

The face of the watch catches the glance by its off-centered hour and minute display, with the tips of the hour and minute hands coated with a luminescent material.
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Perrelet Eve Watches - Epitome of Feminine Grace
Perrelet is understandably proud to unveil its latest Eve collection. An epitome of feminine grace and sensuality, every Eve watch features breathtaking aesthetics, very close to the enchanting Diamond Flower.

Created in harmony with the brand’s signature codes, the line includes two remarkable timepieces. The first model is dressed in black ceramic. The second one, meanwhile, is clothed in white ceramic.

The case of each Perrelet watch measures 40 mm in diameter and is water-resistant down to 5 ATM. The black interpretation is framed by an imposing bezel, engraved with the initial P. read more

New Chronograph Watches from Perrelet
The prestigious watch brand Perrelet is pleased to unveil its new watches – Classical Chronograph and Titanium Chronograph. Distinguished by matchless exactitude, these unrivalled instruments can be successfully used for measuring sporting events.

The novelties from Perrelet will surely appeal to fans of classical models or experts in sports watches. These models reflect the passion of watchmakers wishing to bring an asserted modernity to their secular art.

The Perrelet Classical Chronograph watch, A1008/8, employs a 42 mm case sculptured in stainless steel. Both front and back sides of the watch are shielded by anti-reflective sapphire crystals. The chronograph is adorned with a silver-white dial.
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Perrelet Tourbillon Volant Watch - Functional and Appealing
The creative minds at the Perrelet Manufacture gave birth to the functional and appealing Tourbillon Volant watch.

The model is available with a 50 mm case, round in shape. It is crafted from DLC-treated stainless steel and rose gold. The elegant bezel of the new Perrelet watch is produced from DLC-treated stainless steel. The water-resistance of the case is assured down to 50 meters.

The timepiece comes equipped with a carbon fiber face. The dial, located in its upper part, displays hour and minutes, indicated by skeletonized hands. The display is visually balanced by a tourbillon cage, presented at 6 o’clock. Protecting the dial is a glare-proofed sapphire crystal.
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Perrelet Turbine XL Watch - High-Tech Innovation and Brilliant Design
Passion and hard work lie behind every Perrelet creation. In its constant pursuit of originality and excellence, the brand never ceases to explore new horizons.

The story began in 1777, when Abraham-Louis Perrelet signaled a revolution by completing his invention of the automatic movement. In 1995, the brand patented its exclusive module, the Double Rotor. Incorporated in the manufactory-made self-winding caliber P-181, two rotors can be admired on the dial and on the movement sides. This very mechanism served as a basis for the Turbine - the Perrelet iconic model.

Now, the brand is proud to introduce its novel Turbine XL watch. To please all tastes, the model is featured in three different versions. The eye-catcher of all executions is a long centralized seconds hand, dressed in red, orange or green.
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Perrelet Diamond Flower Prestige Edition - Express Your Femininity
Eye-catching timepieces from the Perrelet Diamond Flower collection never cease to exert an irresistible attraction on watch enthusiasts. The winner of several honorable prizes and the Watch of the Year 2008, this assemblage was born as a result of a perfect union between conventional high-end jewelry and candid interpretation of feminine fantasy.

The brand’s specialists took up the challenge of designing a series of spectacular watches, distinguished by their bold setting, which uses the Double Rotor as its base. Generously paved with diamonds, rubies, sapphires or emeralds, every version from the line outgrows its traditional role of just a timepiece, embellished with jewels.

Viewable on the dial in its full glory, the rotor is represented by a finely sculpted lotus flower. Linked and perfectly synchronized with the oscillating weight, the rotor serves to deliver additional energy to the winding mechanism.  read more

Perrelet Turbine Diver Watch to Explore Sea Depths
Perrelet is pleased to introduce its new Turbine Diver watch created for those eager to explore alluring sea depths.

The original yet functional design of the new Perrelet watch catches the glance by the signature 11-blade upper rotor evoking a submarine propeller. The rotor is spinning freely above the SuperLuminova-coated dial, the luminosity of which becomes greatly intense at night and in the darkness prevailing at great sea depths.

The rotating inner bezel ring is used for measuring dive times. The bezel ring accentuates the average 20-minute duration by bright yellow. The bezel is to be controlled by the 10 o’clock crown that is fitted with a locking system.
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Meet New Perrelet Turbine Toxic Special Edition Watches
If you love the presently trendy skull symbol, drop a look at the new Perrelet Turbine Toxic Special Edition watches.

What does the skull symbol actually symbolize?

In classical art the skull was perceived as a symbol of the past. In the 18th century, it was associated with piracy. In the 1950s, it symbolized certain well-known motorbike fans. Nowadays, many of us perceive the skull as the symbol of danger, and the presence of toxic substances in particular. But it has a whole other meaning in the fashion world - it is adopted as a symbol of freedom.
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Perrelet Turbine Dragon Limited Edition Watch - Happiness and Harmony
Perrelet presents its new Turbine Dragon Limited Edition watch devoted to the year of the dragon.

The new Perrelet watch reveals an amazing depiction of the dragon that symbolizes the Chinese emperors. The Chinise culture says that the sacred creature attracts happiness and harmony.

With the turbine set into action, you can admire the animal presented according to the traditional rules - it looks upward, its body is covered with scales and ends in a fish tail, it has five-clawed paws.
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Meet Perrelet Turbine Hentai Erotic Limited Edition Watch
The horological company Perrelet offers its new Turbine Hentai Erotic Limited Edition watch. The originality of the novelty lies in erotic images, presented on its dial.

Designed in the Japanese anime style, known as “hentai”, these cartoon erotic images are very popular and their history can be traced all the way back to the 19th century.

The erotic scene is not completely visible on the face of the new Perrelet watch. It can be seen when a 12-blade turbine starts spinning quickly, activated by wrist movements. The display ensures central hours, minutes and seconds. The hands are powered by an automatic P-181 movement, incorporating a double rotor.
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Perrelet Turbine Watches - Possibilities Afforded by Famous Double Rotor Mechanism
The house of Perrelet has launched three new Turbine watches, designed around the possibilities, offered by the brand’s famous double rotor mechanism.

The first in the range is the new Perrelet Turbine 007 License to Play watch, reserved for contemporary spies. It strikes the eye with its appealing dial, composed of black and gold lines behind the black Turbine.

The center of the Turbine is done in rose gold 4N. The contrasting hour-markers, Arabic numerals and hands are performed in tune with gold lines and central ring. The display of the new Perrelet watch indicates central, hours, minutes and seconds.
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Perrelet Presents Skeleton Chronograph Watch
Perrelet unveils its new Skeleton Chronograph watch that immediately gives a sense of both openness and pace. The timepiece demonstrates creative boldness, while maintaining the fundamental values of the brand.

The face of the new Perrelet watch allows one to admire the intricate nature of its mechanical automatic skeletonized movement - Calibre P-291. It is shielded by an anti-glare sapphire crystal.

The black or silver-toned dial is completed with black or white, blue or orange luminescent numerals. The original dial composition reveals four transferred mineral discs for the chronograph minutes at 12 o’clock, the chronograph hours at 6 o’clock, the date at 3 o’clock, and the seconds at 9 o’clock.
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