Parmigiani Bugatti Tourbillon Concept Four Original Transformations

Sep 30, 2009
The Bugatti Type 370 Collection, introduced by Parmigiani in 2004, highlighted the horology world by its unique approach to timekeeping and groundbreaking watchmaking vision.

Now, Parmigiani is proud to present its Bugatti Tourbillon Concept - one timekeeper comes through four remarkable transformations as circumstances require. The Bugatti Tourbillon watch can be used either on the instrument panel of the new Bugatti car, as a comfortable wristwatch, an elegant pocket watch, or a table clock when its owner finds himself at home.

Each Bugatti Tourbillon transformation represents a true technical challenge based on high expertise of the Parmigiani manufacture.

The Bugatti mechanical watch becomes an important control instrument of the Bugatti car. Just with a single action, the removable case middle of the timepiece can be positioned or removed. The Bugatti engineers custom-designed a support that is integrated into the instrument panel.

The support incorporates a retractable system that allows it to be pivoted over 180 as soon as the driver starts the engine. This allows access to the pocket into which the case middle must be fitted. If he wishes, the driver can also hide the Parmigiani watch underneath the instrument panel.

The Bugatti wristwatch is completely sheathed in barenia calfskin and nicely matches the interior of the Bugatti car. It applies the system inspired by a bonnet that opens to demonstrate its mechanical marvels. The watch owner presses the two push-pieces found on the lower lug. The bezel lifts, thus letting the watch middle sit on the case back. As soon as the bezel is folded down, the Parmigiani Bugatti tourbillon wristwatch is complete.

The Bugatti watch, reviewed by, can also be easily transformed into a classic pocket watch. The solid 18K gold pocket with a chain accommodates the middle that is housed naturally inside.

The watch owner may also transform his timekeeping companion into a table clock, designed as a precious presentation case for this watchmaking masterpiece, where the middle can be housed. Boasting a 7-day power-reserve, the Bugatti Tourbillon mechanism will be automatically wound when the watchs owner puts it in its refined housing.

The clock incorporates a unique system that will wind the movement on regular basis via the crown, every 5 days. The clock, completely sheathed in leather, nicely reflects the sporty elegance of the Bugatti world.

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