New Japanese Watch to Match the 'Shade of Your Mood'

Jul 15, 2008
If you are a fan of Japanese watches and adore everything original, you are sure to like the new Tokyo Flash release to join the highly anticipated Nekura wrist wear series.

The Nekura Progression watch touches imagination by its hybrid LCD display provided with a one-of-a-kind multi-color LED light guide. With such a timepiece on your wrist you will never feel bored again as you will be able to choose a display color to match the 'shade of your mood'.

The full colored LEDs are found beneath the LCD interface. Touch the upper button just once and the display highlighting the time will be illuminated in either blue, green, red, pink, cyan, or orange light.

Besides choosing the display of your favorite color, the Tokyo Flash Nekura Progression watch allows to use the 'multi-color mode'. When switched on, this mode makes all six brightly-glowing LED colors light the screen in rotation.

The new Tokyo Flash watch goes on a self-adjusting wristband fitted with a nicely designed clasp.

The LCD display of the Japanese watch continuously shows the time, so you can find out the time just dropping a glance at the watch. The LED light guide adds brightness to the overall design of the watch and impresses with its lively colors, especially at night.

The hours are indicated by twelve blocks in a clock-wise direction, while the minutes are indicated by the digits in the centre of the circle.

The Tokyo Flash Nekura Progression watch also incorporates a Date mode and an Alarm mode.

This is the best choice of a wrist watch for those who like to make unconventional and bold decisions!

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