Seiko New E-Ink Watch - First Ever EPD Watch to Boast Active Matrix System

Apr 02, 2010
At Baselworld 2005, Seiko surprised the world of watchmaking, having presented its Electronic Ink watch, the first ever created. The timepiece boasted an absolutely innovative ultra-thin, high-contrast display. The display provided much better visibility from a much wider angle reaching almost 180 degrees. One more great advantage of the Electronic Ink watch was that it used a very low power level.

The Seiko E-Ink watch, also known as EPD (Electrophoretic Display) watch, was awarded a special prize at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve in 2006. Since the day of its introduction, the innovative Seiko technology has become highly appreciated by customers due to the ever-growing demand for ‘electronic’ books.

In 2010, Seiko is to introduce a new generation E-Ink watch, the zest of which is an active matrix display. The new display has maintained the outstanding legibility of the 2005 model, while providing much wider range of imagery and data.

Seiko is proud to be the first and only company that developed a watch incorporating Active Matrix EPD technology. The Seiko watch stands out due to its remarkably clear display, with every piece of information three times finer than the one you get with widely-used LCD watch technology. The watch has figures, text and graphics displayed on the dial in a much smoother and vastly programmable way. The owner of the watch can re-size the date or have it presented in a different way.

The EPD display of the original E-Ink watch had a few hundred pre-positioned segments, presented only in black-and-white, while the display of the new Seiko watch has 80,000 pixels, each able to display information in one of four grey scale shades. The 300 dpi (dots per inch) resolution provides sharp, clear images, even when presented in small sizes.

With the new generation EPD watch, Seiko managed to greatly reduce the power consumption - the watch uses just 1/100th of the power required to run a display of the same size, incorporating the present-day e-Book technology. This achievement became possible due to three innovations:

  • a TFT (Thin Film Transistor), responsible for controlling the signals to the display;

  • a low-energy IC for controlling the TFT;

  • an EPD driver for the maximum potential of E-Ink technology.

While designing the new E-Ink watch, its creators wanted to come up with a large-sized panel, with almost infinite display options of the new E-Ink Active Matrix technology. They also wanted to make the watch really easy-to-wear. The solution was a 1mm-wide area around the display that also allowed maximizing the screen area.

At the moment, Seiko presented the prototype of the new E-Ink watch, the modified version of which is expected to be distributed in autumn 2010.

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