Neuhaus Inventing Timepieces

Neuhaus Inventing Timepieces Presents Janus Double Speed Watch
The German horological company Neuhaus Inventing Timepieces is happy to unveil its new Janus Double Speed watch.

Highly innovative, the new Neuhaus Inventing Timepieces watch is equipped just with an hour hand. It winds in double speed that is 360 in six hours. Each hour has two cyphers, six hours apart from each other. The hour includes half hours, quarters and five-minute sections. Because of the double speed, these sections are twice as large as normal, which ensures their excellent legibility.

Beneath the dial there is a black and white disc. It turns, indicating the change of colors, which takes two seconds. The indication is luminous and improves the visibility of the display when light becomes darkness. The five-minute sections are not available at night.
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