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Mr. Jones The Accurate Watch - Memento Mori
Mr. Jones The Accurate watch is created as a reminder that life is brief and wed better seize the moment while we are here. The hour hand reads "remember" and the minute hand reds "you will die".

The Accurate watch has the 35mm dial and rim of the glass mirrored the watch wearer can see the reflection of his face and be sure that the message is destined at him.

You are sure to appreciate not only the philosophical statement delivered by the wristwatch, but also its appealing design.
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Mr Jones Watches - The Hour Watch - Make Each Hour Special
One of the most unusual wristwatches among the recent novelties is The Hour watch unveiled by Mr Jones Watches. The timepiece has been created together with record-breaking cyclist Graeme Obree.

The watch demonstrates a rather philosophical approach to timekeeping it presents each hour marked by a special word as though teaching its owner to make the most of each hour as the time passes by.

The creators of The Hour watch selected the words that would reflect the idea that an hour is a unit of time to be, do or think or behave the way that makes us realize the hours passing. Each hour is thus associated with a special word holding a special meaning related to the passing time.
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Mr. Jones Amazes Audience with All Around the World Watch
Always full of bright ideas, Mr. Jones has launched its new All Around the World watch. The model's ingenuity lies in its GMT function, presented in a rather creative manner.

The new Mr. Jones watch strikes the eye with its 8 charismatic hour hands, arranged on a light-toned dial. Producing an effect of a graphic motif from the distance, the hands echo the shape of famous buildings in different time-zones.

Thus, the Golden Gate Bridge hand tells time in San Francisco; the image of the Sears Tower is chosen for Chicago; the Statue of Liberty hand indicates the time in New York; the Salt Lake Temple hand - in Utah; the Big Ben hand - in London; the Eiffel Tower hand - in Paris; the Minarets hand - in Istanbul and the Red Square hand - in Moscow.
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