TAG Heuer Invites Mr. Chen Daoming to the Brand Ambassador Family

Oct 20, 2010
TAG Heuer has invited Mr. Chen Daoming, one of the most famous Chinese actors, to join its friendly family of the brand ambassadors.

On October 14, TAG Heuer held a press conference devoted to the news at Beijing MOMA Contemporary Broadway Cinema. The brand presented a new advertising campaign featuring the Chinese star.

Mr. Chen Daoming is not simply one of the leading Chinese actors, he is also a successful man highly respected for his generosity, dignity and prudent-thinking. The actor gained popularity in 1985 when he starred as a main character in the TV drama The Last Emperor. Then, in 1990, he played at Fortress Besieged, having become one of the top actors in China.

The brilliant acting career of Mr. Chen Daoming has been highlighted by various characters, including the ordinary civilians as well as emperors and lords. The actor is also a thinker acting with his soul rather than skills. One of his most famous roles is the part of Kangxi Emperor in the drama Empire Kangxi.

At the press conference held by TAG Heuer, Mr. Chen was pleased to share his thoughts about not only his career but also about human life in general. According to the celebrity actor, our greatest fortune is the experience we gain from our everyday life. Portraying his successful characters, pursuing creativity and passion, he never ceases to strive for perfection and idealism. Mr. Chen also added that he treasured the hard times, because that was what shapes a personís values.

Mr. Chenís pursuit of perfection and breakthroughs in his career matches TAG Heuerís major values. According to Jean-Christophe Babin, the brandís President & CEO, Mr. Chen always keeps pushing the boundaries and his achievements perfectly fit TAG Heuerís pioneering spirit and unique heritage accumulated during 150 years of watchmaking.

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