Mondaine Unveils New Collection Of Retro Styled Watches
The Swiss watchmaker Mondaine has proudly unveiled a new series of retro-styled timepieces, reserved both for men and women.

A clever blend of elegant exterior and brilliant performance, each of these models catches the eye with the Mondaine signature dial, equipped with a red second hand. The brands craftsmen have outfitted every watch issued with understated lugs, which serve to unite the case and the genuine leather strap. Alternatively, the model can be mounted on the metal bracelet.

The emblematic dial of every watch from the line described is protected by the curved sapphire crystal, which further adds to a devastatingly chic retro style. The timekeepers are featured in a high polished stainless steel variation combined with a white dial or in a graceful matte brushed finish interpretation coupled with a black dial.

The new collection has been created in two sizes. The timepiece, featuring a 40 mm case, is intended for men. The model, measuring 28 mm in diameter, is meant for ladies. The male interpretation provides the additional functions of indicating day and date. The womens version, meanwhile, offers only a date indication.

The latest Mondaine watches will surely attract the lovers of impeccable design and perfectionists that pay attention to the smallest of details.

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Savonnette Pocket Watch from Mondaine
The horological company Mondaine has pleasantly surprised the watchmaking world by launching its novel hunter model, named Savonnette. A lovely accessory, this pocket watch will surely thrill the public, that knows how to appreciate appealing designs and remains indifferent to wristwatches.

To automatically open the brushed stainless steel cover, it is necessary to press on the crown. Thus, the watch owner will be able to admire the white dial, protected by a convex mineral glass.

The display of the novel pocket watch includes black hour-markers.

The Savonette timekeeper relies on a Quartz Ronda 313 movement, which provides the essential functions of hours, minutes and seconds. The mechanism mentioned is housed in a stainless steel case, which boasts a diameter of 48 mm.

The new product from Mondaine is accompanied by a 41 cm chain with a swivel clasp. This novelty creates a striking balance of traditions and modern design trends.

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