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Max Busser and Friends Reveal Horological Machine No3
Horological Machine No3 reveals the machine's majestically finished movement in operation. Watch aficionados may admire perfectly crafted bridges, rapidly oscillating balance wheel, gearing and signature automatic winding rotor shaped as a battle axe. The highly complex machine comprises over 300 ideally finished, high-precision components.

The creators of HM3 have literally turned the movement upside down to reveal the elegant arcs of the gold winding rotor and the balance wheel oscillating at high speed. read more

Max Busser and Friends JwlryMachine Watch - Bewitching Owl
The acclaimed horological company MB&F, which celebrates the art of machine, has joined forces with the house of Boucheron to turn its Horological Machine No3 into a jewellery model. The exciting collaboration resulted in an incredible JwlryMachine watch.

The companies’ latest release has been created in the shape of a three-dimensional gem-set owl. The new MB&F watch is dressed in an 18k white gold case, which sparkles with amethyst, diamonds as well as blue and violet sapphires.

Alternatively, the horological machine is proposed with an 18k red gold case, illuminated by the play of pink tourmaline, rose quartz, diamonds and pink sapphires. The case of each version proudly reveals a screwed-down crown, paved with cabochon amethyst or cabochon rubellite.
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HM2-SV Sapphire Vision - Another Horological Masterpiece from Max Busser and Friends
The watchmaking house MB&F is proud to announce its innovative Horological Machine No2-SV, with ‘SV’ standing for Sapphire Vision. The watch employs a crystal-clear sapphire case with a back manufactured from titanium.

The distinctive flair of the HM2-SV case is represented by its absolute transparency. It is the feature which enables the watch owner to admire the intricate working of the movement. The watch movement comprises 349 individual parts and demonstrates a remarkable finish, meticulously performed by hand. The movement animates the indications on the watch’s signature twin dials.

The whole top half of the watch case is sculptured in sapphire. Inferior only to diamond in terms of its hardness, this material makes scratches virtually non-existent.
Sapphire demonstrates obvious advantages: it is extremely resistant to high temperatures, has zero porosity and its interaction with acids is possible only if the temperature exceeds 300 Degrees Celsius. read more

Horological Machine No.2 from Max Busser and Friends
Horological Machine No.2 (HM2 in short) has been conceived and engineered as a three-dimensional machine to provide timekeeping and be worn on the wrist. The functions and indications of the timepiece were conceived to tailor to the strengths of Jean-Marc Wiederrecht who acted as HM2's chief watchmaker.

Horological Machine No.2 makes one feel dynamic tension between its matte textures and mirror-polishes, precious metals and high-tech alloys, as well as traditional watchmaking and 21st-century micro-engineering. read more

MB&F Horological Machine No3 Chocolate Frog for The PuristS
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of The PuristS, MB&F created the HM3 Chocolate Frog. The amazing timepiece, limited to just 10 pieces, is available exclusively via www.PuristSPro.com. Belonging to the high-end watchmaking, the HM3 Chocolate Frog immediately makes one feel its playful spirit.

With help of its protruding eyes, the frog can see in different directions, without turning its head. The Horological Machine No3 Chocolate Frog boasts bulbous domes that make the time legibly seen from different angles, without turning one’s wrist. While HM3 has the hour and minute hands rotating around their respective stationary cones, the Frog features the aluminum domes rotating under the sapphire crystals.

While creating the rotating domes, the creators of the Frog met a number of technical challenges. They chose solid aluminum characterized by optimal strength to weight ratio for producing the hour and minute domes. The weight of the domes is about 0.5g.
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Horological Machine No3 Frog - Time Presented in Playful Manner
Horological Machine No3 Frog created by MB&F brings a sense of playfulness into the field of high-end watchmaking.

The new Horological Machine, as hinted by its name, has been inspired by the protruding eyes of a frog. The HM3 Frog catches the eye by its bulbous domes designed so that the time is easily read from a lot of angles with no need to turn the wrist.

While HM3 has the hour and minute hands rotating around their respective stationary cones, the Frog has aluminum domes rotating under the sapphire crystals.

The rotating domes represented a true technical challenge for MB&F team. For the hour and minute domes the creators of the Frog used solid aluminum as this material provided optimal strength to weight ratio. The weight of domes is just slightly over 0.5g. For remarkably reduced energy needs, the domes are milled from the outside and then from the inside to come up with a paper-thin wall thickness of 0.28 mm. read more

Wear a luxury watch - and earn money
Singaporean based photographer Dominic Khoo started a world first investment-structure. After a decade of collecting and studying watches, the enthusiast decided that “It's About Time” to launch The Watch Fund.

What is new about the idea? Investors can actually wear top-level watches and sell them later for a profit, gaining access to extreme limited editions and enjoying high price advantages. Khoo's fund even offers provenance pieces, worn by royalty and historical figures.

Since its foundation in February 2013, The Watch Fund has become a serious player in the international investment scene. According to the fund's website, the total AUM currently stands at USD\$16,000,000.

Investors can expect a minimum return of 20% at the end of three years daily wear: “With the price of skilled labour only going to go up in the watch industry – top-level watches will become rarer and more expensive”, says certified watch expert Khoo.

Dominic Khoo is a veteran in the watch industry, having trained with the world's biggest watch auction house Antiquorum and worked in brand management for Girard-Perregaux. Additionally, he recently started up the watch auction arm for Spink (previously owned by Christie's), the world's oldest auction house.

More information on www.thewatchfund.com read more

In Anticipation of Max Busser and Friends' Horological Machine 2
The team of Max Busser and Friends has concentrated on the development of the Horological Machine 2, one more astounding timekeeping creation, having intrigued the entire horology world. The piece's predecessor, Horological Machine 1 was fitted with a wide range of complications. The team managed to design, engineer and bring together the complications in the most unconventional and sophisticated way. read more

Are you looking to purchase a strong, colorful, bold looking and resistant luxury watch capable of withstanding the toughest conditions?

WRYST Timepieces creates Swiss Made luxury sports watches with distinctive and unprecedented style. Inspired by extreme & motor sports, the timekeepers have been designed to withstand the toughest conditions using groundbreaking new materials. Black ‘Diamond-Like Carbon’ case used in F1 race cars engines and ‘K1’ shatter-proof crystal stronger than sapphire. With three interchangeable straps offered in different colors (ie: for Airborne FW3 you have x1 green , x1 white & x1 black strap!) you are equipped for years to come. The new precise Swiss Made Ronda chronograph movement will provide accurate timing when you need it most. Wear it in confidence on your favorite water sports activities with 100 meters water resistance.

The limited Edition of 75 pieces for references Airborne FW3, FW4 & FW5 are retailing at \$750. The math is simple, be 1 of 100.000.000 people to wear these highly exclusive timekeepers.

If you prefer more casual color combinations, the Airborne FW6 with white dial and stainless steel case retails at \$650.
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Maximilian Busser and Friends Horological Machine No 4 Razzle Dazzle and Double Trouble Watches - Powerful Creative Force
The Swiss horological company MB&F (Maximilian Busser & Friends) is delighted to unveil its new Horological Machine Number 4, executed in two versions - HM4 Razzle Dazzle and HM4 Double Trouble.

The originality of the novelties is represented by pin-up images, which portray beautiful women in a colorful style. A part of American culture from the middle of the last century, the pin-up art generated the “nose art” during the World War II. The latter involves an application of pin-up images on the nose cones of military aircraft.

This very idea is reflected on the side surfaces of the new MB&F watches. The pictures on the new HM4 Razzle Dazzle and HM4 Double Trouble watches are different and this is the only thing that sets two creations apart. The images are hand-applied by the Geneva artist Isabelle Villa.
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Meet Max Busser and Friends Legacy Machine 1 Watch
Max Busser and Friends (MB&F) has proudly taken the wraps off their new Legacy Machine 1 watch, which heart was born under the keen eyes and dexterous hands of Jean-Francois Mojon and Kari Voutilainen.

Highly esteemed in the challenging world of horology, Jean-Francois Mojon developed the design of the model’s movement, while Kari Voutilainen took care of its impeccable finishing.

Beating inside the new MB&F watch is a hand-wound three-dimensional movement. It supplies a 45-hour power reserve. The caliber comprises 279 individual parts, including 23 jewels. It operates at a frequency of 18,000 vibrations per hour.
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MB and F HM4 Watch - Childlike Liberation of Spirit
The Swiss horological company MB&F in cooperation with Chinese artist Huang Hankang have launched their new unique HM4 watch, developed intentionally for the Only Watch 2011.

The new MB&F watch captures immediate attention with a figurine of a detachable 18k white gold panda bear, holding gold reins. A childlike liberation of the spirit, the bear is placed atop the grade 5 titanium case with the dimensions of 54mm wide x 52mm long x 24mm. The case is composed of 65 individual parts.

The model is equipped with separate crowns for time setting and winding. The case architecture incorporates 5 sapphire crystals - 2 for the dials, 2 for the top and bottom and 1 for the central case section.

Inside the new MB&F HM4 watch is hidden a three-dimensional hand-wound movement, produced entirely in the brand’s workshops. It comprises 311 components, including 50 jewels.
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