Lotus Presents Its Ceramic Collection
The watch brand Lotus has recently introduced its most avant-garde collection into the increasingly competitive world of watchmaking. As its name suggests, the Lotus Ceramic line has been encouraged by ceramic. Regarded as the material of the 21st century, it lends the watches from the assemblage mentioned a distinctly sensual feel. This revolutionary material displays stylish finish, which intensively mirrors the color.

A perfect union of advanced technology, top quality and remarkable material of ceramic, the new collection is reserved both for men and women. The potential buyers are offered a variety of three-hand models, which strike the eye with the futurist design of the cases and bracelets.

With this collection, the watchmaking house of Lotus offers a delightful response to a wide range of customers’ tastes. Decked out in ceramic and steel, these timekeepers feature rectangular or square cases. They are complimented by pure dials, revealing a light texture and index or Arabic numbers. The bracelets proudly expose ceramic inserts, performed in white, black or blue. These stunning elements coordinate perfectly with the dials and cases, dressed in rose, black or steel.

Developed with scrupulous attention to detail in an unending quest for excellence, the watches from Lotus Ceramic collection will leave no one unmoved.

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