Lange Zeitwerk Watch - Time in Epoch of Change

Sep 16, 2009
Very often a new face symbolizes the beginning of new times. After Europe got over its rift, it happened this way with A. Lange & Sohne, whose famous model Lange 1 broke the ground for the brandís coming back. Fifteen years ago the kingdom of horology heartily welcomed the companyís brand-new concept and an outstanding technical prowess.

Now, A. Lange & Sohne is pleased to unveil its new masterpiece, the Lange Zeitwerk watch, which definitely marks a new era in the watch-making industry.

Exploring new horizons in the world of horology and borrowing from the renowned French painter Paul Gauguin a creative catchphrase ďI shut my eyes in order to seeĒ, the Langeís calibre engineers and designers decided to create a totally ground-breaking concept watch.

The brandís major specialists were curious whether it was possible to produce a model, representing a persuasive combination of a mechanical watch and an up-to-date time indication.

They succeeded in finding a positive answer, having created the first mechanical timekeeper with jumping numeral display.

Distinguished by an evolutionary design, this model features the German-silver time bridge, which spreads its wings across the width of the dial to create a distinctive frame for the oversized numerals of the laterally aligned apertures that reveal the hours and the minutes. Running down, it also surrounds the seconds counter. Thus, all three sections of time measurement are harmoniously brought together.

The watch case exposes a knurled crown, which determines an upswing movement, pointing up and away. The upper part of the dial demonstrates a power-reserve display.

The Lange Zeitwerk watch ensures effortless time-reading, which is attainable due to its large numerals. Within a split second, the minute indicator gradually advances until the timepiece changes for the next hour. At this very moment, all three numeral sections demonstrate a simultaneous one-unit switch forward, which produces an extremely spectacular effect. Such a construction represents a genuine breakthrough in the world of horology.

The Lange Zeitwerk watch features a 41.9 mm gold or platinum case, which houses an innovative movement, measuring 33.6 mm in diameter.

The large amount of energy, necessary to animate all three numeral discs, is supplied by a novel barrel equipped with an extra-strong mainspring.

When it comes to the jumping advance of the hours and minutes, the patented constant-force escapement serves as a pacemaker between the barrel wheel and the balance. The mechanism incorporates a fly governor, intended for absorbing the forces, emerging when the numeral discs are accelerated and braked.

To a considerable extent, the constant-force escapement acts as a stabilizer of the movementís rate: within the entire 36-hour autonomy period, the power, it activates the balance with, remains almost uniform, despite of the state of wind of the mainspring and the energy-consuming switching cycles that occur every minute. The balance wheel, equipped with eccentric poising weights and an in-house manufactured hairspring, represents a high-exactitude beat controller.

Innovative as it is, the Lange Zeitwerk watch, created by A. Lange & Sohne, reflects the conventional horological values. The sapphire crystal case-back of the timepiece enables its owner to admire the generously embellished L043.1 calibre, which offers an iconic three-quarter plate, a hand-engraved balance cock and screwed gold chatons, alongside with its novel technical features.

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