Novel Roller Guardian Time Punk White Watch from Ladoire
The novel Roller Guardian Time Punk White watch from the illustrious watch company Ladoire sets an ideal balance between functional reliability and superior horological quality. Dressed in white, this timepiece grabs immediate attention with its amazing style.

The new Ladoire watch has adopted an imposing titanium case. Distinguished by curved and stretched lines, it eloquently demonstrates its strong personality.

The watch features a bezel and a case-back also manufactured from titanium. The bezel securely holds an incurved glareproofed sapphire crystal. The case-back is fitted with a convex sapphire crystal. Enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the watch are dynamic "Clou de Paris" engravings. The water-resistance of the watch is assured down to 50 meters.
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Ladoire Mr Green Black Widow Watch - Appeals Directly to Emotions
The Swiss horological company Ladoire Geneve presents to the public its new Mr. Green Black Widow watch, which is equally exciting outside and inside. The stunning model is encouraged by a highly venomous species of spider - Lactrodaectus Manctans. The spider was nicknamed Black Widow, since the distinctive black and red colored female of the species eats her mate after reproduction.

The new Ladoire watch draws and holds the eye with its function-packed display, designed to appeal directly and powerfully to the emotions. The black multilayered dial is accented with subtle touches of green and white.

It delineates regulator-type offset hours, minutes and seconds zones, equipped with a patented display complication -HMS Planetary. The latter is mounted on ceramic micro ball bearings.
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Lionel Ladoire Roller Guardian Time - Nothing to Do with Conventional
Having established his own company in 2007, Lionel Ladoire stunned the world of Horology by his first timekeeping creation dubbed ‘the UFO of watchmaking’.

The Roller Guardian Time (RGT in short) represents a uniquely-shaped watch inspired by a pebble. The asymmetric shape of the case, with dimensions of 56x45x16.3mm, gladdens the eye as soft, organic, and remarkably balanced.

The heart of the first Lionel Ladoire watch is a Swiss automatic movement with micro-rotors. It was conceived in cooperation with skilled outside partners.

The Roller Guardian Time stands out from the crowd as it features just one traditional moving hand for the GMT function, with a quick corrector positioned at 2 o’clock.
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Ladoire Introduces First Collection at Sotheby’s
Ladoire Geneve’s chairman founder and managing director, Lionel Ladoire and Richard Piras respectively, have introduced the brand’s first collection, Roller Guardian Time, in the presence of more than 200 distinguished guests. This remarkable event was arranged in cooperation with Sotheby’s. Representing the oldest fine art auctioneers, Sotheby’s happens to be the leader in this very field in Paris.

The elegant models from the Roller Guardian Time assemblage have been offered in the flagship boutique Chronopassion since August. In September, 2009, the aforementioned event was conducted to present watches across the entire spectrum of the Roller Guardian Time assemblage. A particular attention was captured by the Sur-Mesure line, which consisted of 3 exceptional and totally tailor-made pieces Black & Black.

The festive evening saw the attendance of the brand’s clients, VIPs, collectors, watch enthusiasts and connoisseurs. The event took place at the renowned Charpentier Gallery, to accentuate the importance of the French market to the Ladoire’s brand.

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