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Nice Kid's Watches for Cute Kids
It is not a secret that children learn things quicker, while playing. So, if you want to teach your daughter or son how to tell time, you should definitely surprise them with a spectacular wristwatch. A kid’s watch with your child’s favorite character on display will bring him great joy and will serve as an effective way to teach him time-reading.

Any little girl will be just fascinated by the Kids' Character Barbie Crystal Accented Pink Strap Digital watch, produced by Armitron. What can be more delightful for a little girl than having an image of her favorite doll permanently on her wrist?

This lovely watch is available with a 27.6 mm case, manufactured from pink resin. It features a bezel with embossed faux crystals. The watch embraces the wrist with a 13.6 mm pink strap.
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Disney Kids' Mickey Mouse Time Teacher Red Velcro Watch
An icon for the Walt Disney Company, Mickey Mouse has become the most popular cartoon character with children all over the world.

Therefore, Disney Kids' Mickey Mouse Time Teacher Red Velcro watch is destined to become a sure hit with young watch enthusiasts.

The kid’s watch is available with a metal case. It features the dimensions of 28.3 mm x 7.5 mm, diameter and thickness indicated respectively. The case is outfitted with a metal bezel, which securely holds a mineral crystal. The last-mentioned element serves to protect a white dial, which proudly reveals the image of the legendary Mickey Mouse.
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Disney Kids' Princess Time Teacher Pink Velcro Watch
Every little girl dreams to be a princess. This dream always includes Prince Charming, a beautiful palace, a kind fairy, and, of course, a splendid attire.

The Disney Kids' Princess Time Teacher Pink Velcro watch is a perfect complement to the gorgeous outfit of any contemporary princess. As this model’s name suggests, it displays the images of the Disney princesses’ characters, deeply loved by any small lady.

This little horological masterpiece focuses on the essential: displaying the hours and minutes.

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