Jean Dunand

Unique Orbital Confucius Watch from Jean Dunand
Jean Dunand is proud to introduce its new unique timepiece - the Orbital Confucius watch.

The gyrating tourbillion, boasting an advanced mechanical nature and fascinating in appearance, is featured along with a miniature painting of Oriental charm, rightfully considered to be an outstanding piece of art.

The luxurious timepiece reveals a portrait of Confucius. It is hand-painted on an ultra-thin black onyx dial, inserted on a golden disk’s top. Fabrication of the watch required fifteen kiln firings, implying many hours of dedicated work.
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Meet Jean Dunand Tourbillon Orbital Watch
The Tourbillon Orbital watch is a groundbreaking timepiece from Jean Dunand relevant to the range of Unique Timepieces.

The Jean Dunand Tourbillon Orbital watch boasts a one-minute flying tourbillon orbiting the dial once per hour on a revolving movement patented by the brand. The timepiece also shows off an innovative power-reserve indicator in the case-band. Watch lovers may enjoy a full view of the movement as well as the moon phases presented by the case-back.

Thierry Oulevay and Christophe Claret stunned the world of watchmaking by the IO200 manually-wound rotating movement that received its name after Jupiter’s moon. The movement proved that their fellow watchmakers who believed that it was impossible to create an orbiting tourbillon were wrong.
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Admire Jean Dunand Shabaka Watch
Jean Dunand is proud to unveil its new extremely sophisticated timepiece, a feat of micro-engineering complexity, originally named “Shabaka.”

The watch captures imagination by a unique combination of horological complications: a minute-repeater on cathedral gongs, an instantaneous perpetual calendar with an unforeseen display of the dates, phases of the moon and leap-year cycle, not to mention an ingenious state-of-wind indicator.

The calendar indications of the Jean Dunand Shabaka watch are presented with help of four cylinders. The cylinders are rotated by four different 90-degree transmission systems, each provided with a security device for precise calendar changes.
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