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Jaquet Droz Saint-Valentin Watch - Celebration of Pure Love
Jaquet Droz celebrates St. Valentine's Day by the creation of the Grande seconde medium devoted to Pure Love. The timepiece has been inspired by 18th century Romanticism and is based on remarkable watchmaking expertise and aesthetic excellence of the brand.

The dial of the elegant watch reveals a figure of 8 composed of two interlocking circles, a symbol of eternal joy. One circle features off-centered hours and minutes, while the second one is for Grande seconds. The hands and bracelet are distinguished by the passionate color of red.

The dial of the elegant watch reveals a figure of 8 composed of two interlocking circles, a symbol of eternal joy. read more

Jaquet Droz Unveils Quantieme Perpetuel Ceramique Watch
Jaquet Droz unveils a new refined perpetual calendar watch crafted from innovative material - high-tech ceramic. The timepiece offers retrograde indications for day of the week and the date functions.

The Jaquet Droz Quantieme Perpetuel Ceramique watch reveals a black ceramic case that measures 44mm in diameter. The Manufacture Jaquet Droz has applied advanced manufacturing techniques to create the top quality ceramic case of the timepiece.

The dial of the new Jaquet Droz watch perfectly reflects the technical genius of the brand’s master dial-makers. The matte black opaline dial contrasts nicely with the lustrous ceramic case. The dial is completed with sunken sub-dials for the small seconds and months. You will notice the ring in blackened gold with printed-in-white retrograde scales for the day and date functions. The hands are also produced from blackened gold. read more

Grande Seconde Ceramic Black Watch Released by Jaquet Droz
The prominent watchmaker Jaquet Droz has pleasantly surprised watch lovers by launching its mysterious Grande Seconde Ceramic Black watch. The brand has successfully realized the idea of creating the timepiece, whose functions go beyond showing time.

Distinguished by supreme elegance, the resulting product defines life and expresses time as the element of our human existence, reminding us of our finitude. Time is a vital energy that enables us to reach our goals and to create something lasting which we can be proud of. It is the energy that should not be wasted.

Appealing as it is, the opaline black dial of this horological creation features red nuances, providing a stunning contrast to the 'full black' spirit of the watch. The display is equipped with two counters, interlinked to form the brand's favorite figure 8, the universal lucky number regarded as a symbol of prosperity and wealth.

The counters expose Roman and Arabic numerals. The progression of hours, minutes and seconds is marked by the hands, rendered in black gold. The tip of the seconds hand as well as six markers, presented on the lower counter, are accented with subtle touches of red.

This marvelous dial is housed in the scratch-resistant ceramic case, characterized by extreme durability and high level of scratch-resistance.

The Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde Ceramic Black watch will surely delight individuals who wish to wear on their wrist a watch combining aesthetic refinement and advanced technology.

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Jaquet Droz Introduces its Unique Timepiece at Only Watch '09
The horological company Jaquet Droz has manufactured a unique watch to be introduced at the Only Watch 2009 charity auction.

This exceptional model exposes a white ceramic case with a diameter equal to 44mm and a red enamel dial. The latter reveals off-centered hours and minutes as well as a large seconds counter.

It is interesting to note that the right color of the ivory enamel dial is attainable by means of applying about 10 layers. Each of them should be fired at 800°. For you to compare, black color requires 15 layers and 15 firings, blue color needs 18 or 19, while the red color can be achieved with 22 layers. Each layer coated presents a new complication and every time it is exposed to firing there appears a risk of both breakage and bubbling.

According to Jaquet Droz CEO, Manuel Emch, it took the company six years of dedicated work to finally stabilize the red color. This completely red dial has been fabricated by Jaquet Droz for the first and, perhaps, the last time. The reason for that is an uncommon reaction of the red color to the firing, which results in a lot of breakage.

The exceptional Jaquet Droz Only Watch 09, the grande seconde ceramique, hommage Geneve 1784, Ref J003036207, is animated by an in-house 2663 caliber automatic mechanical movement, set with 30 jewels. The movement features a balance wheel moving back and forth at 28,800 vibrations per hour and offers a lengthy 68-hour power reserve, ensured by double barrels.

The Jaquet Droz watch boasts 30-meter water-resistance. This model is accompanied by a natural white rubber strap finished with a stainless steel folding clasp.
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Rouge And Noir Models From Jaquet Droz
Jaquet Droz has introduced three exceptional watches from Baselworld 09. Launched as limited series of 88, these timepieces remarkably draw together the colors of the materials used: the absolute black of the Grand Feu enamelled dial, the black matt of the rubber as well as the red gold of the case.

By presenting its Grande Seconde SW Rouge, the horological company Jaquet Droz brings the sport watches to the forefront. This novel model is a blend of unparalleled functionality and supreme gracefulness of the watch exterior - the combination of red and black happens to be very spectacular - with an exciting exuberance of high-speed sports.

Red gold is employed in manufacture of both the case and the three-dimensional ring, whose masculine lines surround two dials of this watch. Red gold glows from the applied plates, the hollowed horns, the hands and the folding clasp with its shining surface that contrasts with the dark matt of the rubber strap, as well as the dial, crown and fluted bezel, notable for its bold design. The timepiece hands are Superluminova-coated. This outstanding design reveals the infinite care lavished on details.

The Les Douze Villes gorgeous watch is intended for people, whose lifestyles involve much traveling: for those who regularly cross different time zones. These potential owners of the model in question will be able to enjoy twelve cities displayed on one superb timepiece. For this watch Jaquet Droz has decided on Grand Feu enamelled dial, which exposes twelve versions of temporality within several square centimeters.

The dial reveals two exhibition windows: the first, located at 6 o’clock, displays the selected city, and the second one, placed at 12 o’clock, indicates the local time. The dial also features an impressive red gold minutes hand. The red gold case of the watch, measuring 43 mm, houses a jumping hours complication.

Two independent plates, incorporated into the watch, move simultaneously, indicating the time in the selected city. The entire process is carried out by means of a complex mechanism.

The chronographe a rattrapante has been developed for the renowned Hommage La Chaux-de-Fonds 1738 Collection by Jaquet Droz. A piece of art created in the world of horology, the chronograph reveals a black Grand Feu enamelled dial, that has been the brand’s pride for many years, alongside with a set of red gold hands, distinguished by their unrivalled readability.

This chronographe a rattrapante, with its red gold case size equal to 45 mm, can measure two events, which start simultaneously, but last differently. The chronograph hand and the rattrapante work together or compete under the guidance of the large date, which is visible through the cutout, placed at 12 o'clock.

The rattrapante also offers the tachymeter function, which allows the wearer to measure the speed he travels at.
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Jaquet Droz Creates New Watches for Ladies
The Jaquet Droz line of ladies watches has been joined by three new exclusive models. Two of the ladies' watches reveal a majestic diamond-setting, while the third timepiece fascinates by its mother of pearl dial featuring a mechanically sophisticated retrograde date indicator.

Each of the new Jaquet Droz ladies watches has been created in a limited number of just eight examples. The timepieces are presented on elegant alligator straps fitted with an ardillon buckle in 18K gold. They boast 30-meter water-resistance.
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Jaquet Droz Reserve de Marche Ceramique
The Jaquet Droz Hommage Geneve 1784 Collection has been joined by a new exceptional timekeeping creation - Reserve de Marche Ceramique. The absolute black watch with mere red accents has united the refined beauty of the 'Grande Seconde' and the highly reliable self-winding double-barrel mechanical movement. read more

Jaquet Droz Petite Heure Minute Watch - Spirit of Exclusiveness
On the occasion of the Only Watch 2011 event, the house of Jaquet Droz has released its new one-of-a-kind Petite Heure Minute watch. To be held on September 22, in Monaco, this charity auction will welcome more than 40 extraordinary timepieces. The entire proceeds will be donated to support medical research on the Duchenne Muscular Distrophy.

The new Jaquet Droz watch reveals a 43mm case, crafted from red gold. It handles the depth of up to 30 meters.

Housed in the case is an ivory Grand Feu enameled dial. It depicts a marvelous landscape, which represents an ancestral art of miniature painting on the enamel. The peerless artisan within the manufacture invested more than a week of painstaking effort to create this entirely hand-made masterpiece.
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Meet Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde SW Steel Ceramic and Grande Seconde SW Red Gold Titanium Watches
This year, Jaquet Droz has pleasantly surprised its admirers by launching its new Grande Seconde SW Steel Ceramic and Grande Seconde SW Red Gold Titanium watches.

A union of excellent craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, the new Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde SW Steel Ceramic watch has adopted a 45 mm case, sculptured in stainless steel. It is offset by an eye-pleasing ceramic bezel.

At 3 o’clock, the model features a winding crown with a rubber cast. The back side of the new Jaquet Droz watch is engraved with an individual serial number. The case construction is 50-meter water-resistant.

Housed in the model is a black shiny varnished dial. It features two overlapped displays. The upper one takes care of hours and minutes, while the lower is responsible for seconds.
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Admire Jaquet Droz Tourbillion Watch
Jaquet Droz unveils its new exclusive timepiece – the Grande Seconde Tourbillion watch. The novelty is available in two interpretations - a white-gold case with a black matt Cotes-de-Geneve dial or a red-gold case with a ivory Grand Feu enameled dial.

The remarkable peculiarity of the new Jaquet Droz watch is the tourbillon carriage sculptured from sapphire crystal. This exceptional material has also been used for the 8-shaped ring applied to the dial. The tourbillon is originally located at the very heart of the seconds sub-dial at 12 o'clock.

The Grand Feu enameling reflects the well-maintained rich watchmaking tradition of the brand. The hours and minutes sub-dial in the lower part of the dial fascinates the eye by its classical beauty. It demonstrates elegant Roman numerals and tapered, nicely proportioned hands.
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Jaquet Droz Petite Heure Minute Art Deco Watches - Richness of Ornamental Motifs
This year, the house of Jaquet Droz delights the audience with the presentation of its three new Petite Heure Minute Art Deco lady’s watches. Offered in limited edition of 88 pieces, the novelties successfully unite the modernism of the Bauhaus movement and the incredible creativity of the Roaring Twenties.

All new Jaquet Droz watches boast white mother-of-pearl dials, which utilize a "Ramolayee" technique. Thoroughly cut out and engraved, each dial is embellished with a unique moire pattern.

Every watch face reveals an off-centered display, encircled by an applied 18-carat red or white gold ring. The model tells hours and minutes, indicated by 18-carat red gold or blued steel hands.

The dial of each new Jaquet Droz Petite Heure Minute Art Deco watch is gently hugged by a 39mm case, rendered in 18-carat red or white gold. It carries a wasp-waisted bezel, which can be illuminated by the play of 248 diamonds, totaling to 1.84 carats.
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Jaquet Droz Petite Heure Minute Relief Watch - Magic of Hand-Engraved Work
Jaquet Droz is delighted to present its new Petite Heure Minute Relief watch, available with two different dial executions.

The new Jaquet Droz watch, reference J005023570, shows off a black onyx dial. It is highlighted by an 18-carat patinated and hand-engraved yellow gold bird's applique.

The reference J005023571, meanwhile, is adorned with a white mother-of-pearl dial. It reveals an 18-carat yellow gold bird's applique - hand-engraved, patinated, painted and enameled.

The display of the new Jaquet Droz Petite Heure Minute Relief watch indicates the off-centered hours and minutes by means of 18-carat red gold hands.
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Meet Jaquet Droz SW Chrono Watch
Following the success of the Grande Seconde SW model, Jaquet Droz is pleased to reveal its new model for those who appreciate watchmaking precision – the SW Chrono. This timepiece is ideal timekeeping companion for those who love competition, innovation and feels passionate about entering new areas.

The Jaquet Droz SW Chrono watch demonstrates a finely perfectly honed design, with a fluted bezel and hollowed horns.

The masculine case is crafted from stainless steel and measures 45mm in diameter. It is 50-meter water-resistant. The timepiece stands out due to the rubber treatment of the dial, crown and push-pieces, reflecting the most contemporary design standards. The dial offers supreme readability.
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Enjoy Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde SW Red Gold Watch
Jaquet Droz is pleased to present its new Grande Seconde SW Red Gold watch to join its n Urban London collection. The new timepiece has smartly united supreme technical performance with extremely elegant design. The combination of red gold and black create a powerful visual appeal.

The case of the new Jaquet Droz watch is sculptured from red gold. This precious material is also used for the three-dimensional ring that frames the two dials of the timepiece. The fluted bezel demonstrates a distinctively assertive design. You will also notice a number of other details in red gold - the applied plates, the hollowed horns, the folding clasp and the hands.

The shining surfaces of the red gold elements contrast nicely with the dark matt of the dial, crown and rubber. For perfect visibility under reduced light conditions the hands are provided with Super-LumiNova inserts.
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Jaquet Droz Cloverleaf Watch to Bring You Wealth and Love
Jaquet Droz has introduced into the increasingly competitive world of horology its new bewitching model, called Cloverleaf. The eponymous emblematic pattern, engraved at the heart of the brand’s extraordinary creations within a period of 300 years, is now brought to the forefront.

Distinguished by stunning design and peerless elegance, the new Jaquet Droz watch is available with a white gold case. This horological masterpiece is adorned with an alluring dial, performed in white mother-of-pearl or onyx. It proudly reveals rounded leaves of the charming clover, standing out against the background of shimmering moire or sober monochrome.

The ultimate expression of Jaquet Droz’s creativity, the dial is breathtakingly studded with 124 yellow sapphires, 175 blue sapphires, 125 pink sapphires, 129 orange sapphires and 93 tsavorites. read more

Meet Jaquet Droz Grande Heure Minute Onyx Watch
The world famous watchmaker Jaquet Droz has recently introduced its new bewitching creation, called Grande Heure Minute Onyx. As the name of the watch suggests, the brand’s qualified craftsmen used onyx for the creation of its dial.

The dark mystery of this remarkable material marries marvelously with the bright gleam of stainless steel employed in manufacturing of the timepiece case. This amazing combination exerts an irresistible attraction on true watch enthusiasts.

Ticking inside this timekeeper is a self-winding mechanical movement - Jaquet Droz 1169, equipped with a double barrel and a heavy metal oscillating weight. It incorporates 31 jewels. The movement operates at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour and provides a 68-hour power reserve. It serves to animate the functions of centered hours and minutes, as well as that of small seconds indicated in the counter at 9 o’clock. read more

La Ligne Bleue Watch Collection from Jaquet Droz
The latest collection of watches from the manufacture Jaquet Droz was encouraged by Pierre Jaquet Droz’s traditional use of brilliant blue, while creating exclusive horological items.

La Ligne Bleue is an exceptional new Jaquet Droz timepiece assemblage, expected to be launched in a limited edition of just eight pieces for the five versions it will include.

Watch enthusiasts consider Jaquet Droz timekeeping companions to be a benchmark of excellence, due to the finest craftsmanship - especially as to the dial work - it is distinguished by.

The brand earned its fame as a bastion of the rare art of grand feu, which is a special technique of powdered enamels turning into an extremely deep and rich surface through a painstaking and very delicate multi-step firing process.

Each of Jaquet Droz enamel dials, white or black, needs from fifteen to twenty firings to be completed. The blue dials of the La Ligne Bleue line happen to be even more demanding: the number of individual firings for manufacturing each blue enamel dial should be no less than twenty.

Not all of these dials will successfully go through the firing process and just a few will meet the requirements of the brand’s quality control standard, eventually incorporated by the La Ligne Bleue watch.

Quantieme Perpetuel, a graceful model, coming with a perpetual calendar complication with serpentine retrograde hands for days of the week as well as the month, is the most complex of the five La Ligne Bleue timekeeping companions.

The Grande Seconde and Grande Seconde Medium are a reflection of Jaquet Droz design signatures, which reveal the traditional dials overlapping each other to create the number “8”. The Grande Date timepiece is a combination of functionality and chic minimalism with its off-centered hour and minute counter, located over a clearly legible large date indicator.

The final representative of the Jaquet Droz assemblage – the one not rendered in 18-karat white gold- is the elegant and extremely sophisticated L'Origine Email timepiece.

The exclusive blue enamel dial of this Jaquet Droz timepiece made of stainless steel is an embodiment of classicism – Roman numerals hour markers are arrayed around iconic centralized indications for the hour, minutes, and seconds. The L'Origine Email is accompanied by a brilliant blue strap made of hand-sewn alligator leather and an ardillon buckle with the Jaquet Droz insignia on it.
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Admire Jaquet Droz Petite Heure Minute 35 mm Watch
Jaquet Droz pleases ladies with its new majestic Petite Heure Minute 35 mm watch. Presented in a nice combination of steel and mother-of-pearl, the novelty is a fine tribute to modern femininity.

The Petite Heure Minute 35 mm is the brand’s first lady’s model entirely crafted in stainless steel. The surface of the metal creates a nice contrast with the radiant blue mother-of-pearl and the star lights.

The brand’s master-watchmakers have delicately worked top-quality mother-of-pearl and cut it into a single disc. The mother-of-pearl greatly varies in its light-catching depending on the movement of the wrist – it may look royal blue, ultramarine, indigo or cobalt. The dial is embellished with eight stars to make you think of the beauty of a night sky.
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Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde Off-Centered Ivory Enamel Watch - Excellence, Beauty and Originality
Jaquet Droz proudly unveils its Grande Seconde Off-Centered Ivory Enamel watch born in the brand’s workshops in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Having inherited the elegance of the previously inroduced Grande Seconde models, the novel timepiece has aquired a new look due to the repositioned dials and winding stem.

Reflecting classic watchmaking tradition, the new Jaquet Droz watch demonstrates two intertwined dials that look like the number eight. The first dial is responsible for indicating the hours and minutes, while the other is for the seconds. The seconds hand catches the glance by its incredible fineness.

The decorative motif nicely sets off the ivory shade of the Grand Feu enamel and the radiant surface of the 18K red gold case (43mm in diameter). The winding stem has taken its position at 4 o'clock.
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Meet Jaquet Droz Eclipse Onyx Watch
The world of exclusive watchmaking welcomes a newcomer – the Jaquet Droz Eclipse Onyx watch, demonstrating nice contrasts of materials and shades.

The dial of the new Jaquet Droz watch is rendered in black onyx. It catches the glance by the moon-phase complication presented via eight rhodiumed star-shaped appliques and one rhodiumed moon applique - the moon surrounded by the stars. The smiling face of the moon is overshadowed by a racket-like piece, also carved from black onyx.

The Eclipse Onyx watch is powered by an automatic movement - the Jaquet Droz 6553L2 calibre. The double-barrel mechanism, incorporating 26 jewels, operates at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour and offers a 68-hour power reserve.
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