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New Japanese Watch to Match the 'Shade of Your Mood'
The LCD display of the Japanese watch continuously shows the time, so you can find out the time just dropping a glance on the watch. The LED light guide adds brightness to the overall design of the watch and impresses with its lively colors, especially at night read more

New Japanese Watch: Tokyo Flash Galaxy
The new Japanese watch named Galaxy immediately catches imagination due to a face plate with multi-colored light bars that would probably remind you displays used in the first Star Trek series.

The enigmatic display of the Tokyo Flash Galaxy watch seems to be easy to read. Just touch the upper button once to switch on a programmed animation of light. Then, you will see the watch feature the time. Twelve yellow bars indicate hours in a clock wise direction, while eleven red bars indicate groups of five minutes and four green bars indicate single minutes.

If you want the Galaxy watch show the time at once, it is necessary to press the lower button.

The Galaxy watch is available exclusively from Tokyo Flash. The price of the original watch is more than affordable - 131 dollars, including worldwide shipping that takes from 3 to 5 days.

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 read more

Japanese Watch to Detect Alien DNA
The Japanese watch seems to be created for those who like to use their imagination all day long - no matter what they are doing at the moment - creating a new method of vacuum-cleaning, parking a car or drawing together with their kids. If your imagination is caught by the threat of Alien Invasion and the possibility that aliens are already among us, you definitely need a device to detect the human beings from extraterrestrials. read more

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