Japanese Watch to Detect Alien DNA

Jul 11, 2008
The Tokyo Flash Biohazard watch is one of the strangest timepieces you might ever see. The Japanese watch seems to be created for those who like to use their imagination all day long - no matter what they are doing at the moment - creating a new method of vacuum-cleaning, parking a car or drawing together with their kids.

If your imagination is caught by the threat of Alien Invasion and the possibility that aliens are already among us, you definitely need a device to detect the human beings from extraterrestrials. My boss would definitely appreciate such a watch as he thinks all women are aliens. The Tokyo Flash Biohazard watch serves as a wrist scanner that detects the Alien DNA in those around and keeps you aware of the threat level.

The Biohazard watch features an advanced color LCD display you have probably seen in many Science Fiction movies. To find out the time all you have to do is to count the colored segments, but even if you are not an avid fan of mathematics you may enjoy the procedure and puzzle all your friends.

To switch on the scan mode of the Japanese watch you have to press the button and view the animating panels and readouts scanning the area for alien life forms. In a few seconds the time is displayed. However, you can easily skip the animation sequence, if you wish, by pressing the button two times.

The top part of the screen reveals the Red and White DNA spiral composed of 12 bars indicating the hour. The bottom part of the watch features the Blue blocks indicating 5 minutes each, and the Green blocks indicating 1 minute. You will also see indicators for AM/PM and seconds.

The Alien DNA percentage stands for the Date function, so if you get 07.11 % it means today is July the 11th. During the animation sequence all the numbers rotate as though measuring the percentage of Alien DNA.

The case of the Tokyo Flash Biohazard is crafted in solid stainless steel. It measures 37x38 mm in diameter and is 12 mm thick. The original timepiece is equipped with a Japanese quartz movement and guarantees 30-meter water-resistance. The watch goes in a nice package box so it may be presented as a great gift for a friend or relative.

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