Pierre Kunz Original Insanity Watch

Jan 27, 2010
In 2007, at the WPHH, the renowned watchmaker Pierre Kunz officially unveiled its remarkable retrograde mechanical watch, named Infinity Looping. This timekeeper owes its name to the movements performed by a single hand in order to indicate the hours and minutes. It is attainable due to a cycloid hour hand, which travels along a scale that will make you think of a child’s Spirograph.

Although this watch is a bit difficult to read at the beginning, it is surely a true feast for the eyes.

No matter how appealing the Infinity Looping watch is, its name is misleading the English speaking audience. The point is that the Americans, for example, may perceive “looping” as “loopy”, which will definitely prevent watch enthusiasts from taking this timepiece seriously: these words seem to be similar, yet have different meanings. In Europe, however, this term stands for a part of a roller coaster that takes the riders upside down.

Therefore, Pierre Kunz’s U.S. sales manager Edward Suhyda found a creative solution to avoid misunderstanding mentioned and to attract the best possible attention of American watch lovers. Since Mr. Suhyda regarded this incredible timepiece as “insane”, he decided to bestow it with the name of “Insanity”. Thus, the U.S. market received an exceptional watch with the name, specially invented with this area in mind.

The Pierre Kunz Insanity watch is offered in a special box, also created by Suhyda. It is proposed with a straight jacket. Once the owner opens it, he will discover the infinitely looping watch, placed within a padded cell.

Offered in any number of color combinations, the Pierre Kunz watch employs a 44 mm stainless steel or blackened steel case.

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