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Feb 21, 2015
Evarii is a revolution in the watch industry. We have broken down a timepiece in to 5 main components to create a completely modular and customizable watch that can be completely changed in just 30 seconds or less. The components are as follows. The body (case), the Head (bezel), the face (dial,movement and glass), the arm (crown) and last but not least the legs (strap). What Evarii allows you to do is change any part at any time to any other design (everytime you buy a new piece your options grow exponentially because they can go together however you choose). If you desire a new watch you don’t have to invest in an entirely new timepiece, You can go on our site and try out a new dial, or case, or bezel. This allows you to build a collection of parts that can work together anyway you like, that you can change anytime. The parts are all designed to work with every other part so you can customize your watch differently with all the parts you collect. You can trade parts with friends who have Evarii as well as the watch is completely modular.

The design supports quartz and mechanical movements and we are developing a smart watch “band” as well. Essentially you are building a “watch wardrobe” that can be put together whichever way you want. Our website will even keep an inventory of your purchases so you can see how any design will look and share it with friends before purchasing new parts. In fact we encourage it. We will be holding competitions for designers and more!

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