Omega And Zhang Ziyi Introduce 2009 Constellation Timepiece

Sep 03, 2009
The Swiss watch-making house Omega has officially released its Omega 2009 Constellation watch line to the Asian market.

The famous actress Zhang Ziyi, an ambassador for the brand, was actively involved in the process. The event was held in the company’s new flagship boutique, located in the chic SOGO department store in Shanghai. Shortly afterwards, a festive concert took place at Shanghai Concert Hall.

Stephen Urquhart, Omega president, showed Ms. Ziyi into the premises. Not only as an Omega ambassador, she was appointed in 2008, but also as a dedicated Omega watch lover, Zhang Ziyi was really interested in seeing the inside of the watch-making world.

This beautiful lady and outstanding actress, having starred in such films as "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", "The Road Home" and "Memoirs of a Geisha", was offered a unique opportunity she enthusiastically grasped: sitting at the watch-making bench, she partially assembled a mechanical movement, instructed by the watchmaker from the Omega Company.

According to Ms. Ziyi, the core values of Omega such as credibility, achievement and pioneering spirit, coincide with those of her own. She is honored to be associated with Omega, for this company has a strong foothold in China, having started its activity in the country in 1895.

The box of the Omega Constellation watch will expose the autograph by Zhang Ziyi to be performed in a drawing at the Omega headquarters, based in Shanghai.

The brand’s values and its creations’ advantages were also successfully presented through the concert. The elegant banners, demonstrating the Omega Constellation timepiece with an image of the graceful Zhang Ziyi against a background of cherry blossoms, were exposed above the red carpeted stairway, leading to the Shanghai Concert Hall.

The work of the illustrious fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti, this picture will represent a part of the brand’s 2009 communication campaign for the Constellation line. In the course of the concert the audience could enjoy the music from "Bell at Dawn, Drum at Dusk", accompanying a multi-media presentation, which demonstrated the Omega Constellation timekeeper arising from the images of the universe and the tiniest patterns of the stars.

As to the human stars, a number of the brightest ones have become ambassadors for the Omega brand. Beside Zhang Ziyi, Omega fruitfully cooperates with the actors George Clooney and Nicole Kidman, as well as the supermodel-entrepreneur Cindy Crawford.

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