Suunto Core Light Green for Outdoor Adventures

Nov 05, 2008
The Suunto Core Light Green is a highly functional outdoor watch.

This is an altimeter/barometer/compass watch. Inspite of the fact that the timepiece is packed with a great variety of functions, it is extremely easy to use due to its thoughtful design

The Suunto watch offers three main modes, Time, Altimeter/Barometer and Compass, with each mode having different views you select with help of the View button.

The bit-mapped display allows spelled-out menu choices for easy watch operating.

When you hold the Mode button, the progress bar is racing around the screen, thence to setting mode. It is completely menu-driven, using full words in English, but it is possible to switch to other languages, including German, Spanish, and French.

The full-word interface, along with the button cues, makes the Suunto Core Light Green the simplest ABC watch one may find. The logical layout of the menus and modes is a really strong point of the Suunto watches.

The pressure sensor of the Core watch is developed to work underwater, and can measure depth down to 10 meters. Great feature if you enjoy snorkeling!

The Altimeter/Barometer mode includes the logbook, or electronic data recorder. The data recorder periodically saves current altitude, displaying it as a graph. It is possible to save, recall and view them, together with calculated values such as ascent and descent rates.

The Compass mode applies a solid-state electronic compass, provided with declination correction. Since the compass requires a lot of power, the watch stops it after a few seconds of displaying a heading, but to bring it back all you have to do is to touch the Start button.

The case construction of the Suunto watch boasts light weight, smooth shape, low profile and vented strap. An ideal timekeeping companion for hiking!

The price for the Suunto Core Light Green ranges from 175 to 250 dollars.

Look through the watch's major characteristics:

  • Altimeter/Barometer/Compass

  • Temperature sensor

  • Pressure sensor

  • Alarm, stopwatch and countdown timer

  • Dual time zone

  • Sunrise and sunset times display

  • Data logbook for altitude/pressure or depth

  • Storm alarm and barometric pressure trends

  • 100-meter water-resistance

  • User-replaceable CR-2032 battery

  • Bidirectional bezel featuring N/S/E/W markings.

  • Bitmapped LCD display with green backlighting.

Look through the discounted selection of Suunto Core watches:

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