Concord C1 Watch - Moving in New Direction

Jan 02, 2008
Concord decided to retire the whole library of its models, including iconic Mariner and Saratoga watch collections and concentrate on the development, production and distribution of its new C1 chronograph, a rigorous men's watch produced from a bold combination of materials - steel, titanium, carbon fiber and rubber.

Concord became the first Swiss brand acquired by Movado Group (now MGI group) in 1970. Its founder Gedalio Grinberg has retooled the brand's design staff and redirected its marketing focus and distribution emphasis. His idea was to return to the development of 'leading-edge' designs to win the appreciation of watch collectors and enthusiasts.

Concord has been producing watches at its home in Bienne, Switzerland. The history of Concord watches has been marked by numerous horological achievements. Concord watches have been more than once noticed on the wrist of world leaders. Timepieces of the brand were crafted from coins to honor other dignitaries. Today, many collectors are eager to acquire Concord's coin watches that hit the market and became greatly acclaimed in 1946.

In 1979 Concord unveiled its first Delirium watch, the thinnest analog watch ever produced. The original Concord Delirium watch, created according to the brand's cutting-edge methodology, initiated a new trend among other Swiss and Japanese watchmaking companies that ever since have been striving for producing ever-thinner watch models.

Moreover, with the Japanese making serious inroads with quartz technology, the Concord Delirium proved that Swiss watches could also incorporate high technology, thus putting Swiss watchmakers back on the map.

The new Concord C1 Chronograph watch is quite a different story from the brand's famous Delirium. The timepiece is fully 16.7 mm thick and provided with a solid 3.3 mm thick sapphire crystal. To make the comparison, the crystal itself is thicker than the whole Delirium, the initial version of which measured a wispy 1.98 mm and was followed by even thinner models.

Recently introduced Concord C1 Chronograph watch symbolizes the brand's return to the cutting edge. The new watches are available at about twenty to twenty-five retail stores around the USA, far fewer than other Concord models. Concord C1 prices range from 9,400 to 29,900 dollars (for the gold edition presented on a gold bracelet).

The brand may boast a great tradition in innovative technologies. Now Concord wants to use its know-how for the development of leading-edge designs. This is the old-new direction taken by the brand. Concord also wants to remain faithful to its DNA as the producer of the world's thinnest watch and the Concord Mariner, the first thin sports watch. Concord watches, including thousand-dollar steel timepieces, were among the best sellers in the early 1980s.

Today Concord is eager to develop high-end unforeseen designs, while maintaining its clear identity. Having focused on the C1 chronograph, the brand wants to introduce some unique constructions of the model in future, captured by daring and innovative spirit.

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