Chopard and Festival de Cannes - Ten Years of Fruitful Cooperation

Nov 26, 2007
The Chopard Company and the Cannes Film Festival have been united by a ten-year cooperation - Chopard has acted as a partner of Cannes and the creator of the notable Palme D'Or - the Golden Palm.

Chopard Redesigns Palme D'Or
The story of Chopard and the Festival de Cannes started ten years ago. The famous watch and jewelry producer was going to open a boutique on the Boulevard de la Croisette, located right in the heart of Cannes. Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele, Co-President and the Artistic Director of the brand, met Pierre Viot, President of the festival.

Mr. Viot asked Mrs. Gruosi-Scheufele whether the company could redesign the Golden Palm award. Since 1954, the award has been annually given to the Director of the best film presented at the festival. It reminds of the coat of arms of the city of Cannes.

Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele introduced a completely new design of the award and the master craftsmen in the Chopard workshop developed the new concept. The new Palme D'Or was unveiled on May 24, 1998.

The Golden Palm represents a plant-like piece composed of nicely veined leaflets. One palm leaf is featured on a crystal cushion with the shape reminding an emerald-cut diamond. A bevelled heart, as the crowning detail, is found at the end of the stem and serves as a delicate hint at Chopard symbol.

Young Talents' Encouragement
The Chopard Company did not finish its cooperation with the Cannes Film Festival with simply redesigning the trophy. As a fine way to encourage young talents, the brand came up with a new award to promote creativity in film. Since 2001, the Chopard Trophy has been awarded to honor the talent of the two young actors called Male and Female Revelation of the Year.

According to Mark Hrushka, President, Chopard USA, the family-owned company originally decided to establish cooperation with the festival in order to offer support to the arts and new artists, who are not usually provided with the studio financing. It was also a fine way to attract more public attention to the Chopard name.

Ten years ago the Cannes Film Festival was very European, but today it is truly international and one of the most glamorous events ever.

Dressing Stars for the Red Carpet
The Chopard Company is responsible for one more important task - it skillfully dresses most of the stars to take part in the Cannes Film Festival in jewels and watches for every red carpet.

When the company first started at the festival, it was just Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele dressing the celebrities in her hotel room. Today the company specially employs an over-100-of-people staff who work with the stars at a suite of offices at the celebrated Carleton Hotel.

Their task is to dress the stars in the way to make them feel just great when they are walking down the red carpet and up the stairs. The Chopard team remembers the story when they had to deal with Elisabeth Taylor's caprice as the star wanted to wear a pair of earrings that the team had to transform into stud earrings in just 3 hours.

The Cannes Film Festival provides the stars with a wonderful opportunity to glow with all their splendor, met by crowds of avid fans, shouting their names, while they are dominating the scene.

Many actors, film directors and producers will wear a Chopard watch if they have to make a statement. Men have to choose timepieces and cufflinks and studs for their shirt.

People watching the stars on the red carpet not always know what jewelery pieces and watches they are wearing, so the Chopard team have to make sure they know.

Film celebrities' fans are eager to find out all the details about the fashions at the Cannes Film Festival and the Chopard Company is credited in all the magazines.

Making the Dream Come True
During the Cannes Film Festival in 2007, about 4000 journalists were invited to cover the glamorous event. They sent the pictures and accounts of the event to every country of the world. The stars shining at the festival embody the dream of absolute glamor, with the Chopard Company making the dream come true.

Chopard invites some of its retail clients to Cannes red carpet events. The company presents them with the tickets to the festival premieres. Chopard clients acquire the experience one can't buy - they are fascinated to slowly walk up the red carpet, the longest in the industry, with thousands of people lining up to see them.

Celebrities love Cannes as they perceive the event as the definition of glamor. They are surrounded by glamor and happy people for twelve days. They do not feel shy about fashion and style. The festival becomes a crucial moment in their career.

Exclusive Watch and Jewelry Collections
The Chopard Company brings the whole collection of exclusive jewelery and watches to the Cannes Film Festival for stars to choose from. As a safety measure, a security guard accompanies every celebrity from the time they get the Chopard creations to the time they return them.

In 2007 the brand has created a Red Carpet Collection for Cannes. For the opening ceremony, Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele cooperated with the Italian fashion designer Valentino. Caroline made 60 high jewelery pieces inspired by the stars at Cannes. They were united into the Red Carpet Collection, as a fine way to mark the 60th Anniversary of the festival.

Caroline and her team enjoyed total freedom in creating the Red Carpet Collection. They used diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds as well as more common stones, such as coral, quartz, moonstones and opals. Each piece took the team between 200-400 hours of work. Valentino designed ten unique gowns to complement ten of the Chopard jewels.

Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele herself is the genuine star of the Cannes Film Festival. She was awarded the Golden Palm and elected an Honorary Citizen of the Town. The lady believes a really magic atmosphere prevails at the festival, infusing everyone present with great energy. The event is a unique meeting place of people from around the world, from different professional worlds, including the most idiosyncratic and the most wealthy.

In addition to jewelery pieces, the brand has also created a special boutique-only Chopard watch, called the Happy Palme D'Or.

The timepiece reveals the signature symbol of the Cannes Film Festival, moving around under the sapphire glass.

In 2007 the company also introduced a new limited edition of Chopard watches with a ceramic case, featuring the floating Palme D'Or.

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