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Most Highly-Demanded Patek Philippe Watches

Aug 03, 2007
Patek Philippe watches, based upon about 160 years of remarkable Swiss watchmaking history, are the most highly demanded timepieces among collectors and watch connoisseurs who appreciate well-maintained traditions and top quality. The brandís timekeeping creations incorporate a wide range of unique features and complicated functions, including perpetual and annual calendar, tourbillon and chronograph.

Patek Philippe watches are often presented at prestigious auctions, such as Antiquorum, and set new records as the timepieces sold for most amazing money. The brandís creations enjoy everlasting success Ė you will find Albert Einstein, Duke Ellington, Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Queen Victoria, Pope Pius IX and Rudyard Kipling on the list of Patek Philippe world-known clientele of the past.

Patek Philippe Calatrava
The Patek Philippe Calatrava watch collection comprises classically styled timepieces with perfectly round-shaped cases. The first Patek Philippe Calatrava watch appeared in 1932. Over the past seventy years, the brandís watchmakers have continuously developed the line by adding new timepieces with advanced design and functions. The case of the initial Calatrava watch was inspired by the German Bauhaus art and architecture school philosophy preaching that form should follow function.

Today Patek Philippe watch creators still apply the philosophy of the Bauhaus school into developing of new Calatrava watch models. The Calatrava watches reflect the principle that a timepiece's major responsibility is to show time in the most accurate and legible way. The Bauhaus school avoided using extra ornamentation details, so the Calatrava watches possess no features that would distract their owners' attention from the hands. The first Calatrava watch that reflected the art of neglecting unnecessary details has influenced the design of every new watch to join the collection.

Patek Philippe Gondolo
The story of the Patek Philippe Gondolo watches dates back to the period of 1900-1928 when the company was involved into watch manufacturing exclusively for the Gondolo and Labouriau jewelry store located in Rio de Janeiro. Soon, the Chronometro Gondolo pocket watches have been highly appreciated by watch collectors for their exceptional quality and accurate mechanisms.

In 1910 Patek Phillipe introduced the initial wrist models of Gondolo watches. The timepieces featured tonneau, square, rectangular, and cushion-shaped cases distinctive due to their variety and original designs that gave inspiration to watchmakers of other companies. The Brazilian partners were so much impressed by the timekeeping creations of the Genevan watchmaking company that the word 'Patek' became equivalent to a 'watch'.

With their simple, pure case shapes and sublime dials, the Golden Ellipse has long been inducted into the hall of fame of grand horological classics. Now, Patek Philippe is perpetuating the legend with updated version that breathe new life into the personality of the original.

Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse
Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse watches are based upon the perfect harmony of shapes and supreme elegance. The case of the Patek Philippe watches sports elliptical shape that represents a synthesis of a circle and a rectangle.

The first ever Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse celebrated its world debut in 1968. The Patek Philippe watch was radically different from all other timepieces produced at those times. The unusual shape of the Golden Ellipse reflected not just a temporary fashion trend. It entered the list of the horology world classics due to its perfect proportion.

The ellipse itself is based on the Golden Section, a ratio discovered by Greek mathematicians in ancient times. The Golden Section has served as the base for numerous masterpieces in the field of architecture and fine arts. The Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse incorporate ingenious combination of boldness and equilibrium. The Golden Ellipse watches' signature design is appreciated as a real trend-setter and has been one of the most widely recognized watch styles till the present day.

Over time, the Patek Philippe watch company has improved the timeless design of its Golden Ellipse creations and has added jewelry watches to the successful line. Still, the quintessence of the Patek Philippe watches is revealed through their perfect elliptical shape. Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse watches are created for true connoisseurs of aesthetics and high-precision mechanisms. Besides their seductive design, the Golden Ellipse are characterized by the top quality of a movement developed in the timeless tradition of Geneva watchmaking.

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posted by: Ol4 / Dec 17, 2008 07:08 PM
To Tim: I think your matter can be solved only through contacting Patek Philippe directly. You can visit their official website, Contact Us section and send them the same letter as you published on this page, I'm sure they will be glad to help you.
posted by: Tim / Dec 17, 2008 10:21 AM
I bought a Patek Phillipe watch from a associate. I bought it for 50.00. I knew nothing about nor had I ever heard the name Patek Phillippe. It didnt work but I instantly knew it was special. I kept it for 2 years wrapped in silk and sealed.
I sent it in to have it repaired 600.00! WOW my favorite watch is worth 30.00. No WAY!
I dont know the model # yet or the year of make, but hope to know soon. I want to have it evaluated because the MASTER repairman had never seen one before and he said it may be old. It is 18K gold with a black eal skin band and 18 K gold clasp. very sleak round and extremely thin. Who can I trust? I live in Oklahoma and there is no store that even carries them much less service them. No one knows what its model or ID is. I just want to know more. Can anyone help?
posted by: Roger / Jul 17, 2008 12:40 PM
I received my Patek Philippe watch from my grandfather - it's a true family relic I would say. I think my son will be wearing the same watch when he grows up as this watch will never go out of fashion, not to mention the great prestige the brand's name is associated with. I'm a manager in a big company and when I have an important meeting with foreign partners I know they see a Patek Philippe on my wrist and probably this is one of the factors they feel they are dealing with a serious person who appreciates quality and tradition.

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