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La Dona de Cartier Watch - Fiery Reptile Created to Seduce

Sep 14, 2007

La Dona de Cartier watch developed by the House of Cartier in 2006 created a real buzz in the horology world. The story of the Cartier watch seems unbelievable - it has already become a legend. The timepiece was created by Cartier to pay tribute to the renowned Mexican actress Maria Felix, her amazing crocodile-like necklace and sincere friendship that united the House of Cartier and the lady.

One day, in 1975 Maria Felix visited Cartier absolutely unexpectedly. The lady did not come alone - she took a baby crocodile in a jar with her!

Naturally, the animal was small, but still truly alive. The actress wanted to have a necklace to feature the shape of the reptile.

Maria Felix chose a crocodile to be her iconic talisman, a sacred creature in Egypt, death-and-rebirth symbol for the Aztecs.

As nothing is impossible at Cartier, the desire of the prominent lady was welcomed enthusiastically by the brand's specialists.

A few months later the unique crocodile-shaped necklace was born. The lifelike creation reflected the image of the original.

The skillful jeweler had little time at his disposal to finish the extravagant necklace before the original grew any bigger!

To commemorate and write a new page of this amazing story, Cartier has designed La Dona de Cartier watch.

La Dona de Cartier is a provocatively designed timepiece crafted in gold. The watch reveals reptilian links, curved glass, and deeply impresses by its wild look. When worn on the wrist, the Cartier Womens watch seems to be moving and dancing on the lady's arm, as though demonstrating an alluring snake-like plasticity. The timepiece provokes, shines with audacity and lyricism, captivating the eye.

The double-edged swords of the Cartier watch's hands match the Roman numerals on the uniquely-designed white dial. The case of the La Dona de Cartier reveals a trapezoid shape with subtle, asymmetrical profile reminding a crocodile's head, that is by the way tattooed on the actress's skin.

Maria Felix, half Indian, half Spanish, a loyal Cartier client, was an incredibly magnetic personality, a true embodiment of Latin sensuality. The legendary actress knew how to create spectacle not only on-screen but off-screen as much.

The passionate lady and the Cartier jewelery watch co-stared in flamboyant and precious style. The yellow gold of the watch's bracelet sets the major tone, radiating from one link to another. The polished half-moons of the bracelet glint like reptile's scales.

La Dona de Cartier watch best of all reminds a fiery reptile, wild, precious and slender.

Cartier's Loyal Customer

At the age of 28, Maria Felix, with dark glowing eyes, jet-black hair, in-red-outlined lips and the longest hands, became the most famous Latin-American actress ever. The lady's wild beauty was reflected to perfection in black and white, making her passionate appearances inflame hearts and imaginations.

The actress worked with the most renowned actors and directors, including Renoir and Bunuel. The lady's hot exoticism made her really famous and loved in Mexico, Argentina and Paris. Most talented poets and artists, with Jean Cocteau and Leonor Fini among many others, named Maria Felix a muse for their works. Her name often appeared in headline news, with articles discussing her matchless style, colored boots, magnificent huge capes, and silk frocks.

The jewelery worn by the lady always attracted a great deal of attention. It was signed by Cartier, including exclusive bracelets, necklaces, and hoop earrings, amazingly styled accessories that reflected the lady's strong personality and ultra feminine style. A sincere friendship was born between the extravagant actress and the House of Cartier.

The artistic and exceptional Cartier-Maria Felix relationship was highlighted by the creation of the Cartier snake necklace in 1968, now appreciated as a true work of art. The unique item represented a combination of diamonds, scales, and red, green and black enamel set in platinum. The actress received this unforeseen jewel on her birthday from her friend Andre Denet, director of the boutique in the Rue de la Paix. The supple and flexible item was characterized by incredibly fluidity created due to an aeronautic alpin system reworked by Cartier in miniature.

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