Horological Machine No.2 from Max Busser and Friends

Nov 11, 2007
Following a prolonged period of learning and adopting to the corporate-watchmaking rules, Maximilian Busser stirred up a rebellion. Busser's rebellion was called MB and F.

MB and F (Maximillian Busser and Friends) represents a creative and micro-engineering concept laboratory. Independent horological professionals gather together each year at the laboratory to design and produce radical Horological Machines.

These bold projects have profound ramifications. The team of watchmakers respect horological tradition but are not shackled by it, skillfully uniting the following components into one timekeeping masterpiece:

  • traditional high-quality watchmaking,

  • cutting-edge technology,

  • avant-garde three-dimensional kinetic construction.

The first MB and F timepiece, called Horological Machine No.1, wrote the first pages in the story of the revolution. Today the remarkable adventure is continued by Horological Machine No.2.

Horological Machine No.2 (HM2 in short) has been conceived and engineered as a three-dimensional machine to provide timekeeping and be worn on the wrist. The functions and indications of the timepiece were conceived to tailor to the strengths of Jean-Marc Wiederrecht who acted as HM2's chief watchmaker.

The bespoke architecture of the movement was created to match and complement the radical shape of the modular case.

Horological Machine No.2 has incorporated the first mechanical movement that provides the following functions:
  • Instantaneous Jump Hour,

  • Concentric Retrograde Minutes,

  • Retrograde Date,

  • Bi-Hemisphere Moon Phase,

  • Automatic Winding.

The sophisticated timekeeping machine comprises more than 450 components that make up its case and movement. Still, the timepiece's complex nature implies most simple and trouble free functionality.

Specially for the movement Jean-Marc Wiederrecht developed an extremely energy efficient Jump Hour/Retrograde mechanism. The watchmaker's exclusive patented asymmetrical-tooth gear wheels provide utmost precision and play-free functionality.

To come up with the complex case shape of the Horological Machine No.2 the team of watchmakers applied an innovative modular approach. The method was actually inspired by the Meccano sets Maximilian Busser remembered from his childhood. As a result, the case of the HM2 reveals architectural volume, bolted portholes, bold flying buttresses, and sliding crown guard.

Horological Machine No.2 makes one feel dynamic tension between its matte textures and mirror-polishes, precious metals and high-tech alloys, as well as traditional watchmaking and 21st-century micro-engineering. The timepiece reveals the unique interplay of light and color of the different textures and shapes, filling the machine with its pulsing vitality.

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