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Heritage Watch Manufactory Unveils Tensus Model
Heritage Watch Manufactory takes great pride in announcing its new Tensus watch. A subtle combination of constructive grace and superior craftsmanship, this horological creation targets individuals with a preference for complicated timekeepers, which accommodate their flare of elegance.

The new Heritage Watch Manufactory model draws and holds the eye with a functional, yet refined dial, done in brass or gold. Designed by Eric Giroud, it whispers the time through hours, minutes and seconds.

The hours and minutes are individually displayed by central skeletonized hands, manufactured from hardened steel. They travel over Arabic numerals, performed in two colors.

Taking care of seconds is a delicate hand, which marks its path around a counter at 6 oclock. It is supported by a power reserve indicator, exposed at 9 oclock. The dial of the new Tensus watch is characterized by a high level of shock resistance. It is achieved due to its positioning by means of pins, screwed directly into the movement.
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Meet Heritage Watch Manufactory Magnus Contemporaine and Magnus Classic Models
Heritage Watch Manufactory has proudly delivered its new Magnus collection. The remarkable line includes the Magnus Contemporaine and the Magnus Classic watches.

The dial of first model represents a superb combination of space and volume. The display of the second timepiece, meanwhile, eloquently demonstrates its business character.

Born from the dexterous fingers of the designer Eric Giroud, the dial of the new Magnus Contemporaine watch is done in brass. The new Magnus Classic model comes with a choice of a brass or gold dial.
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