Hamilton Khaki BASE Jump Watches - If You Love Extreme
Hamilton has created a new line of extremely robust and stylish timepieces inspired by adrenaline-triggering BASE jumping.

The new Khaki BASE Jump line comprises two major models - the Khaki BASE Jump Auto chrono and the Khaki BASE Jump Automatic. The timepieces are expected to be launched in September 2009.

The new Hamilton watches accommodate high-precision Swiss movements. The automatic version is equipped with a 2824 ETA-movement, while the automatic chronograph version - with a 7750 movement.

Both models demonstrate a bold oversized case, 50 mm in diameter. The case of the automatic watch is crafted from stainless steel with PVD-black or PVD-bronze surface, while the case of the chronograph watch is crafted from titanium, also PVD-black or PVD-bronze. Both models boast 100-meter water-resistance. read more

Hamilton Ventura for Elvis Presley
To mark Elvis Presley’s 75th birthday that would have been in 2010, Hamilton unveils new versions of its iconic Ventura watch. New timepieces are to form the Ventura Elvis Anniversary Collection.

The signature shield-like wristwatch, worn by Elvis Presley in the movie ‘Blue Hawaii’ released in 1961, is now recreated as a replica of the initial watch that appeared in the 1950-s and as a contemporary XXL interpretation.

The Ventura Quartz is a modern reflection of the initial 1957 model that highlighted Watchmaking History as the first electrical, battery-animated watch in the world. The case design of the new timepiece strongly reminds that of its 1950’s forerunners. It is created in either stainless steel or a yellow gold PVD finish. read more

Hamilton RailRoad Automatic Chronograph Watch - Peerless Functionality and Elegant Design
The watchmaking house of Hamilton is delighted to bring forth the RailRoad Automatic Chronograph watch, the largest member of the new RailRoad collection.

Resolutely modern and profoundly masculine, the novel watch is proposed with a 46 mm case, round in shape. It is clothed in black PVD-treated stainless steel. The new Hamilton watch incorporates a bezel, crafted from the same material. On its front side the case is armed with a sapphire crystal.

The sapphire crystal also protect the black dial with dark-grey printing. It is equipped with Arabic numerals and black steel hands, indicating hours, minutes and seconds. read more

Hamilton Pulsomatic Watch From Hamilton
To celebrate the 40th birthday of its first digital model, the Hamilton brand has released a novel Hamilton Pulsomatic watch, endowed with automatic technology. Distinguished by a science-fiction design, the new model is not inferior to its famous predecessor, regarded as the first computer ever exposed on the wrist

At the heart of this intriguing creation beats a reliable self-winding H1970 calibre movement, which offers a 120-day power reserve. It serves to animate the functions of indicating hours and minutes and date.

The movement is incorporated into a case, encouraged by space-age televisions. It is rendered in stainless steel, black PVD and 4N PVD and features the dimensions of 49 mm x 39 mm. The case is armed with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. The watch is capable of withstanding water pressure down to 50 meters.

Housed in the case is a black dial. A particular highlight of the Hamilton Pulsomatic watch is its digital liquid crystal display. This intriguing timekeeper is affixed to a steel bracelet or rubber strap.

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Jazzmaster Slim Automatic From Hamilton
The Hamilton Jazzmaster Slim Automatic watches’ delicate cases complement classical design with new sizes of gracefulness and comfort.

A fine Swiss self-winding movement is located underneath a black or silver dial, enclosed by 40 mm or 43 mm sized housing made of polished stainless steel. The large diameter equal to 40 and 43 mm adds a contrasting touch to the delicacy of the case in polished stainless steel.

The Hamilton commitment to combining up to date ideas with craftsmanship is accentuated by the watch interpretation presented on a ‘Milanese’ metal bracelet.

Hamilton was created in 1892 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA. Hamilton timepieces unite the American spirit with the matchless exactitude of the latest Swiss movements and technologies.

Renowned for their progressive design, Hamilton watches have gained a strong reputation in Hollywood, appearing in more than 300 films.

Hamilton happens to be a member of the Swatch group, the largest timepiece manufacturer and distributor in the world, which owns 160 production sites in Switzerland.

Enjoy a fine range of robustly designed Hamilton watches:

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New Hamilton Aviation-Devoted Watch - Khaki X-Mach
The Khaki X-Mach has been added to the Hamilton collection of aviation watches. The timepiece offers special functions to be used exclusively by pilots. The watch demonstrates meticulous attention to detail and bold looks inspired by the cockpit.

The Hamilton Khaki X-Mach watch allows its wearer to measure the Mach number of an aircraft, meaning the speed an aircraft is moving through the air divided by the speed of sound under the same atmospheric conditions.

The Hamilton Khaki X-Mach watch is also a great timekeeping companion for those who need a watch with a dynamic, sporty design. The timepiece is created with aviation-themed elements, such as wing-like metal and carbon-fiber surrounds protecting the crowns.

The bracelet has flying-jacket style stitching and studs. Tiny red accents on the watch case and dial have been inspired by high-precision cockpit instruments. The crown and the case-back feature a red compass-like arrowhead as a symbol of speed.
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Hamilton and Riva - Two Iconic Names United in One Collection
Hamilton has signed a cooperation agreement with Riva, a real legend in the boating industry. The famous brands will join their efforts in a variety of areas, including the development of a unique 'Riva timed by Hamilton' watch collection.

The 'Riva timed by Hamilton' watch collection will be developed according to the brands' common meticulous approach. The timepieces are aimed to give a feeling of nostalgia and modernity. The collection will comprise men's and women's watch models produced from luxury materials and perfectly finished. read more

Hamilton ODC X–02 Quartz - Let's Travel in Time
Hamilton has created a unique timepiece to match the wrist of heroes of a science fiction movie. It is remarkable that the ODC X-02 Quartz shows time in three different time zones at once with help of three separate, oblong dials.

The ODC X-02 Quartz is available in two versions - with a plain titanium case or a black PVD-coated titanium case. The angular outline contrasts with soft curves of the framework that supports the crystals. The timepiece is 50-meter water-resistant. read more

Discover Hamilton RailRoad Automatic Lady's Watch
This year, Hamilton reaches out to women with its new Railroad Automatic Lady’s watch. Perfectly designed and high-grade, it will surely accentuate refined elegance of its lucky wearer.

The remarkable RailRoad collection, including this charming novelty, brings to mind the history of the brand. At the beginning of its activity the company used to develop watches for employees of a railroad company.

Today, the creative minds of the manufacture are extremely pleased to offer a new vision of the past by launching the luxurious feminine timepiece.

The special attention-getter of the new Hamilton watch is a small magnifying glass that serves to protect the date aperture, located at 3 o’clock. read more

Hamilton Unveils Khaki X-Landing Watches for Pilots
The famous watch manufacture Hamilton takes great pride in announcing its imposing duo of Khaki X-Landing watches. The watches’ charismatic design immediately brings to mind the first all-metal aircraft of 1920s. Alongside with their flawless exterior, introducing a note of nostalgia, the new Hamilton watches also boggle pilots’ imagination with their matchless exactitude.

The novel Khaki X-Landing watches utilize the benefits provided by the most modern technologies to eloquently narrate the story of aviation. The pilots use these watches to check their position in the air.

This indication, expressed in feet, is arranged at 9 o’clock position and controlled by the crown at 10 o’clock. Due to the integrated standard descent angle of 3 degrees, the Khaki X-Landing watch is capable of displaying the number of nautical miles before the final destination. read more

Hamilton JazzMaster Medium 34 mm Watch - Feminine Charm
The house of Hamilton has brought forth its new JazzMaster Medium 34 mm watch - an embodiment of true femininity and timeless elegance. It is powered by a Swiss-made automatic 2671 movement.

Protecting this caliber is a stainless steel case, which measures 34 mm in diameter. It is equipped with graceful lugs and an easy-to-grip winding crown, located at 3 o’clock. The front side of the model is assembled with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

The new Hamilton watch is capable of withstanding water pressures down to 50 meters. Its soft silhouette is enhanced by the exquisite purity of the dial, performed in silvery-white, black or blue.
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Hamilton's Genuine Breakthrough - ODC X-02 Quartz
Hamilton latest creation, the ODC X-02 Quartz watch, is rightfully considered to be a genuine breakthrough in the field of timepiece design.

This watch, striking by its futuristic shaped case, modeled on the aircraft wing’s cross-section, gives its owner a unique opportunity to find himself in three locations at once: each of the three separate, oblong dials shows the time in a different location.

With the design suggested by the watch, the brand initially created for Stanley Kubrick’s 1966 movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey, the ODC X-02 Quartz will no doubt make its appearance in a great number of Hollywood movies. read more

Hamilton JazzMaster Seaview Medium 37 mm Watch - Feminine and Sporty
Hamilton is excited to present its new JazzMaster Seaview Medium 37 mm watch, which targets dynamic contemporary women. It brings together femininity and fortitude in a stylish combination that is extremely refined and at the same time sporty.

Impossible to resists, the new Hamilton watch comes equipped with an ivory or black dial. It proudly reveals charismatic sculpted indices.

They are supported by a delicate minute graduation, printed in black. The dial is swept over by graceful hour, minute and seconds hands. The date indication is arranged in the aperture at 3 o’clock.
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Hamilton Time Player - Let's Play with Time
The Hamilton Time Player is an innovative timepiece, with the design inspired by the geographic coordinates system with lines of latitude and longitude. The watch has smartly united finger-managed timekeeping in four up-to-the-minute time zones.

It is interesting to mention that the Time Player has actually been suggested by the design developed by Hamilton for a clock in the Stanley Kubrick movie - Space Odyssey.

The absolutely flat case of the watch, with dimensions of 48 mm by 42 mm, is crafted from titanium. It is split into nine squares – eight of them are filled with counters you can move and one is left empty, resembling a sliding puzzle. The 9 counters are separated by lines inspired by those of latitude and longitude. They allow the watch owner to set and measure time in the current location, as well as three others.
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Hamilton Conservation Auto Chronograph Watch - Vintage Look
The horological world gladly welcomes the new Conservation Auto Chronograph watch. It is a result of fruitful collaboration between the house of Hamilton and the environmental nonprofit organization - Conservation International.

The new Hamilton watch is offered in a 42mm stainless steel case. Vintage looking and round in shape, it is equipped with a special antimagnetic cage, which ensures the movement’s resistance against magnetic fields.

The new Hamilton Conservation Auto Chronograph watch comes equipped with a beige dial. It is completed with luminous hour-markers and hands. The display ensures central hours and minutes. The small seconds are shown in a counter at 9 o’clock.

Driving the functions is a Swiss made automatic ETA Caliber H31 movement, based on ETA Valjoux 7753. It supplies a 60-hour power reserve.
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Hamilton Khaki SkyMaster UTC Watch - Dynamic Creativity
Hamilton is pleased to introduce its new Khaki SkyMaster UTC watch. It offers a worthy homage to the brand’s chronometers of 1940's, which indicated time relative to the motion of the stars around the earth, as opposed to that of the sun.

The new Hamilton watch is delivered in a 42mm stainless steel case. Its top is covered by a sapphire crystal. The water-resistance of the case is assured down to 300 meters.

The back side is marked with a traditional Hamilton crest as well as an engraved inscription, which testifies to the Swiss origins of the model and antimagnetic properties of its GMT 2893 movement.

The scale, presented on the periphery of the display, reveals 24 different time zones, operated through a push-piece at 2 o’clock. As reference points the scale uses the International Air Transport Association (IATA) 3-letter airport codes. The date indication is arranged in the aperture at 3 o’clock.
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Hamilton Thin-O-Matic Watch - Fusion of Elegance and Comfort
The house of Hamilton is happy to deliver its new Thin-O-Matic watch - an alliance between Swiss superior craftsmanship and up-to-date design.

The novelty has a rich history behind: the original model under this name was introduced in the 1960s. The new Hamilton watch belongs to the “Modern Times” series, encouraged by the legendary 1930s Charlie Chaplin movie.

The model is set in a 38 mm or 42 mm case, characterized by timeless elegance. Stepped and angular, the case is armed with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Its back side is engraved with the Hamilton heritage logo, which integrates the brand’s famous crest.

The new Hamilton Thin-O-Matic watch shows off a delicate dial. It features Arabic numerals and applied hour-markers. The display ensures hours, minutes and seconds. Additionally, it offers a date indication in the exhibition window at 3 o’clock.
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Hamilton Khaki SkyMaster UTC Automatic Watch - Complication and Elegance
In constant pursuit of originality and excellence, the house of Hamilton has created its new Khaki SkyMaster UTC automatic watch, which is both a complicated timekeeping instrument and an elegant accessory.

The new Hamilton watch is set in a round-shaped stainless steel case, which measures 42 mm in diameter. It is outlined by a noble bezel, crafted from the same material. The case is equipped with three crowns, located at 2, 4 and 9 o’clock. The model is built to be water-resistant up to 300 meters.

Embraced by the case is a functional and attractive dial, dressed in off-white or black. It is completed with contrasting Arabic numerals. The number at 3 o’clock is replaced by a rectangular date aperture. Taking care of hours, minutes and seconds are centralized steel hands.
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Lady Hamilton Vintage Watch - Touched with Nostalgia
The new Lady Hamilton Vintage watch is another amazing offer from the renowned timepiece maker Hamilton. This alluring creation borrows its name from the original Lady Hamilton model, developed and released to the market in 1908.

Created in the spirit of respect for the best watchmaking traditions, the new Hamilton lady’s watch is successfully brought into a contemporary context by using modern expertise and materials.

The model is embodied in a small squared case. Rendered in stainless steel, it boasts a rose, yellow gold or black PVD-treated surface. The case features the dimensions of 15 mm x 28.55 mm.
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Meet New Hamilton Pulsomatic Watch
This year, Hamilton celebrates the 40th anniversary of its first ever LED digital watch, the first one in the world. At that time, the Hamilton creation caused a real revolution in the watchmaking industry. Now, the brand is pleased to present its new Hamilton Pulsomatic watch that represents a digital timekeeper equipped with an automatic movement, a perfect reflection of Swiss craftsmanship.

The initial Pulsar watch got its name after the astronomical bodies emitting exact radio pulses. The new Pulsomatic watch looks much the same as the futuristically designed original, although it features an LCD display instead of the LED display. The mist special thing about the timepiece is that it is animated by an innovative Swiss automatic movement - the H1970.

The case of the watch (49 mm x 39 mm) is sculptured from stainless steel. The black PVD version is also available. The back side of the Pulsomatic watch holds a nice surprise – you can drop a glance at the unique movement via a sapphire crystal.
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